Summon Night Spirit (Empathic Bonds)

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   You link your anthropic mind with a pale blue female frost bat's animal one.
   Both your dark green eyes and a pale blue female frost bat's black eyes shimmer weakly for a brief moment.
   You and a pale blue female frost bat stare intently at a spot in the air between you and her.
   The air here darkens strangely, and a darkness mass materializes in the haze of ambient shadow.
   You will now trust a darkness mass.

 This is a swirling mass of darkness that moves with cohesion and evident conscious intent.  
   It appears to be composed of a dim auroric radiance.  
   It is surrounded by thick, murky, unnatural darkness.
   It looks about five and three tenths dimins across and one and three tenths dimins tall.
   It is in good shape.

Cost: 500 SP

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