Symmetry (Aligned Form)

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While many philosophies of order would extol the value of mercy, and many others the value of mercilessness, the proper attitude to take is one of balance: of helping one's friends, insofar as they help you, and hurting one's enemies, insofar as they hurt you. This is a cosmic principle, the reflection of which in an institution's laws is a social ideal Actualization of this form harnesses this principle in an acute and telesmatically realized form around you. Anyone who harms you for a short time will receive a portion of his harm back upon himself, and likewise for anyone that heals you. The portion of injury or healing symmetrically reflected increases with one's facility in this form.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 120 points among

poetry skill and rhetoric skill

Facility Formula

25% of ego plus 25% of enchantment skill plus 25% of poetry skill plus 12.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 12.5% of symbology skill plus 5% of rune lore skill plus 5% of law skill

Facility Range

148 to 395

Energy Costs

25 spiritual and 18 order

Process to Actualize

subvocalize one good turn deserves another

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