Disenchant (Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris spell)

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> Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris Spell: Epistasis

   Common Name: Disenchant
   Knowledge Requirement: None
   Summary: end one's enchantment

Members of Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris are granted the ability to end any enchantment or manifestation created by themselves with the use of this spell.

   1) speaking the winds
       Type: Speech
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: Enochian (dominant) and hullabaloo (small)
   2) the opening of the way
       Type: Praxis
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: thaumaturgy, tomfoolery, and woo-woo
   3) terminating the enchantment
       Type: Thought
       Importance: major
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: combobulation (moderate), sassiness (moderate), and tomfoolery (small)

Development Information: This spell was created by Twilight and is maintained by Starhound; the source code was last updated Tue Jan 09 00:59:58 2018.

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