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The staff is the most common weapon for Aligned: it doubles as a walking stick and other useful tools, unlike most weapons designed purely to inflict injury -- and when it comes to inflicting injury, sophisticated weaponry has no improved much over the physics of leveraged concussive blows. This form was discovered by Opgomon, an Aligned artificer with a penchant for clever mechanical modifications to his staff. After his initial discovery, it became more easily accessible and widespread. The actualization of this form manifests a bo staff with one of Opgomon's favored modifications: a hallow shaft fitted with an internal spring, and wood treated to be slightly flexible. This allows one to recover energy from the bo's bounce, making it both a more efficient walking stick and a faster weapon in combat. (Typically these staves are etched with a hare, which perhaps either explains or is explained by the fact that Opgomon was a fan of the Hanoman melapine.)

Like all Aligned weapon manifestations, it will last either until banished, until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it, or until one disincarnates. To banish a staff, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 100 points among

10% of weapon lore skill, staff skill and 50% of physics skill

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intelligence plus 35% of weapon lore skill plus 22.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 35% of physics skill plus 5% of conjuration skill plus 5% of enchantment skill

Facility Rating

0 to 350

Energy Costs

100 spiritual and 25 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a coiled spring


weapon speed boost weapon()->add_feature_modifier(([ Modifier_Index : Weapon_Feature_Speed, Modifier_Amount : scale_conversion(perfection, 0.0, 100.0, 0.5, 3.00 ])) Also at 100% form perfection 150% bonus to damage

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