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To The Most Esteemed Adventurer's Guild,

Salutations and Our Holy Father's Blessings to you. I hope this letter finds you and your associates well, though I doubt in these increasingly dark times that anyone is ‘well'. It is for this reason I am contacting you.

To begin, my deepest sympathies are extended to the individuals and the families of those who were afflicted recently in Losthaven. It grieves my heart to hear of such evil, blasphemous acts, and to know that so many innocents were harmed. I have heard that one of our Order, Lython of the Green Lantern Corps, came to the city's aid, cleansing the Adversary's filth. I sincerely hope he served you well, and look forward to hearing more great things from him.

Despite our best efforts, the Adversary is among us again. There have been numerous other reports of this foul plague, everywhere from Corna to here, in Camille. Whispers of children kidnapped, innocent people plagued with a deteriorating sickness, unable to work; of corpses found decapitated. Once again, the madness is spreading, and I fear for the safety of the continent.

It is for this grave reason that the Almerian Inquisition decrees this Official Call to Arms.

Every man and woman enlisted with the Almerian Inquisition has been called, charged with the duty of finding and eradicating the infernal Witches. All of those willing and able to join us in our holy crusade are urged to come immediately to me, that they may be blessed with the Divine Grace to withstand the dark powers of the foul servants of the Adversary, as well as the means to cleanse and purify their wicked deeds.

We must search out these blasphemous Witches, and all of those who aid them. Justice shall be swift and fierce, if there is to be any hope of maintaining peace and prosperity in these troubled times.

I strongly advise that in the meantime, you double security in those cities in which you have establishments, should any more attacks be launched.

I ask that you would please post this Official Call to Arms on all of your Guild Message Boards.

Yehovah's Blessings be with you,

Archistator Vadek Rordigan, Pantarchic Church of Yehovah, Diokesis Cianna

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