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-* Primary use: Buff basic attribute (Ego)+* Primary use: Buff attribute ([[Ego]])
* Combat talent: * Combat talent:
* Reveal by: * Reveal by:

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  • Primary use: Buff attribute (Ego)
  • Combat talent:
  • Reveal by:
    • Babbling
    • Being babbled at
    • Defending against psychic contact (maybe)



Sense Hostility

Calm Berserker Rage

Project Glamour

  • Start command: imagine people liking me
  • Stop command: visualize my ordinary self
  • Effect: Slight drain on spirit in order to significantly buff Ego
  • Facility:

Help File

     As an empath, you have the ability to sense and influence the emotions of
   others.  This manifests as several separate abilities.
     First, you can open your mind to emotions in the area around you, sensing
   any hostile creatures before having to encounter them directly.  This is a
   relatively simple ability; your level of facility with it is determined by
   your perception, intelligence, and your skill at metasenses and telepathy.
   To do this, concentrate on sensing hostility.
     Second, you can attempt to calm those in a berserk rage.  How difficult this
   is depends on how intense the rage and the level of psychic similarity and
   familiarity you have with the subject.  Your performance here is determined by
   your ego, intelligence, willpower, and skill in the disciplines of psionic
   redaction and telepathy.  To attempt this, think about calming the berserker
   rage in your subject.
     Third, a somewhat more difficult feat is the projection of a psychic field,
   or glamour, which exerts an influence toward friendship on those near you,
   making you seem more appealing and charismatic.  Your ability level at this is
   determined by your willpower, perception, and skill at redaction and telepathy.
   To project a friendship glamour, imagine people liking you.  Keeping the field
   of influence in operation will tax your psychic energies; to bring the field
   down, visualize your ordinary self.
     As an empath, you have rudimentary telepathic capabilities; please see
   'help basic telepathy' for more information.
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