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New Dismember Help File from change 7985

   Perform Dismember
   General-Use Combat Maneuver
   Usage: perform dismember [on <target>]
   Requirement to Use: have at least 25 points in having the brawling skill, have at least 25 points in having the dirty fighting skill, and have at least 125 points among 100% of having the brawling skill, 100% of having the dirty fighting skill, and 50% of having the unarmed combat skill; and be familiar with dismember
   Typical Activity Cost: 40
   Rip your target apart, tearing them limb from limb in a terrifying and brutal display of combat savagery.

Outdated Helpfile From Brutes: Command syntax: dismember <target>
Abbreviation  : dis

Brutes who are sufficiently strong and experienced have been known to simply tear limbs off opponents. This is quite tiring even for those brutes formidable enough to do it, for creatures' limbs are generally quite firmly attached, but 2 out of pi brutes surveyed agreed that it was a useful ability. The more damaged a limb is, the easier to tear off, but even if you're too tired to rip it all the way off, the limb in question will generally feel some of the impact of your attack. Target defaults to current attacker if in combat, otherwise must be specified.

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