Windsong (Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris spell)

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> Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris Spell: Mousike Animou

   Common Name: Windsong
   Knowledge Requirement: have at least 180 points among 100% of singing skill, 100% of keraunaturgy skill,
       and 50% of thaumaturgy skill
   Summary: thunder protection

In order to cast this spell, the Frater Zephyrius Mutatoris must sing a precise musical note, which becomes infused with a tiny bit of elemental air essence. The harmonious note protectively surrounds the subject of the spell and works to interdict harmful sounds from affecting hir. For a mage reasonably skilled at both spellcasting and singing, this spell can be very effective and quite long-lasting.

   1) speaking the winds
       Type: Speech
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: Enochian (dominant) and vocalization (small)
   2) the opening of the way
       Type: Praxis
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: thaumaturgy, evocation, and ergiphrasty
   3) adjusting one's vocal tract
       Type: Vocalization
       Importance: great, optional
       Difficulty: easy
       Skills: keraunaturgy (moderate), evocation (small), prestidigitation (small), singing (miniscule),
           enchantment (miniscule), and thaumaturgy (miniscule)
   4) singing the wind song
       Type: Vocalization
       Importance: major
       Difficulty: easy
       Skills: keraunaturgy (moderate), enchantment (moderate), singing (small), thaumaturgy (small),
           evocation (tiny), and symbology (miniscule)

Development Information: This spell was created by Twilight and is maintained by Starhound; the source code was last updated Tue Jan 09 00:24:05 2018.

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