The Semi-Great Almerian Treasure Hunt of 2011 (First List)

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2 points for each of the items below.

  1. An ancient piece of stone. - Some tiny writing can be seen on its surface. (Daxxamarnian the Archaeologist in the Oasis)
  2. A feather duster (The Asklepeion -- can kill bench keepers or search the benches for it)
  3. A royal chalice (The Losthaven Palace vault behind the throne. Can be found by searching a pile of dust)
  4. A chaos rose (Camelot florist, Weteder)
  5. A flute of the ratlord (Vanik's Tomb - search skeletons)
  6. A gizzmo (Talaxia)
  7. A bottle of green haze (A liquor cabinet in Kraenic the Trader's in Banir Lok)
  8. A blowgun and 1 blowgun dart (The demonad jungle, tribesman)
  9. A nauthpolg robe (A mad priest in Winterchill's Lair)
  10. A yellow potion - The vial gives off a dull yellow glow. The liquid looks like there are several fireflies flying around in it. (Potion shop in Sanctuary)
  11. A potion of flight (Curan's Shop in Camille)
  12. A pair of boots of agility (Corna. Ask the gravedigger in the graveyard about gloves, search the trash, let the townspeople kill the assassin, search the trash again, give the glove you find to the gravedigger)
  13. A mercury-dipped weapon (any kind) (The mercury moat in Silver Keep)
  14. A sugar magnolia (Terrapin Station, Halfmoon Bay)
  15. A magical wolf tattoo on any body part (Tasha the tattoo artist in Temple of Discordia)
  16. A yo-yo (Boglins in Darking Bog)
  17. An Et-inn room key (The et-inn in Sanctuary)
  18. A sprig of caraway (Forageable from just about anywhere with vegitation)
  19. The Ytzine Plague (Thessalae or from fighting Ugior)
  20. A joint (Drug vendor in Discordia, Jerry in Halfmoon Bay)
  21. A vial of rune wine (Bar in Nexus, Xar's room in Nexus)
  22. A piece of armor made from boglin hide (Take a boglin corpse to the taxidermist in Darkhold, pay some money)
  23. A long-stemmed rose (Shop in Darkhold)
  24. A treefrog rag doll (Clari the doll-crafter in LH)
  25. A set of glacier climbing tools (Several different shops)
  26. A breathstealer (Couple of different bars, I believe. I found one in Ivory Tower bar)
  27. A small brass cage (Inside the temple in Demonad Jungle)
  28. A glass of liquid lightning (Bar in Silver Keep)
  29. Any item with hyperium in it (Tlaxcala)
  30. A steel stylet (Quicklings in Shadow Tower)
  31. A red and white linen umbrella (Lem)
  32. A minor ring of runic knowledge (Magic shop in Halfmoon Bay)
  33. A primrose (Magic shop in Discordia (Search the shop) and possibly forageable)
  34. A black lotus (Thessalae - in the ghoul pit)
  35. A book written by Mestoph the Blind (On a pedestal in the Jhan library)
  36. A book written by Tralast (Vanishing Tower library)
  37. A dragon egg (Bartziluth or Isskarazh's Lair)

First Prize for this list: Sanity Second Prize for this list: Rieszthraxilath

--As a side note: Only 3 people turned in items for this list, and everyone won something, so your chances of winning something if you participate in the second list are probably pretty good. Next list will be out Thursday, Nov. 3, and will have a deadline for the following Saturday. Please participate, FFS!

Special Turn-Ins:

This is a large, ornate gold mirror. The workmanship is exquisitely-crafted, but this is secondary to a more extraordinary quality of the mirror: the image in it is not a reflection of its surroundings! - Prize: 1 point, a xyrikallix and a major ring of chaos affinity -- Turned in by Protax -- Esmene 16:20, 29 October 2011 (EDT)

(Mirror is found in Camille in a room in the city hall. You need a special pass to enter.)

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