Traitor's Ring

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This is a ring made of gold.  The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite.  It bears a large number of engraved runes that have been obliterated by
heavy scratches and  scores, in a manner that looks highly deliberate.  You recognize it as a traitor's ring, a ring of power once bourne by one who
turned against the dark lord Ahrikol. Legend says that in days long past, before Ahrikol's dominion was as complete as it is now, that there existed 
certain ways for the Ringwielders, his servants, to turn against their master and wrest the power of the ring for themselves. 
However, the traitors' gambit against their former master failed, and their successors were set upon them, harrying them and 
eventually eradicating them from the world of Aedaris. Only their rings, scored with the traitor's mark, remain to attest 
 to their long-failed campaign.

A rare object that always counts as unique when given to Tukrr for the purpose of power. (can also be given to Ahrikol by RW for a smallish boost in immateriality.

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