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"O Lord Scyros of the blades! I come before you, worthy! I come before you, blooded! I will carry your knives within my heart! I will show the people your glory! O accept me, your servant!"

[ Scyros ]
[ Type                   : ] god
[ Portfolio              : ] blades
[ Disposition            : ] dead
[ Offerings Desired      : ] edged weapons
[ Spirit Point Cost      : ] fifty to one hundred
[ Requirements to Invoke : ] have been the Paragon of Scyros and theology skill of 80 or higher
[ General Information    : ] The ancient god Scyros of the Blades may be dead, but this is an imprecise term
  where deities are concerned.  Despite whatever awesome forces came together to shatter this divinity, there
  remains a well of power that can be utilized by those with the requisite knowledge -- essentially by tricking
  the god's nearly-extinguished mind into believing that the invoker is his ancient champion, the Paragon of
  Scyros.  Having once accomplished this, the techniques of the ELF can be used to more-temporarily and
  more-tenuously reestablish the linkage, allowing one to briefly interact with Scyros as though Paragon once
  more.  Exercise caution, since if there is a current Paragon, sie will be able to sense your competing drain
  upon Scyros's brutally limited resources, and is likely to take this amiss.  Note that there is no benefit
  whatsoever in performing this invocation if you are the current Paragon of Scyros.

Xaolyn here! It helps to know that this invocation *only* works in Graecan! Invoking him gives you the crazies, just like the real paragon! Does invoking him actually help out at all with theophanic energy charging? Probably not! Also watch out for unholy taint!

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