Father Jonathan

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  • Location: Jhan All the way north from the entrance. At altar of Tyr
  • Occupation: Enlist for Questors of Tyr
  • Look
   He looks about eighteen dimins tall, five and thirteen twentieths dimins wide, and one and two
   fifths dimins front to back.  
   He is in good shape.  
   He wears a gold amulet around his neck.
  • Info
   If you wish to become a Questor, say 'Enlist me in the Questors of Tyr'. To leave the Questors of
   Tyr and renounce your service to Tyr, say 'I wish to be relieved of my service'.  His limbs are
   named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot,
   and left foot.  The white-skinned male human was created by Den; the source code was last 
   updated Wed Oct 23 12:18:44 2013.  The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code
   was last updated Fri Oct 18 15:48:27 2013.
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