Vanik's Tomb

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    The writing is in Caladan, and reads:

The book tells a story of a man named Vanik, who lived long ago.  He was a
mercenary warrior and amassed a considerable amount of wealth in his day by
selling his sword arm.  He had grown so rich that he wanted to settle down and
raise a family.  He lived for a short time with his wife and two children in
the town of Partwater, before it was attacked.  A hoard of dragons fell upon
the village and killed all but one of the inhabitants.  Vanik alone survived,
simply because a dragon thought it would be humorous to slaughter his family
and let him live out the rest of his life alone.  Vanik did not give up that
easily, however.  He spent the last of his great fortune to hire a wizard who
forged for him a suit of armour that could withstand the terrible breath
attacks of any dragon.  The suit consisted of a pair of gauntlets, a pair of
boots, a hauberk, a helmet, and a shield that would protect him.  The last few
pages of the book are beyond the point of being legible.


Vanik's Tomb is located at (-19, 21, 2) in Tetlacana (Global: (224, -222, 2)).


Map:Vanik's Tomb Ascii

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