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This article is about the Drake race. For the Drakes as empathic bonded familiars, see Drake (Empathic Bond).

The Drake Race

Rarity: Very Unusual
Plural: Drakes
Anatomy: Clawed Winged Quadruped
Sexes: Male, Female
Harm Skills:
    Animal Lore  61%
    Anatomy      25%
    Arcane Lore   7%
    Legend Lore   7%

Drakes are the bestial cousins of dragons, lacking the high intelligence of that species. They are considered more dangerous than dragons in that they are more likely to attack out of hunger, surprise, or just general viciousness, but their animal minds make them less formidable opponents. Like dragons, they are known for their ability to breathe fire or stranger substances, though the latter capacity seems rarer in drakes than in dragons.

Development Information: The drake race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Jul 24 12:50:22 2007.

Can be found roaming here and there around mountain areas or other altitude changes.

Your gigantic purple-shelled egg wobbles, tumbles out of your grasp, develops cracks, and then 
hatches, a lizard-like creature crawling out of it and suddenly, rapidly growing into a green 
female drake.
The green female drake hisses softly at you.
The green female drake rubs her snout up against you.
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