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  • Location: the Grinning Cat Eatery of Valathyr
  • Occupation: Waiter
  • Look
    Benjamin is an extremely tall and slender tuatha with large, deep blue eyes that hold a twinkle
of mischief.  His thick, wavy dark brown hair just touches his chin, framing his face.  He has a
hawklike nose, and high cheekbones which add to his attractive appearance.  
    He looks about twenty dimins tall, four and a fifth dimins wide, and one and a twentieth dimins
front to back. 

  • Info
    His limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left
leg, right foot, and left foot.  Benjamin is an instructor and responds to the following verbal
    Availability inquiry: Benjamin, what do you teach?
    Cost inquiry:         Benjamin, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
    Instruction request:  Benjamin, teach me <subject(s)>.
  He is a potential arbitrage client, and will respond to inquiries after arbitrage opportunities. 
Benjamin was created by Aria; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:51:28 2016.
  • Trains
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