True Self (Aligned Form)

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True Self

The first thing any Aligned learns how to do is to bring himself to find the most perfect parts of his structure and impose them on himself. This has a number of positive benefits, the most useful of which is creating a well of order energy within oneself that one can then direct to other uses.

Facility Formula

50% of unmodified willpower plus 50% of unmodified equilibrium skill plus 50% of unmodified introspection skill plus 50% of unmodified order affinity skill plus 50% of unmodified lexiturgy skill

Facility Rating

0 to 550

Energy Costs

100 spiritual

Process to Actualize

visualize my true self



When performed with full order energy true self will go beyond the spirit and heal the body of damage and scar tissue.

Order Energy

When performed without full order energy your spirit will drain some as it is converted into a form more readily usable for leximantic purposes.


When actualized with a 100% perfection rating true self will pop a psychic wild talent for psychic races. There is a chance of this happening at lower levels of perfection as well.

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