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  • Containers do not need to be worn to be useful. But many of them can be.


Nonmagical Containers

Backpacks, Scroll cases, Briefcases, any armour etc.

  • You can open them, close them, put items in them. amazing! Some of them can be worn. useful for inventory management.
  • Acquired from various sources.

TODO: speedwalk to get a backpack, link to useful container related aliases.

Cloak of Holding

This is a cloak made of white silk trim and bright red linen.  The quality of its
craftsmanship is good.  You recognize it as a Cloak of Holding, enchanted to have unusual 
carrying capacity within its folds.
  • A useful container with limited capacity that decreases the weight of items within it.
  • Randomly loads in the Sinbyen Cloak store. May also be found elsewhere(?).

Sporran of Holding

This is a decidedly odd-looking sporran.  The belt and pouch are made of red leather with strange orange fur trim distributed
about it in regularly occurring tufts.  Woven throughout is a crisscrossing pattern of copper wire, adding to the already
bizarre nature of the assemblage.  The quality of its craftsmanship is good.  The enchantments which are lain on this Sporran
of Holding cause there to be a much greater capacity for space within the pouch than what seems physically possible, yet the
device remains light and portable even when the pouch is at full capacity.  It has a tracery of auroric radiance within and
around it.  You estimate its value at about eight hundred gold.  
It is intermediate in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It looks about three dimins across and a tenth of a dimin
thick.  It weighs about two and one thousand eight hundred forty-one two-thousandths dekans.  
It is closed.
After a moment, the knowledge that the red leather sporran of holding is composed of fifty percent fur, forty-three percent
leather, five percent dweomer, and three percent copper drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.
  • Adorable sporran, much higher capacity, and reduces weight of contents within to nearly zero. Useful for holding large quantities of stuff.

Randomly loads in the Varghan fur store and is an unusual drop in Varghan tunnels and pits.

Portable Hole

Phole description goes here
  • Largest capacity container, but risks losing items if overfilled. Extremely light, and contents are completely weightless. Can be climbed into and used to transport living beings. Is often used as a seed for Puzzle.

Belt of Suspension

This is a golden leather belt with a tracery of golden silver wire worked into its surface in a
simple but attractive pattern.  It has a round golden silver buckle.  The quality of its 
craftsmanship is good.  This is an magickal Belt of Suspension, fashioned with enchantments that 
work to suspend the items placed on it, keeping their weight from bearing down on the wearer.
  • Items can be placed on the belt (hung from it, basically) and have their effective weight reduced.
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