Sharpen (Empathic Bonds)

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The ability to enchant an ordinary edged weapon with the ability to cut through virtually anything.


concentrate on sharpening <target>

This charm does not work on multiple targets at once.

Takes about 500 spirit.


   You link your anthropic mind with ron's animal one.

   Your blue eyes sparkle softly for a brief moment.

   You stare intently at your iron dagger.

   You let something deep within your perceptive capacities, some subtle precisifying force, flow from you into your iron dagger.

   A wavering line of aether forms an edge along the 0.

You examine your aether-edged iron dagger through your clear glass lens of analysis:

   This is a dagger made of aether and iron.  The quality of its craftsmanship is fair.  A wavering line of aether hugs its edge.  You appraise it at six gold.
   It is in perfect condition.
   It looks about seven twentieths of a dimin wide and three and four fifths dimins long.  It weighs about one and three twentieths dekans.

   After a moment, the knowledge that the aether-edged iron dagger is composed of nearly one hundred percent iron, less than one percent dweomer, and less than one percent aether drifts into your mind like a

long-forgotten memory.

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