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Volition: Create Yag
Skill Parts                 : 
   power direction, 0.5
   power focusing, 1
   power generation, 2.5
   power tuning, 1
Proficiency Minimum         : 55
Proficiency Maximum         : 330
Aperture Required           : Anima, tier 1
Spirit Cost                 : 30 initially, 1.5 every fifteen seconds
Lens Power Cost             : 0.5% initially, 0.01% every fifteen seconds
Process to Actualize Form   : will creation of a yag
   Creates a yag and places it under one's control and ownership.
This is a shifting field of light that swirls in a pattern of movement that gives it a
consistently dog-like shape.  You recognize it as a yag, an entity of moderate power from the
amalgamal plane of Light.  Yags are more sapient than mere amalgamals, being possessed of roughly
animal intelligence.  They are characteristically canine, especially their sociability and pack
behavior, but are more volatile and aggressive than even the most feral wolf subspecies.  It
appears to be composed of a few thin streamers of light.  It has a tracery of sparkling light
within and around it.  It is giving off light.  
   It looks about two and a twentieth dimins long, half a dimin wide, and one dimin tall.  
   It is in good shape.
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