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     A mass of purplish, veined, gray-mottled flesh of some kind that hovers in
the air through no clearly apparent means.  It is arranged as a roughly
spherical central mass with six smaller pods of flesh equally spaced around
it.  The thing continually pulsates, though not in unison; different parts of
it pulsate at different times and on different rhythms.  You recognize it as a
polypid, one of a species of creature native to the interplanar River Tethys. 
They are known mainly for the two effects of their innate capacity to channel
and focus surging elemental energies through their inchoate bodies: their
highly dangerous capacity to inflict rapidly shifting varieties of elemental
damage through their attack pods, and the exotically beautiful rainbow-colored
gems called coruscars which, in their natural environment, they form within
themselves much in the way an oyster forms a pearl.  
   It looks about two and seven twentieths dimins across.  
   It is in good shape.

They have wingless flight, and can dodge really well, and are fairly durable assuming they're not punctured or anything due to their squishiness and resistances., their means of attacks are through their pods, which can do a fairly large range of various damages. They only come in one color, but it's a pretty unique one.

Imagined Bond

    You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the polypous thing, and you feel a distinct echo from within it.
    You experience feelings of rapacity and fluidity.
    You experience visions of strangely flowing shapes, coruscating colors and polychromatic jewels.

Bonding Requirements

You should be able to get away with at least 80 Gem Lore, possibly slightly less.


Specialty Access and Bonuses

Tier 1 (Very Frail)

Tier 2 (Very Frail Estimated 5%)

Tier 3 (Very Frail Estimated 8%)



Gives Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity bonuses, with emphasis on the Constitution (100% of bond strength?)


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