Bladeturner (Wild Talent)

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* Primary use: Combat action (Defense) - ? * Primary use: Combat action (Defense) - ?
* Combat talent: Yes * Combat talent: Yes
-* Reveal by: Combat+* Reveals by:
 +** Combat

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  • Primary use: Combat action (Defense) - ?
  • Combat talent: Yes
  • Reveals by:
    • Combat



Turn Blades

  • Start command: concentrate on turning aside attacks
  • Stop command: concentrate on ceasing to turn aside attacks
  • Effect: Drains spirit to defend against physical attacks
  • Facility:

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a bladeturner.


In the heat of battle, suddenly you have a sensation like something unfolding
within you, and as if by instinct you feel yourself somehow projecting outward
a field of force to defend you, a repelling cushion of psychic energy to turn
aside blades and blunt impacts.

Help File

  Bladeturners are feared combatants because of the simple difficulty of laying
a hand on them. This psychic talent gives the ability to project a field of
force which repels attacks, a kind of psychokinetic cushion. This field is
primarily of use in deflecting ordinary weapons; it cannot be relied upon to
defend against more esoteric forms of attack, though it is extremely effective
in insulating against damage from explosions, psychokinetic impulses, and other
applications of raw force.
  Your ability level with this power is determined by your willpower, your
intelligence, and your skill in psychokinesis.
  To activate your repulsion field, concentrate on turning aside attacks. To
maintain the field will be a significant drain on your psychic energies; if you
wish to allow it to collapse, concentrate on ceasing to turn aside attacks.
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