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As you may already know, Lost Souls is very skill based. Knowing where to go to learn skills is of utmost importance. Also of importance is knowing how to get certain NPC's to even train you at all. If you are looking to train a particular skill there is a very easy way find out what known NPCs train that skill and any restrictions they have. In addition to restrictions on who they'll teach, each trainer has limits to how high they can train each skill to, which varies a small amount with each server boot.

  • Search for the skill you are looking to train.
  • Once you have that skill page up, go to the toolbox section in the left bottom menu and click on What links here.
  • Done.

Adding a New Trainer

The easiest way I've found is to just alter the URL in your browser. So if you wanted to create a new trainer named Pimp Daddy. Just alter your URL to:

It will bring up a new page with the message

There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.

Click on edit this page to open up the editor.

Please try to use the current format for NPCs.

[[Category: NPCs]][[Category: Trainers]] <any other relevant non-skill-trainer categories>
 * '''Location''': <area>
 * '''Occupation''': <occupation> (have fun with this, but try to keep it realistic.
 * '''Look'''
   <what you see when you look at them>
 * '''Info'''
   <what you see when you info them>
 * '''Trains'''
 {{trainedskill|Capitalized Skill Name|optional notes/maximums/etc}}
 <one of those ^ per skill they train>
 * '''Notes'''
 ** <notes of interest.  such as who they will train, language they speak, etc>

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