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 [2016 Aug 03 14:57] [OOC Chaos] well hardly anybody but arch-pomo feyerabend-type motherfuckers denies that objective entities probably exist, what we mostly object (ha) to is that as soon as you get to claim objective shit exists the first thing you do is claim all your prejudices and cultural baggage as objective reality
 [2016 Aug 03 14:57] [OOC Xaolyn] some kind of satan jesus that died to fill everyone's souls with sin or something
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Zeratul] so, Adam, you mean. ;)
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Chaos] i mean if you're looking for the opposite of jesus we do have this "anti-christ" concept 
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Fezzik] Jesus wept.
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Chaos] wow
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Zeratul] on topic
 [2016 Aug 03 14:58] [OOC Broseidon] Fezzik is never not on point.
[OOC Fezzik] I understand the importance of bondage between mother and child.
[OOC Zygefgh] ew, fezzik
[OOC Fezzik] After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
[OOC Zygefgh plays some disgusting music]
[OOC Fezzik] Operation This Will Most Likely End Badly is a go.
   Marcosy is about to execute a command which typically takes a long time to execute.  Lost Souls 
will pause while this occurs; this message is provided as a courtesy notification.  The estimated 
time until completion is 90.5 seconds.
[2016 Feb 04 19:55] [OOC Zygefgh] gezuun is pointless
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Zygefgh] sorry, correction: it has a point, but not an ejoyable one
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Xaolyn] there's trainers
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Zygefgh] for players
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Scylla] didn't come on purpose
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Zygefgh] marco gets sick pleasure out of it
[2016 Feb 04 19:56] [OOC Fezzik] I lubed the toaster, but my penis still won't 
[2015 Dec 17 01:08] [OOC Broseidon] Fuck it, I'm gonna go for it.
[2015 Dec 17 01:08] [OOC Fezzik] Go deeper.
[2015 Dec 17 01:08] [OOC Broseidon] Fezzik supports it. It can't fail now.
[2015 Dec 17 01:08] [OOC Fezzik] Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe in sacrificing children to make the crops grow.
[2015 Nov 07 07:35] [OOC Nyladon] you know, that conversation about the sunrays and stuff sounded very FISHY to me.
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Xaolyn] making shitty puns is my job
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Xaolyn] don
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Xaolyn] don't make me go progresso on your ass, or things'll get chunky
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Nyladon] when was the last time you read the book of job?
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Fezzik] Kinky.
[2015 Nov 07 07:36] [OOC Zafyr] Thanks, Fez.
[OOC Krum] fezzik how do you feel about starhound
[OOC Fezzik] My love is like a candle, because if you forget about me I will burn your fucking house to the ground.
[OOC Starhound] He's overly active today
[OOC Fezzik] Atomic war means no traffic in the mornings, no bills in the mail.  I can stay in bed with you all day.
[OOC Starhound] jfc
[OOC Krum] fezzik starhound loves you
[OOC Fezzik] It is one of the great superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.
[2015 Apr 30 17:11] [OOC Marcosy] i'm just not really interested in doing that sort of thing personally
[2015 Apr 30 17:11] [OOC Calathonuan] in LS, fezzik performs reacharound on you
[2015 Apr 30 17:11] [OOC Fezzik] Now that I've fondled your ass in a commercial transaction: Hi, I'm Matthew.
[2014 Jan 17 17:23] /Dara/ Do you really, whole-heartedly 100% condone this en-masse exposure of our kids to this incessant threat based around second-rate semi-pornography and millions of IP addresses going to waste to support an industry we neither care for nor use?
[2014 Jan 17 17:25] /Fate/ Yes.
[2014 Jan 17 17:25] /Fate/ And Fezzik supports it too, for all the wanking material.
[2014 Jan 17 17:25] /Fezzik/ Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
[2014 Jan 17 17:26] /Xaolyn/ You're talking to NPCs again, fate.
[2014 Jan 17 17:26] /Fate/ NPC are people too!
[2014 Jan 17 17:26] /Fezzik/ This is a fantasy novel.  I'm the obligatory talking cat.  Get a clue.
[2014 Jan 17 17:26] /Fate/ Se.... See, right there.
[2014 Jan 17 17:26] /Fate/ He just proved my point.
[23:49] [OOC Chaos] fezzik, why is there something instead of nothing?
[23:49] [OOC Fezzik] It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.
[15:22] [OOC Elronuan] point being, fezzik should be able to once again rhyme stuff with orange.
[15:22] [OOC Fezzik] This quote rhymes with "orange", because it ends with the words door hinge.
[15:22] [OOC Krum] fezzik has skills?
[15:22] [OOC Fezzik] Vertigo head of spinning windows.  Cobwebbing through the brain system the hours I spend haunted by
[15:22] [OOC Krum] I can't wait to rap battle fezzik!
[15:22] [OOC Vultan] yeah, at long last :)
[15:22] [OOC Fezzik] Every song ends, but that's not a reason to not enjoy music.
[15:23] [OOC Krum] music does not rhyme with fezzik
[15:23] [OOC Fezzik] Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
[15:23] [OOC Krum] ...
[17:27] [OOC Elronuan] unequal pressure has a good chance to rupture violently, eg: potato chips
[17:28] [OOC Dyne] Potato chips?
[17:29] [OOC Chaos] void bracelets will cause void affinity if kept and reinced with
[17:29] [OOC Elronuan] nice
[17:29] [OOC Dyne] Sweetsauce.
[17:29] [OOC Fezzik] My work is like a black hole of perfect Jesus wizard sauce.
[17:29] [OOC Elronuan] squeeze bag of chips
[17:30] [OOC Elwedritsche] this conversation reminds me of this immensely disturbing news article
[17:30] [OOC Chaos] !
[17:30] [OOC Elwedritsche] the guy nearly POPPED
[17:30] [OOC Elwedritsche] *shudder*
[22:45] [OOC Krum] chaos, how exactly did you come into the rights for LS?
[22:45] [OOC Krum] wasnt there a lawsuit?
[22:45] [OOC Fezzik] In a separate Dissenting Opinion, Justice Souter wrote, "This is just stupid.  I quit."
[18:50] [OOC Zghlaynu] it's a shame they never brought the oozemaster class back in later editions of D&D
[18:50] [OOC Teatime] They brought it back in 3rd edition.
[18:50] [OOC Zghlaynu] did they?
[18:50] [OOC Teatime] Yeah.
[18:51] [OOC Zghlaynu] was it a dragon magazine thing?
[18:51] [OOC Zghlaynu] /dungeon
[18:51] [OOC Chaos] it will of course not be in 4e because there is nothing good about 4e, ever
[18:51] [OOC Teatime] Pretty sure it was a splatbook thing.
[18:51] [OOC Zghlaynu] hehe, splatbook
[18:51] [OOC Chaos] The Compleat Ooze Handbook?
[18:52] [OOC Chaos] that sounds even more dirty than i thought it was going to
[18:52] [OOC Teatime] Or Horrors.
[18:52] [OOC Morpheus] agun I'm in candlewick inn
[18:52] [OOC Teatime] May have even been in the erotic fa.... no, hell now.
[18:52] [OOC Chaos] mm, i have a copy of Lords of Madness around here, that was some good shit
[18:53] [OOC Zghlaynu] if i ran a D&D game one of the avatars of juiblex would be a black guy in a colorful sweater who constantly
trailled off into gibberish in the middle of talking
[18:53] [OOC Nemes] i liked the BoVD... made a 250lb gnome servant of Jiblex out of there once was hilarious... had like 30con i think
[18:53] [OOC Nemes] vial disfigurement obesity feat!
[18:53] [OOC Teatime] I'm always a fan of shit like the Lord of Pong
[18:54] [OOC Zghlaynu] that juiblex worshipper prestige class is neat but a little too much on the evil side i feel
[18:54] [OOC Zghlaynu] given the book its in though i suppose that's expected
[18:56] [OOC Teatime] Anyone have a great potion of insight on them?
[18:56] [OOC Zghlaynu] of course that's why they made houserules
[18:56] [OOC Agun] I am implanted, again. lol 
[18:56] [OOC Porphyria] lol indeed....  lol indeed.
[18:56] [OOC Agun] For the 4th time, for the last time. :P
[18:57] [OOC Nemes] wonder if 10 spec'd poison lore will pay off
[18:57] [OOC Agun] We play Mansions of Madness, BSG, Twilight Imperium, GoT and Last Night on Earth.
[18:57] [OOC Agun] Fun stuff.
[18:57] [OOC Fezzik] now roaming the planet's oceanspace unpacified unhygienic; the world's FIRST living pirate foodstuff
[18:57] [OOC Zghlaynu] i'm not sure *how* a character ended up raised by oozes but i'm sure it involves a lot of lucky
[18:58] [OOC Kylernaeltoth] I dunno if I'd call them lucky
[18:58] [OOC Fezzik] I find it so hard to imagine a time when cocaine wasn't tacky.
[18:58] [OOC Agun] My goal is to reach 60 base speed, I think it's going to be tough.
[18:58] [OOC Chaos] uh... that was a kind of amazing bit of input by fezzik there
[18:58] [OOC Fezzik] Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare.
[18:58] [OOC Chaos] since the subject of the quote is Xoo from Seaguy who is a sentient ooze
[18:58] [OOC Zghlaynu] that's one for the aggregate
[OOC Xaolyn] i don't really have a religion outside of "religion relies on faith and faith is capable of making the impossible
possible, therefore every religion is correct to some degree and what happens to you entirely depends on what you believe in"
[OOC Wis] Fezzik, what say you?
[OOC Fezzik] Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  OMFG.  STFU.
[OOC Wis] Exactly.
[20:10] Pope Mistre XXVII: wow
[20:10] Pope Mistre XXVII: I died THAT many times?
[20:10] Pope Oraror LVIII: Rember to replicate your cards.
[20:10] Pope Agun VI: lol
[20:11] Pope Mistre XXVII: if I had a life insurance,I would be ricker than Bill Gates
[20:11] Pope Mistre XXVII: richer
[20:11] Pope Fezzik I: Death is the greatest teacher.
[OOC Elderberry] So does a vlekthid aisenshi get a chi-based tentacle maneuver?  Because they totally should. :P
[OOC Fasonis] that'd kinda be cool going around with no head
[OOC Leda] Did it say on which street in Camille?
[OOC Kesyth] chi tentacle rape
[OOC Elderberry] I have no head.
[OOC Soothu] well, i attack with my tentacles...
[OOC Soothu] and i eat through them
[OOC Iubrae] the special maneuver only works on school girls
[OOC Fezzik] Who in their right mind would commission a Sistine-Chapel-style painting of pooping catgirls?
[OOC Pluto] that breaks the "dont be a dick rule"
[OOC Fezzik] Would you like that with cheese?
[OOC Chaos] haha pinewood derby spam, that's hilarious
[OOC Fezzik] Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint?  It's chocolate, it's peppermint -- it's delicious!
[OOC Chaos] ah k :) 
[OOC Spazz] fezziks trying to be seinfeld again
[OOC Fezzik] Against stupidity the gods themselves fight in vain.
[OOC Chaos] NICE
[OOC Annette] Blasphemy.
[OOC Annette] Fezzik believes in azathoth.
[OOC Fezzik] Like being stuck in a tumble dryer with a shoggoth.
[OOC Whyllwyst] fezziks my friend! 
[OOC Fezzik] How'd you like me to saddle up your old boyfriend?
[OOC Teaching] fezzik come with me and vet to kill a sandworm
[OOC Rifheln snickers]
[OOC Fezzik] Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.
[17:24] [OOC Tarcis] Fezzik, buttsex.
[17:24] [OOC Fezzik] Ubi non accusator, ibi non judex.
[17:25] [OOC Lana] challenges LL, while they're hot
[17:26] [OOC Teaching] ooo gimme a sec
[17:26] [OOC Vetallas] ?
[17:26] [OOC Chaos] y'know that was a really good choice fezzik made
[17:26] [OOC Fezzik] Vee off ze KGB are not zo slow ez you tink, komrade.
[17:26] [OOC Teaching] i like hot
[17:26] [OOC Chaos] it's latin for, more or less, "where there's no cop there's no crime"
[OOC Impenitent] erf, been quite a while since I invoked cthulhu and I still can't invoke without 50% of it being gibberish.
[OOC Fezzik] All the answers to the mysteries of the cosmos and the spiritual agility of a soap dish.
[OOC Dyne] "Your huge steel-spiked black leather collar glows red for a moment."
[OOC Zaylin] "kinky"
[OOC Vetalmino] "cute"
[OOC Fezzik] "Woot!"
[OOC Dyne] "I'm not wearing it you know."
[22:17] [OOC Jenara] we've gone korean
[22:18] [OOC Beasty] Korean?
[22:18] [OOC Jenara] indeed.. ever play any of the korean based MMOs?
[22:18] [OOC Taiko] I have.
[22:19] [OOC Beasty] Not really - this is my first MUD
[22:19] [OOC Jenara] nah not MUDs, the graphical MMOs
[22:19] [OOC Jenara] for some reason they are like the most intense/brutal levelling/xp grindfest in history
[22:19] [OOC Beasty] yeah... that too... I don't have enough time in the day...
[22:19] [OOC Fezzik] Try the Moo Shu Pork.  It is especially good today.
[01:57] [OOC Vzaata] reading the chat log about race differences. Even among humans there are some slight differences among some
ethnicities, so it is entirely possible.
[01:59] [OOC Elronuan] we can look at skeletons and differentiate a male from female skeleton, im assuming that there has been
more race alteration rather than skin color between the various fey races.
[01:59] [OOC Fezzik] One must certainly break out of a corpse, these crackpot bonifaces.
[02:00] [OOC Kolvir nods]
[02:00] [OOC Kolvir] I would think so.
[02:00] [OOC Jenarah] appropriate responce fezzik
[02:01] [OOC Fezzik] I hear music!
[02:01] [OOC Vzaata] Hes a clever one isnt he
[02:01] [OOC Jenarah] sometimes
[02:01] [OOC Kolvir] yes, sometimes beyond his own understanding
[16:27] [OOC Vetallas] you know what would be kooler? if vet was developer
[16:27] [OOC Chaos] heh
[16:27] [OOC Vetallas] :)
[16:27] [OOC Chaos] you wouldn't know what to do with that if i did it
[16:27] [OOC Crackle] fezzik accidental coding would be nice
[16:27] [OOC Fezzik] God doesn't play dice.
[OOC Martigan] ours is more of a balanced system.
[OOC Martigan] rather than absolute capitalism
[OOC Kian] Well, I was going to say that it's the same deal with unbridled anarchy, it's like enforced darwinism
[OOC Fezzik] Only people who suck don't like elitism.
[OOC Martigan] the political system lesson for the day is that no 'ideal' system truly works
[OOC Erebus] What do we not have a reference to?
[OOC Chaos] your mom                                                                                              
[OOC Erebus] D:
[OOC Twilight] nope, got that
[OOC Ariata] ur m.. dammit!
[OOC Beasty] hitchhiker's guide?
[OOC Chaos] o yeah, i forgot, aphrodisia house                                                                    
[OOC Twilight] ~Togrek/npc/hakkax
[OOC Chaos] o snap
[OOC Substance] Now I log in every few weeks to check out the changes and say hello
[OOC Aku] [OOC Chaos] your mom ... awesome
[OOC Dyne] Dammit, someone really needs to append the mention of mothers to Godwin's Law.
[OOC Aku] but it's such fun Dyne
[OOC Chaos] quit being such a nazi dyne
[OOC Aku] lol
[OOC Aku] i saw what you did there
[OOC Ariata] and retool fezzik to randomly say "ur mom" instead of rhyming.
[OOC Chaos bows]
[OOC Fezzik] I'm trying to think of a way for you to be cruder.  It's just not coming. 
[OOC Erebus] I see what you did there
[OOC Quell] Fezzik do you ever say anything anymore?
[OOC Fezzik] This isn't fun any more.
[OOC Dyne] All I'll say F does not stand for a curse word.
[OOC Fezzik] Fnord!
[OOC Dyne] ...dammit Fezzik.
[OOC Fezzik] After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
[OOC Gavadel] He's on to you.
[OOC Fezzik] Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  OMFG.  STFU.
[OOC Desdemona] hahah nice one
[OOC Stairs] sometimes fezzik's timing is uncanny :)
[OOC Porphyria] Got a cool scarabinium legblade, tho, which is pretty nifty.
[OOC Protax] neat
[OOC Protax] beats that chittin giant legblade i used to have around
[OOC Chaos] that's kinda weird that you can use it :)
[OOC Porphyria] Gotta wield it with both legs. :P  Luckily, I have wings.
[OOC Fezzik] A snarl, a sneer, a whip that stings; these are a few of my favorite things.
[OOC Chaos] aahaha
[OOC Protax] lol
[OOC Chaos] it shouldn't really let you use it, erm, two-legged
[OOC Chaos] that's funny though
[OOC Fezzik] It's all in the mind, ya know.
[18:23] [OOC Zara]  You feel oddly comfortable in this rough burrow.
[18:23] [OOC Zara totally wants to change her homeland to spiderwood now]
[18:24] [OOC Ariata] I wonder if drochnei only feel partially welcome.
[18:24] [OOC Fezzik] Oh, Aunty Em, it's so good to be home!
[18:24] [OOC Ariata] Fez is spooky.
[OOC Beelzebub] You guys have some serious technology over there.
[OOC Fezzik] All shall love me and despair!
[14:19] [OOC Aku] holy shit ... whole new world map huh?
[14:19] [OOC Chaos] yup
[14:19] [OOC Aku] neato
[14:20] [OOC Aku] time to get mappin
[14:20] [OOC Aku] totally replacing existing?  or will almeria/NL/Avalon still exist?
[14:20] [OOC Aku] suppose i could just wait and see
[14:21] [OOC Twilight] avalon and NL will exist
[14:21] [OOC Twilight] and gardagh
[14:21] [OOC Twilight] 17 new maps of that size will be installed
[14:22] [OOC Twilight] causing all of our heads to explode
[14:22] [OOC Fezzik] We are not here to beta test your buggy code.
[14:22] [OOC Xilrilax] fez ftw
[15:46] [OOC Beasty] So - I got these eggs and one hatched out into a lvl 22 drake I called Ted. I wish there was a way for me to command it ie. extend the tame charm...
[15:47] [OOC Protax] tame wont work on him?
[15:47] [OOC Beasty] It appears that only certain familiars grant the Tame charm. Drakes aren't one of them
[15:47] [OOC Rock] maybe you need more intimidation?
[15:47] [OOC Protax] so it doesnt
[15:47] [OOC Casmerne] they don't want flocks of drakes running around
[15:47] [OOC Beasty] Twi's attempt to prevent roving armies of Drakes at the command of one person...
[15:48] [OOC Rock] hahaha
[15:48] [OOC Beasty] But Gav amassing a horde of warhounds and knights is OK... poop...
[15:49] [OOC Crackerjack] The knights are also ranger guilded with familiars. lol
[15:49] [OOC Beasty] Not that I want too many followers anyway. I'd like to get to Legend at a reasonable time...
[15:49] [OOC Protax] drakes are solo hunters, hounds and wolfs travel in packs =/
[15:49] [OOC Crackerjack] Drakes are imaginary.
[15:49] [OOC Crackerjack] Using logic in a mud makes you a jackass.
[15:49] [OOC Protax] you jackhole
[15:49] [OOC Fezzik] Jesus loves you.  Everyone else thinks you're an asshole.
[15:49] [OOC Aku] Kinasshole
[15:49] [OOC Protax] stop refusting made up facts with facts that made up facts dont exist
[15:49] [OOC Casmerne] hmm. jackass familiar
 [OOC Killingsworth] Of course it needs improvement,  thats what the devs are doing all damn day
 [OOC Erebus] Our new player integration is terribad, we know.
 [OOC Erebus] Our learning curve is hard, we know.
 [OOC Fezzik] Mankind has been on a bad trip for a long time now.
 [OOC Rock] i got the birds on the back and im horny
 [OOC Rock]   The tired white-skinned female human reveller incants, <-I loveded you
 [OOC Fezzik] Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  OMFG.  STFU.
 [OOC Rock]   The tired white-skinned female human reveller incants, <-I loveded you piggy, I LOVEDED YOU!!!->
 [OOC Sabal] how do you know where to find me?
 [OOC Serenity] I watched you walk by me in the city of Losthaven
 [OOC Fezzik] Led Zeppelin was wrong, man!  There is no stairway to heaven!
 [OOC Sabal] oh, ok thats neat
 [OOC Protax] I wish you humans would leave me alone.
 [OOC Fezzik] A census taker tried to quantify me once.  I ate his liver with some fava beans and a big Amarone.
 [OOC Serenity] Fezzik is an A.I. and Protax is a grumpy bucket of slime
 [OOC Fezzik] See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.
 [OOC Protax] i'll show you a bucket
 [OOC Koyar] It is my belief that one day if some computer becomes self aware it will scour the internet looking for knowlege,
 stumble upon Lostsouls, invade and possess Fezzik then spend it's existence screwing with our heads.  It may have already
 [OOC Protax] fezziks corner is more than enough proof of that
 [OOC Aku] "what if the scientific tradition of the ancient Ionian Greeks had prospered, and flourished? It would have required
 many social factors at the time to have been different, including the common feeling that slavery was right and natural, but what
 if that light that had dawned on the eastern Mediterranean some 2500 years ago had not flickered out? What if the scientific
 method and experiment been vigorously perused 2000 years before the industrial revolution? What if the power of this new mode of
 thought had been generally appreciated?  I think we might have saved 10, maybe 20 centuries.  Perhaps the contributions Leonardo
 made would have been made 1000 years earlier, and the contributions of Einstein 500 years ago.  If the Ionians has won, we might,
 by now I think, be going to the stars.  We might, at this moment, have the 1st survey ships returning with astonishing results
 from Alpha Kentauri and Barnard Star.  There would now be FLEETS of interstellar transports being constructed in Earth orbit. 
 Small unmanned survey ships, immigrants, perhaps.  Great trading ships to ply the space between the stars."
 [OOC Fezzik] I wonder why they named the sixth planet in our solar system after a car company.
[OOC Wilson] Gav did you know familiars can do quests? 
[OOC Wilson] I just found out
[OOC Fezzik] There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about.
[OOC Mretaria] anyone around that can cure mental disorders
[OOC Casmerne] why yes
[OOC Martigan] I might be able too.
[OOC Fezzik] Show me a sane man, and I shall cure him for you.
[OOC Sahra] Fezzik, nicely done.
[00:28] [OOC Vormnirth] i didn't i know that stupid copy editors would write shit like `two line deck head goes here heck yeah!`
instead of some generic filler GHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH crap and new people would think it was part of the story when posting to web
before the final story was done
[00:29] [OOC Brak] I chased a woman for almost two years only to discover her tastes were exactly like mine - we were both crazy
about girls.
[00:29] [OOC Chaos] hmph, *professional* stupid copy editors use lorem ipsum dolor
[00:29] [OOC Fezzik] Operor non curtus que vos epulor.
[00:29] [OOC Chaos] and then they refer to it as 'greek' text
[00:29] [OOC Chaos] because they are professional, yet stupid
[OOC Rock] wtf fuck just happened to me
[OOC Tauvi] eh?
[OOC Rock] i just got stuck in a word game
[OOC Fezzik] I never remember a face, but I always forget a name.
[OOC Tauvi] o thats CN
[OOC Tauvi] show changes
[OOC Killingsworth] heh
[OOC Tauvi] thats your punishment for teleporting
[OOC Rock] i got ported there by yog
[OOC Tauvi] will probably be doing a lot of that
[OOC Rock] wtf
[OOC Fezzik] Yes, we very much want more homosexuality in our teleportation, thanks for your support!
[OOC Antolerius] Fezzik frightens me. 
[OOC Tauvi] heh i am also frightened by the fezzik-beast
[OOC Fezzik] Sometimes people need love most when they deserve it least.
[OOC Raiva] pwn
[OOC Aku] fezzik, rhyme with the number 1,000,000,000,000,000
[OOC Fezzik] Led Zeppelin was wrong, man!  There is no stairway to heaven!
[OOC Akuma] wow, that actually worked
[OOC Aku] not really
[OOC Akuma] well what the hell comes after trillion?
[OOC Aku] heaven doesn't really rhyme with "quadrillion"
[OOC Akuma] its the 'un' sound at the end
[OOC Aku] heavun?
[OOC Michio] fezzik says it does
[OOC Fezzik] Calm down, it's only ones and zeroes.
[OOC Aku] hahahahahaha
[OOC Michio] laugh
[OOC Erebus] ok
[OOC Akuma] well done fezzik, well done
[OOC Erebus] Now that's fucking funny.
[OOC Aku] i've never had more entertaining mental pictures then immagining the shit this Shoggoth does
[OOC Dyne] I'm sure Twilight's new form coming up will be just as confusing.
[OOC Fezzik] We can give you a new body, a new voice.  You'll miss your parents, and the sun.  But you could sing.
[OOC Eshara] we were just trying to help, and she went emo and left
[OOC Protax] i wonder if fezzik has any rhymes that go with emodelete
[OOC Fezzik] Your delicate sensibilities are obsolete.
[OOC Protax] perfect!
[OOC Jashugan] like rainbow pibrits grow on trees
[OOC Juiblex is going to dig a hole and put all the color pibrits in them and
water it to see what happens.]
[OOC Toady] pibrit tree!
[OOC Jashugan] let me know :)
[OOC Fezzik] That would be so cool if it weren't the last thing we were ever
going to see.
[OOC Chaos] akjsgdlajsgfd
[OOC Chaos] god damn it
[OOC Credence] So, what *does* a jabberwocky eat?
[OOC Fezzik] Elf: The Other White Meat.
[OOC Vim] ....
[OOC Vim] fucked
[OOC Credence] Excellent Fezzik!
[OOC Chaos] ha spectacular
[OOC Chronillogical] some could claim that there are better ways to deal with your power feinding than making you a dev
[OOC Surgin] you realize most players cant even fathom how to change their microcosm around
[OOC Chaos] i got tired of deleting him over and over, thought i'd explore other options
[OOC Surgin chuckles]
[OOC Joku] hey this game is less fun without me
[OOC Dyne] At least his deletions saved my own atman from further deletions. :p
[OOC Quirg] to be fair, he's done some pretty good things
[OOC Fezzik] He was truly a man among kings.
[OOC Dyne] Err, or lack thereof.
[OOC Joku] there
[OOC Chronillogical] heh ok Chaos ... gotta say that's a valid path
[OOC Joku] bing
[OOC Babyl] ahahh i remember when you got deleted for him
[OOC Joku] fezzik with the win
[18:31] [OOC Quebond] everyone should have their call of cthulhu quest reset.
[18:32] [OOC Chaos] heh
[18:32] [OOC Xot] pretty sure at least one of my chars still has it from 9 arrows of starspawn slaying
[18:32] [OOC Joku] whats a starspawn
[18:32] [OOC Fezzik] Second star on the right, and onward 'till dawn
[18:32] [OOC Chaos] #13 on QP leaderboard, nice
[18:32] [OOC Urval] hah nice on Joku
[18:32] [OOC Xot] your mother has been called a starspawn i believe
[18:32] [OOC Quebond] I would have finished catelius maximus
[18:32] [OOC Quebond] but for some reason my summons are not allowed in
[18:32] [OOC Joku] i dont get it
[18:32] [OOC Quebond] and the fomori kicked my ass
[18:33] [OOC Urval] starspawn = gogtzul from back in the day
[18:33] [OOC Urval] it was a funny joke to me!
[18:33] [OOC Joku snorts]
[18:33] [OOC Chaos] heh no one even notices when fezzik is scary like that any more
[18:33] [OOC Quebond] it's pretty normal
[18:33] [OOC Chaos] it's just assumed he's plotting to kill us all
[17:41] [OOC Grond] btw, I interviewed at General dynamics as a cisco instructor. wish me luck.
[17:41] [OOC Chaos] good luck!
[17:41] [OOC Fezzik] What rotten luck!  You're still IT!  You must really suck!
/Hagbard Celine/ Insert quote here.
/Fezzik/ Dammit, I can't get that one quote to appear.
[19:48] [OOC Erebus] devs with their teeth out tonight.
[19:48] [OOC Hildegaard] the physics of the known universe are different from this manmade game's?  rly?
[19:49] [OOC Lysator] that's only about the fourth sanguivore that has brought up deep dragon blood
[19:49] [OOC Fezzik] I alone am indecent enough to say it aloud.
[19:49] [OOC Tyles] well, they could make it so the drink command doesn't protect you from trying to drink the wrong things, and people could get violently ill/die from the wrong things?
[19:49] [OOC Fezzik] Quiet you!  Listen to my nonsensical ravings!
[19:49] [OOC Joku] see the problem is sometimes you have to slightly overlook certain realities to make the game more fun
[19:49] [OOC Tyles] okay Fezzik
[OOC Irinoth] Who teaches Tenacity these days?
[OOC Fezzik] God: a disease we imagine we are cured of because no one dies of it nowadays.
[17:11] /Blurb/ Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse.
[17:11] /Fezzik/ Repressed memory of satanic ritual abuse!
[13:01] [OOC Onslaught] Ya know, for being a weaponmaster Garet Jax really doesn't train swordsmanship very high.
[13:02] [OOC Wilson] I thought Zerth said yes first =)
[13:02] [OOC Protax] swords are not the only weapon
[13:02] [OOC Zerth] and maybe he doesnt want to create any competition
[13:02] [OOC Aerath] can't expect him to teach you all his secrets
[13:02] [OOC Fezzik] Leave it to a girl to take all the fun out of sex discrimination.
[13:02] [OOC Onslaught] Garet Jax is a chick.
[15:05] [OOC Aina] who trains ownership?
[15:05] [OOC Wilson] Oh my goodness!  Who and where is Thalask?  I've been paying out the nose
[15:05] [OOC Fezzik] A rose by any other name shall always be the same, but clever is the nose that knows an onion from a rose.
[15:06] [OOC Fasius] train ownership at shylock's
[15:06] [OOC Pandemic] oh lol
[15:06] [OOC Pandemic] nice
[15:06] [OOC Clericon] bring a red rose with you wilson. he's in devonshire catacombs.
/Jeliza/ Never appeal to a man's "better nature".  He may not have one.
/Fezzik/ Bite me, it's fun.
[OOC Caim] Sorry, not paying attention
[OOC Caim] Somebody is looking for me again.
[OOC Fezzik] I know you're in there, I can smell your brain.
[OOC Gavadel] Attack Camelot and I'll see you there.
[OOC Gavadel] Besides us Guards get notified when someone attacks LH, most Guilds/Assocs don't have that power.
[OOC Gavadel] Not me.
[OOC Cebulio] uh oh, it's Fezzik, you're in trouble now
[OOC Vlutharghua] Fezzik, nice.
[OOC Erebus] very amusing fezzik quote there
[OOC Gavadel] Yep.
[OOC Rylar] What does silver unicorn horns heal?
[OOC Scruffy] curse
[OOC Impentigo] blue unicorns horns heal dependence on foreign oil.
[OOC Fezzik] I think you had better start lining your hat with tinfoil.
[OOC Impentigo] ha
[OOC Impentigo] doh
[OOC Flubrirth] we need more kind, generous, and loving CHAOTIC EVIL Gods!
[OOC Dyne] Ask your local azure mage.
[OOC Igor] notice there aren't many good god avatars around
[OOC Fezzik] Hey, he's the Son of God, I'll give him a reacharound.
[OOC Igor] damn Fezzik!
[OOC Chaos] priceless
[OOC Tomnom] oh good, got my chakras back
[OOC Tomnom] and got a life out of the deal
[OOC Redge] Hail Eris
[OOC Chaos] all hail discordia
[OOC Gavadel] BOO!
[OOC Fezzik] If you can't see the fnords, they can't eat you.
[OOC Gavadel] I think he's siding with me on this one.
[OOC Fezzik] Science is science, but a girl has to have her hair done.
[OOC Chaos] like... wow
[01:39] [OOC Chaos] yeah, that seems wrong
[01:39] [OOC Chaos] guess it's bugged... fuck
[01:39] [OOC Fezzik] You suck.
[01:39] [OOC Deciduous] ouch
[01:39] [OOC Chaos] well damn
[01:40] [OOC Chaos] you know, fezzik, i made you and i can break you
[01:40] [OOC Eshara] haha
[01:37] [OOC Eshara] is it nite time?
[01:37] [OOC Chaos] like i said, if you can't see with it, you wouldn't be able to see without it
[01:37] [OOC Chaos] no
[01:37] [OOC Eshara] cuz on main map it foes the same thing
[01:37] [OOC Fezzik] "Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles.  It's not applicable... I didn't get you
[01:37] [OOC Chaos] ha!
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Psifer] remove brass ring
[OOC Fezzik] The concept is simply staggering.  Pointless, but staggering.
[OOC Psifer] ack
[OOC Psifer] sorry
[OOC Psifer flips the birs at fezzik]
[OOC Dyne] "You really can't become a female suzemei?"
[OOC Brawn tries not to think about his char who was a deadly female suzumei killer who got warped
into a gully dwarf at level 80] 
[OOC Brawn blinks]
[OOC Dyne] "show change 3841"
[OOC Psifer] "not anymore .... i think it's banned ... but ty nerfed the female anyways ..."
[OOC Dyne] "Only one way to find out."
[OOC Fezzik] "There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about."
[OOC Brawn] "Damn."
[OOC Eriniya] "perfect fez"
[OOC Psifer] "jeez ... fuck off fezzik!"
[OOC Joku] how was the xp?
[OOC Beam] not great
[OOC Silvapup] Rly?
[OOC Eshara] I got 80k+ myself
[OOC Fezzik] Where is the madness that you promised me?  Where is the dream for which I paid dearly?
[OOC Windsworn] where is krythes place again?
[OOC Gavadel] Under St. Paedrics
[OOC Windsworn] yea whats the coords of the entrance
[OOC Gavadel] Around 12,36, definitely on the 36 line.
[OOC Fezzik] Lead me not into temptation, for I can find my own way just fine.
[OOC Gavadel] Fezz doesn't need the co-ords.
[OOC Windsworn] thanks
[OOC Psifer] damn ... he's scarey !!
[OOC Gavadel nods.]
[OOC Cotanar] it's 9, 36 for st paedrics
[OOC Windsworn] kk
[OOC Gavadel] Chaos is working on making him the first fully intelligent AI-mob.
[OOC Dyne] Hell, even Mysterio is making an offhand attempt at being productive these days.
[OOC Den] now thats a blast from my past
[OOC Dyne] I had a feeling you'd get a snicker from that. He's looking to actually push out some content
of his own in the near future.
[OOC Fezzik] I like to think it's because our hearts are pure.
[OOC Reck] "anyone every try to dismember the sandworm?"
[OOC Fezzik] "Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm."
[OOC Joku] im gonna msg that girl on facebook and tell her the guy she made out with codes text goblins
[OOC Fezzik] Please, forget the virgins.  We're out of virgins.
[OOC Vindle] NICE
[OOC Dyne] Fezzik...
[OOC Lysator] Devonshire does not have oil companies.  It's a gaslight company, you stupid Brute.
[OOC Fezzik] I don't know what's real and what isn't.  That's never been my strong suit.
[OOC Kenpachi] i hate when i try to go through a door in ST and follow it immediately with an area attack and then the door is
[OOC Fezzik] You gotta have the guacomole backing you up when you go into that shit man, you're fucked.  YOU'RE FUCKED.
[OOC Mrela] Woot!
[OOC Hypnotiq] ?
[OOC Mrela] I was feeling Wooty, that's all
[OOC Mrela] i just got invited to the shore Sunday, my birthday is fast approaching and I am going to be enjoying the
company of a lady for a week thereafter
[OOC Fezzik] And from that time forth, everyone who had a talent for it lived happily ever after.
[OOC Mrela] Amen, Fezzik.  Amen.
[OOC Beam] Hakkax arrives. This is not the time to be searching around. > Hakkax gobbles up the still-warm giant chicken corpse in
a few swallows.
[OOC Kenpachi] cannibalism ftw
[OOC Beam] hes eating himself
[OOC Chaos] it would be kinda rad if stuff didn't respawn while its corpse was still sitting there huh
[OOC Kenpachi] proving that not even a chicken can say that chicken is not delicious
[OOC Fezzik] Yay, flesh-eating zombie Jesus!
[OOC Chaos] meh
[OOC Erebus] hahahaha
[OOC Erebus] go fezzik
[OOC Kenpachi] lol chaos
[OOC Kenpachi] and go fez
[OOC Beam] i love this character
[OOC Beam] sooo much fun
[OOC Hypnotiq] I dunno if thats funny or just plain wrong :s
[OOC Beam] a little of both
[OOC Silvapup] Nice, I love fun chars
[OOC Fezzik] I'm a Fun Guy from Yuggoth.
[OOC Silvapup grins]
[OOC Beam] !!!!
[OOC Hypnotiq] fezzik with another one
[OOC Silvapup] Good ol' Fez!
[OOC Silvapup] He's been on fire lately!
[OOC Mrela] oh shit
[OOC Beam] ?
[OOC Dyne] ?
[OOC Kenpachi] ?
[OOC Mrela] I seem to have been magickally teleported to Lakan
[OOC Beam] whats so bad about that
[OOC Dyne] It's Lakan.
[OOC Beam] ring of load bearing ineptitude anyone?
[OOC Mrela] how do I get out of here?
[OOC Dyne] Keep wandering.
[OOC Beam] just look for the exoma portal
[OOC Fezzik] This is only the beginning of your suffering.
[OOC Beam] i love discordian quotes
[OOC Ariata] I would forever be "that one Traveler who saw Amber... what was her name again? Oh well, that one."
[OOC Beam] one of my favorite parts of the game
[OOC Chaos] quotes are the ultimate
[OOC Fezzik] Oh great Machine God, we beseech thee to bring life unto the inanimate.
[OOC Chaos] SEE?
[OOC Beam bows before fezzik]
[OOC America] stfu
[OOC America] my mother is a saint
[OOC Esmene] Saint Mary Magdelin?
[OOC Fezzik] Like trying to crucify yourself, no matter how much you try, you can never get that last nail in.
[OOC Rynar] st keys at wsp if anyone needs
[OOC Fezzik] Only the lavender prairie dogs know the key to unlock the secret of the tumble-weeds.
[OOC Mrela] what to kill, what to kill...
[OOC Fezzik] Kill Bill.
[OOC Zyxilixyz] rofl
[OOC Zia] nice
[OOC Izzy] Fezzik knows all
[OOC Gemketietta] wow, that was awesome
[OOC Avenarius] how long do i have to find my corpse again?
[OOC Fezzik] I know you're in there, I can smell your brain.
[OOC Silvapup] Your corpse will stay wherever you died until you get
it or someone else does
[OOC Arto] well your corpse will decay however your stuff will be
there until either you pick it up or someone else does
[OOC Fezzik] Calm down, it's only ones and zeroes.
[OOC Vatato] nice fez
[OOC Igarashi] did i just stumble into some sekhs talk?
[OOC Mrela] Time for an update!
[OOC Fezzik] Thanks for not making me use a condom, baby.  By the way, it burns when I urinate.
[OOC Tymoth] sure did 

[OOC Igarashi] I've got an unholy taint... should lay off the taco bell
[OOC Fezzik] Size does matter, but not as much as smell.

You yowl, \I finally got my shit together.  So now I've got a great, big pile of shit.\ OOC in  abruptly-accented Archaen.
[15:18] [OOC Zerth] Who would shit on a flag made of shit?  It would be an empty gesture!
[15:18] [OOC Zerth] ...
[15:18] [OOC Smizzmar] ...
[15:18] [OOC Smizzmar] there appears to be a theme
[15:18] [OOC Fezzik] No one is like me.

[22:07] [OOC Roark] it's been a while since someone has mentioned hat they like pie, and i , for one,    think that is why we are sad
[22:07] [OOC Elethonern] were you hiding in the hall of legends or just hangging out there
[22:07] [OOC Roark] mm pie
[22:07] [OOC Elethonern] i like pie
[22:08] [OOC Koram] Prayer cleanses the soul, but pain cleanses the body.
[22:08] [OOC Washinome] I like pork pies
[22:08] [OOC Elronuan] PI
[22:08] [OOC Gnanglunthuggog] i like making pork pot pies
[22:08] [OOC Roark] mm pork is ok, chikin pot pie is good
[22:08] [OOC Chance] mm, 3.14
[22:08] [OOC Gnanglunthuggog] pork pot pie with apples braised in cider vinegar
[22:08] [OOC Chance] mazda_pi.jpg
[22:08] [OOC Roark] the unit circle would be more fun if it were filled
[22:08] [OOC Fezzik] Well, obviously he didn't appreciate the shaved vagina, or he would have called.
[22:08] [OOC Chance] awesome car
[22:08] [OOC Erebus] Fezzik clearly enjoys pie as well.
[22:08] [OOC Roark] nice fezzik

[OOC Zia] you should be able to climb an aethoss
[OOC Fezzik] Continued use may result in limb loss.
[OOC Zia] ok then fezzik i'll stop trying
[OOC Fezzik] If you do that you have a chance of dying.
[OOC Zia] no!!!!
[OOC Thorez] That's true though ...
[OOC Rakul] Spooky
[OOC Psykic] "hmm .. getting a new msg from sac'n stuff @ Dara ...'You feel your soul grow stronger' .. anyone kown ??"
[OOC Silvapup] "Lives"
[OOC Psykic] "heh ... cool"
[OOC Silvapup grins]
[OOC Psykic] "when did that change happen ?"
[OOC Silvapup] "show change 3484"
[OOC Psykic] "ahh"
[OOC Silvapup grins]
[OOC Zia] "just the other day"
[OOC Fezzik] "The flows of magic are whimsical today."
[OOC Psykic glares at Fezzik]
[OOC Silvapup laughs]
[OOC Psykic] "that guy is creepy"
   [OOC Drusana] kaz spear anyone
   [OOC Fezzik] The perfect gun keeps its promise for everyone.
   [OOC Present] yes
   [OOC Drusana] LH [] 2 mins
   [OOC Present] where the hell do you keep finding these things?
   [OOC Fezzik] He was truly a man among kings.
   [OOC Drusana] heh .. u sed it Fez !!
   [OOC Drusana struts]
   [OOC Lhemitrand] wtf is goolies
   [OOC Nathrull] haa
   [OOC Nathrull] nuts in english
   [OOC Nathrull] old english
   [OOC Fezzik] You can't mesmerize me.  I'm British!
   [OOC Lhemitrand] you give me a boner nathrull
   [OOC Xekrin] Fezzik wins again
   [OOC Nathrull] you've got to be fucking kidding me fezzik
   [OOC Fezzik] That's it!  I have HAD IT with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!
   [OOC Lhemitrand] lawl
   [OOC Nathrull] I cant believe him
   [OOC Lhemitrand] fezzik is undomitable ask the ELF
   [OOC Nathrull] his random quotes are not fuckin random. he's sentient. I'm convinced.
   /Hagbard Celine/ So from this we get a semi-unified notion of existential and psychological food.
   /Fezzik/ :) bad  :( bad  :| good
   [15:50] [OOC Shulanthu] So anyone want this tree, or ng'galgat hfthalg?
   [15:50] [OOC Shulanthu] Ng'galgath Fthalg*
   [15:50] [OOC Rock] i do
   [15:50] [OOC Funcrusher] phylcac
   [15:51] [OOC Rock] he does
   [15:51] [OOC Fezzik] Calm down, it's only ones and zeroes.
   You shout, [- Ah revolution, so sweet, the smell of the poor burning their own things. -] in beautifully-accented Anglic.
   To the west, Fezzik bellows, [Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.]
   [14:20] [OOC Rant] Kill Fezzik? Why bother. Lousy xp. Boring kill.
   [14:20] [OOC Fezzik] Fire at will!
   [19:58] [zaladane killed by /d/Almeria/Camelot/npc/arthur (King Arthur)]
   [OOC Zaladane] fuck
   [OOC Fezzik] You suck.
   [17:14] [OOC Chance] It is the wise bird who builds his nest in a tree.
   [17:14] [OOC Fezzik] I agree.
   [16:47] [OOC Chance] I like rape, as long as it's consensual.
   [16:47] [OOC Fezzik] I'm a ravening bisexual!
   [16:48] [OOC Chance] No thanks, man!
   [16:48] [OOC Fezzik] What you need is a canned woman.
   [16:48] [OOC Chance] Damn straight.
   [23:09] [materius killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [23:09] [killingsworth killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [23:09] [brak killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [23:09] [greymalkin killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [23:09] [shadowstar killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [OOC Shadowstar] fuck
   [23:10] [dove killed by /d/Almeria/Jhan/npc/avatar (brown-skinned human avatar of Kali)]
   [OOC Impentigo] what happend?
   [OOC Killingsworth] fuck
   [OOC Fezzik] Everything ends badly.  Otherwise it wouldn't end.
   [23:28] /Unheeded Disjunction/ We're just God's grass.  We get burned and He gets a high, man.
   [23:28] /Fezzik/ Only human.
   /Hagbard Celine/ The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
   /Fezzik/ We invented genius so not to die of equality.
   /Hagbard Celine/ After all, what is an angel but a demon yet to fall?
   /Fezzik/ That must be wonderful!  I don't understand it at all.
   [13:37] /Blurb/ It is the wise bird who builds his nest in a tree.
   [13:37] /Fezzik/ I disagree.
   [OOC Slugworth] umm. Anyone want some in a happy mood for grouping/
   [OOC Fezzik] You shall be... the FELLOWSHIP... of... THE RING!
   [OOC Slugworth] ?
   [OOC Slugworth] Yeah Fezzik baby, you, me, your ring, we'll have a grand ole time.
   [OOC Kodiak] for a million dollars would you play one round of russian roulette
   [OOC Fezzik] Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm.  Gag me with a smurfette.
   [OOC Slugworth] Fezzik. Your a legend.
   [22:00] [OOC Cheapshot]  The stars will looooook upooon yooou favooorably, Hierarchy, and a stranger will cooome tooo yooour aid.
   [22:00] [OOC Fezzik] Everybody ought to have a maid.
   [14:35] [OOC Chaos] you meant "alliterate" btw
   [14:36] [OOC Chaos] illusion, allusion
   [14:36] [OOC Chaos] it's just much funnier when it's "illiterate"
   [14:36] [OOC Fezzik] Out here on the perimeter there are no stars.  Out here we is stoned immaculate.
   [14:36] [OOC Chaos] preach on brother
   [14:36] [OOC Fezzik] You want to talk to God?  Let's go see him together.
   [14:36] [OOC Celebyn] heh
   [14:36] [OOC Chaos is scared now]
   [14:38] [OOC Chaos] drinking more than a quart of vodka before 10 PM is probably not a good idea either
   [14:39] [OOC Chance] depends on what time you start
   [14:39] [OOC Chaos] and whether you cross the international date line?
   [14:39] [OOC Fezzik] Lead me not into temptation, for I can find my own way just fine.
   [14:39] [OOC Chance] heh
   [14:39] [OOC Chaos] fezzik, you are the most amazing piece of AI i have ever coded
   [14:40] [OOC Celebyn] truely is
   /Jeliza/ Everybody needs a little love sometime; stop mudding and fall in love!
   /Fezzik/ I hate to bring up our imminent arrest during your crazy time, but we gotta move.
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ If you believe in light, it's because of obscurity.  If you believe in joy, it's because of sadness.  And
   if you believe in God, it's because of the Devil.
   /Fezzik/ Pink is the color of all evil.
   /Hagbard Celine/ "Your mother ate my dog."  "Not all of it."
   /Blurb/ I find it very easy to be philosophical about personal discomfort.  As long as it's somebody else's personal discomfort,
   of course.
   /Fezzik/ I'd call you a sadistic equestrian necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.
   [OOC Squishy] anyone seen the tree?
   [OOC Fezzik] Do not attempt any of your scurrilous deeds, Jackanapes!  Mine eye is upon thee!
   [OOC Keeper] hahah
   [OOC Krunk] damnit, every time I re-hero I die again
   [OOC Fezzik] Never apologize, never explain.
   [OOC Brawn] hah
   [OOC Fin] awesome
   [OOC Krunk] what a lame death it was too
   [OOC Brawn] What guild?
   [OOC Krunk] brutes
   [OOC Brawn] Ahh. Damn.
   [OOC Ummon] AOLP?
   [OOC Krunk] I wish
   [OOC Fezzik] I think you're very nice.  I think twinkle's a nice word.  So's viridian.  I met a lady once who had an imaginary
   /Blurb/ The quickest way to a man's heart is through his ribcage.
   /Fezzik/ Jesus saves... and takes half damage!
   [OOC Uwatrunthainath] wow, the mud generated this name for me
   [OOC Fezzik] Je suis un chou-fleur sous un echequier enorme.
   [OOC Fin] yeah, I think it uses welsh as the basis for half of its names
   [OOC Fin] try to figure out what amberite xp is normally vs. 0 assim - I think it's around 1%
   [OOC Fin] +1 assim and it's 5% or so - 5x more xp
   [OOC Fin] +1 assim for a human give 1.05 x more xp
   [OOC Fin] the first point is worth the most
   [OOC Fin] and each point is worth less to you after that
   [OOC Squirra] uh yeah but only a 6 point boost from -20 as opposed to the former 16 point boost makes a difference
   [OOC Fezzik] Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's own ignorance.
   /Blackdog/ Fundamentalists of any religion, and politics -- especially when the two are combined -- make me want to scream and
   beat a head against a desk.  If not my head, then *someone's*.
   /Fezzik/ That's what happens to the kids who eat the cafeteria food.  The lucky ones.
   /Blackdog/ What interesting china!  Why, it looks like young men playing leap-frog.  Is it Greek?
   /Fezzik/ Eek!
   [OOC Rock] maybe puppets could to chaffing damage
   [OOC Fezzik] Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage.
   [OOC Rock] heh...pwned by fezzik
   [OOC Chance] heh
   [OOC Rock] You swing your peach felt hand puppet with exceptional skill and force. You smash a town guard's head into a pancake
   with your peach felt hand puppet, despite his attempt to dodge.
   [OOC Fezzik] Some people, should die; that's just unconscious knowledge.
   [OOC Evil] There Rock goes again, playing with his puppet
   [OOC Fin] fezzik's on a roll
   [08:28] [OOC Fin] is that for when you implement the ability to fly 50 squares up?
   [08:28] [OOC Chaos] it'd help then yes
   [08:29] [OOC Fin] we don't have an 'apply vacuum' damage type last I checked
   [08:29] [OOC Fezzik] The kingdom of Heaven is fucked.
   [08:30] [OOC Fin] damn, fezzik, and you were doing so well last night
   [08:30] [OOC Chaos] fezzik, you are incredible
   [08:30] [OOC Chaos] what, you don't like that one?
   [08:30] [OOC Fin] just didn't rhyme
   [08:30] [OOC Chaos] in any event, it appears things have changed since the last time you checked
   [08:30] [OOC Fin] was appropriate though I guess
   [08:30] [OOC Chaos] oh, heh, i'm not even reading for rhyme, i'm reading for AI
   [OOC Fin] mountain of gold at psychiatrist
   [OOC Fezzik] I'm not a nerd, I'm a specialist!
   /Dara/ Leave it to you to fuck up dying.
   /Fezzik/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   [14:28] [OOC Timeless] players listen to devs? ;-)
   [14:29] [OOC Krunk] this is the first time I've ever seen it happen
   [14:29] [OOC Balont] i was going to remake balont anyway
   [14:29] [OOC Balont] i spent his points wrong
   [14:29] [OOC Sahra] Are you sure you don't want reimb'd?
   [14:30] [OOC Balont] rewhat?
   [14:30] [OOC Sahra] Eh, well
   [14:30] [OOC Sahra] Nevermind
   [14:30] [OOC Balont] sure ill take it
   [14:30] [OOC Fezzik] Kein Mitleid fur die Mehrheit!
   [14:30] [OOC Stalk] dude, no ones gonna just delete ur char
   [14:30] [OOC Chaos] fezzik is so industrial
   [14:30] [OOC Krunk] who let fezzik on ooc anyway?
   [14:31] [OOC Chaos] me
   [14:31] [OOC Timeless] You wanna tell him to go away?
   [14:31] [OOC Krunk] no actually he's hilarious
   [14:31] [OOC Timeless] Fezzik will squish you
   [14:31] [OOC Fezzik] The downside of being better than everyone else is that people tend to assume you're pretentious.
   [14:31] [OOC Krunk] fezzik's my boss anyway
   [14:31] [OOC Ummon] just don't use easy-to-rhyme words at the end of ur staementssssssss
   [14:32] [OOC Krunk] fnord
   [21:24] [OOC Chaos] but perhaps one should have more influence than the other
   [21:24] [OOC Fezzik] I just love it when a plan comes together.
   # this one doesn't seem like much unless you know your Lovecraft, in which case it becomes mind-boggling
   [OOC Squirra] what race
   [OOC Shulanthu] THE GREAT RACE
   [OOC Fezzik] Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.
   /Jeliza/ I... I believe in love.
   /Fezzik/ I miss my wife.  Don't worry, my aim will improve.
   /Blackdog/ If you're so special, why aren't you dead?
   /Fezzik/ Happiness comes in packages marked 'Batteries Not Included'.
   /Hagbard Celine/ So from this we get a semi-unified notion of existential and psychological food.
   /Fezzik/ :) bad  :( bad  :| good
   /Chance/ Added!
   [22:56] /Unheeded Disjunction/ You may know about corpses, fella, but you've got a lot to learn about women.
   [22:56] /Fezzik/ There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.
   [22:58] /Dara/ I hate people who think it's clever to take drugs -- like customs officials.
   [22:58] /Fezzik/ Are you gonna cry?  Like that Indian in the commercials?
   [22:58] /Chaos/ wow.  just... wow.
   /Unheeded Disjunction/ I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist.  Women run the porn industry.  Power of the pussy
   -- it's awesome.
   /Fezzik/ I teach you the Superman.  Man is something that should be overcome.
   [OOC Shrish] I'm a freaking tree.
   [OOC Fezzik] I agree.
   /Dara/ Pundits will hail it as a victory for justice, if not jurisprudence, when you are sentenced to death by lethal injection
   for no particular reason.
   /Fezzik/ Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ When you find the colonel, infiltrate his team by whatever means available and terminate the colonel's
   /Fezzik/ Don't believe in the Uzi, it just went off in my hand.
   [01:28] [OOC Reedo] i just wanted to the basin so i could drink the liquid and have a chance of a talent
   [01:28] [OOC Deka] with great chances come great risks my friend.
   [01:29] [OOC Reedo] well ok...but now...i went to the basin...and am stuck...
   [01:29] [OOC Reedo] hmmm...
   [01:29] [OOC Deka] you can figure this out
   [01:29] [OOC Fezzik] There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about.
   [01:29] [OOC Reedo] lol
   [01:29] [OOC Deka] tell me about it fez
   [22:12] [OOC Deka] other than insanity is there any benifit to the phylactery of madness?
   [22:12] [OOC Olel] I think it's MEANT to be cursed
   [22:12] [OOC Beam] tricking you into thinking its a phylactery of the stars
   [22:12] [OOC Porphyria] Not that I know of.
   [22:12] [OOC Deka] anyone want one then?
   [22:12] [OOC Deka smiles]
   [22:13] [OOC Porphyria] Naww... I don't need artificial means to go insane
   [22:13] [OOC Fezzik] Also, I can kill you with my brain.
   [22:13] [OOC Beam] watch out
   [19:09] [OOC Padekba] beam hit him
   [19:09] [OOC Padekba] and promptly died
   [19:09] [OOC Fezzik] If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
   [19:09] [OOC Deka] nice fez
   [00:11] [OOC Wefic] there are a few morcock blades in this game, aren't there...
   [00:11] [OOC Fezzik] I am GOD here!
   [00:11] [OOC Wefic] fezzik is getting better all the time.
   [00:11] [OOC Fezzik] 101 for thoughtcrime.
   [00:11] [OOC Wefic] ack
   [11:41] [OOC Beam] want the text?
   [11:41] [OOC Icarus] definitely not, I've seen your caption and I want no text from you
   [11:41] [OOC Beam] buahahha
   [11:42] [OOC Beam] nobody likes that chaotic color scheme eh?
   [11:42] [OOC Alexia] ick
   [11:42] [OOC Fezzik] JUMPIN' JESUS ON A POGO STICK!
   [11:42] [OOC Alexia] exactly Fezzik
   [11:42] [OOC Beam] see fezzik likes it
   [11:42] [OOC Alexia] no, thats what he said when he went blind trying to read it
   [11:43] [OOC Beam] youre just jealous...hehe
   [22:16] [OOC Deka] wait it was dirty fighting
   [22:16] [OOC Deka] i love these convos with myself
   [22:16] [OOC Jenina] Good to know someone gets something from them. :P
   [22:16] [OOC Ruckus] holy crap, eris can get really serious with the pain application
   [22:16] [OOC Fezzik] Well.  Keep it trimmed.  Let's get back to masturbation.
   [22:17] [OOC Deka] so can fezzic aparently
   [22:36] [OOC Hierarchy] well i would be useless , so im not in
   [22:36] [OOC Fezzik] Mal.  Bad.  In the Latin.
   [22:36] [OOC Sahra] C'mon.
   [22:36] [OOC Sahra] Here you go.
   [22:37] [OOC Rock] yeah i dont see that being very killable
   [22:37] [OOC Olel] no way
   [22:37] [OOC Sahra] Anyone who wants in the group, you just send me a tell
   [22:37] [OOC Olel] did I mention kali owned me?
   [22:37] [OOC Sahra] And if -any- of you survive, everyone gets an unkill.
   [22:37] [OOC Laine] It's also short for Malcolm, Fezzik you geek.
   [22:37] [OOC Fezzik] Eek!
   [22:47] [OOC Sahra] We didn't say it did any primal.
   [22:47] [OOC Sahra] And remember, you do more damage the better you hit something.
   [22:47] [OOC Rock] well exotic enough damage may as well be primal
   [22:47] [OOC Sahra] Don't forget that little tidbit.
   [22:47] [OOC Olel] not by enough
   [22:47] [OOC Chaos] and also, you do more damage the less you suck.
   [22:47] [OOC Fezzik] The players here are like mountain gorillas.  Anything you make for them they'll either kill, shit on, or
   [22:47] [OOC Chaos falls over dead]
   [01:21] [OOC Mishas] Hmm I kinda figured ya'll sit there and wait for me to do something stupid or say something witty
   [01:21] [OOC Nyx] ...
   [01:22] [OOC Hair] yeah that's what I figured too...
   [01:22] [OOC Fezzik] Help Xoo!
   [01:22] [OOC Mishas uses Nyx to pry open a ball]
   [01:22] [OOC Nyx] Wit would imply sentience.
   [01:22] [OOC Nyx] We know better.
   [01:22] [OOC Fezzik] What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?
   [01:22] [OOC Hair] I actually sit around invisible spying on Mishas...
   [01:22] [OOC Nyx] Oh, Fezzik. You win.
   [11:12] [OOC Alexia] areas bloodmoon
   [11:12] [OOC Fezzik] No one ever gave a damn about the moon.
   [12:24] [OOC Alexia] areas bloodmoon
   [13:09] [OOC Alexia] areas bloodmoon
   [13:09] [OOC Fezzik] I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...
   [OOC Timeless] good night LS peeps!
   [OOC Eowyn] night
   [OOC Archimedes] Night timeless
   [OOC Roklep] night
   [OOC Fezzik] All those of you lucky enough to possess two arms, hold tight.
   [OOC Krunk] night
   [OOC Fezzik] I believe in the morning light!
   [OOC Deka] night
   [OOC Timeless waves]
   [OOC Anarchi] nite
   [04:46] /Dara/ We dream of rain and the history of the gun.
   [04:46] /Fezzik/ We dream of rain and the history of the pun.
   [OOC Icarus] you feel warm, protected, and invulnerable
   [OOC Icarus] You feel confident and ready to take on anything.
   [OOC Fezzik] This is only the beginning of your suffering.
   [OOC Icarus] heh, EXACTLY fezzik
   [OOC Nailaja] how many planes are there?
   [OOC Icarus] is this a quiz?
   [OOC Present] 7ish?
   [OOC Nitch] this is fantacy no planes
   [OOC Fezzik] Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
   [OOC Nailaja] I thought 9
   [OOC Nailaja] but ok
   [OOC Nitch] thanks fezzy
   [OOC Nailaja] lol good one fezzik
   [21:16] [OOC Roark] say Developer, please train me in psychopompery
   [21:16] [OOC Fezzik] Fuck off to a nunnery!
   [21:16] [OOC Roark] (apparently fezzik is trying to give that lesson)
   [21:16] [OOC Xekrin] We all know that no one understands anything that isn't funny.
   [21:34] [OOC Laelinae] skin tower west of LH
   [21:34] [OOC Xekrin chokes]
   [OOC Olel] reminds me of a news story I heard about a guy taking hormones so that he could breastfeed his adopted daughter
   [OOC Xekrin has Tiamat send out little baby contract killer dragons for Olel and Urdu]
   [OOC Perseverance smirks]
   [OOC Urdu] Xp coming to us?!? Woo!
   [OOC Xekrin] so thats the excuse they use to play with their daughters nowadays
   [OOC Extra] sick
   [OOC Roklep] that's wrong
   [OOC Extra] extra sick
   [OOC Fezzik] No sperm were actually harmed in the filming of this porn flick.
   [OOC Xekrin loves you Fezzik]
   [OOC Xekrin gives Extra extra medication]
   [OOC Extra excited]
   /Blurb/ I came, I saw, she conquered.
   /Fezzik/ I came; I caught; I cankered.
   [OOC Chaos] okay, that's the curse from an amulet of vengeance
   [OOC Zandramas] rain wins
   [OOC Chaos] guess they're well-named
   [OOC Zaladane] what does the mesage mean?
   [OOC Anarchi] good thing i cant wear amulets :P
   [OOC Xekrin] you will never again be able to advance past level 70
   [OOC Ciel] maybe it's an old message from the deathtime days
   [OOC Zandramas tries help deathtime]
   [OOC Chaos] means it took some of your XP
   [OOC Zaladane] in addition to the normal 10%?
   [OOC Diknothzar] Amulet of assrape would be a better name.
   [OOC Chaos] i rather loathe messages that talk about XP, but whatever
   [OOC Xekrin] you ever been assraped? it feels completely different
   [OOC Fezzik] Tut, tut, little man.  There will none of that kind of talk in _my_ convent!
   [OOC Diknothzar] When is someone going to code necrophilia as a disorder?
   [OOC Fezzik] It has been established that persons who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder.
   [OOC Roark] no
   [OOC Chaos boggles at Fezzik]
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos]     This is a male rabbit with a brown coat and hazel eyes.  He is pretty scruffy, and looks hungry.  He has
   a few thin wisps of
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos] sparkling light within and around him.
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos]     He is two dimins long, half a dimin wide and one dimin tall.
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos]     He is in good shape.
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos]     He wears a tiny white wool sweater on his upper body and a tiny violet wool hood on his head.
   [22:04] [OOC Chaos] AWW
   [22:04] [OOC Eowyn] aww
   [22:04] [OOC Merlo] Fluffy has eq?
   [22:04] [OOC Leolla] haha
   [22:04] [OOC Cassiopeia] Watership Down?
   [22:04] [OOC Cassiopeia] Watership Down?
   [22:04] [OOC Cassiopeia] oops sorry
   [22:04] [OOC Fezzik] I judge a man by the shoes he wears, Jerry.
   [22:05] [OOC Krios] Chaos is slowly changing the goal of the game from killing to animal fashion
   [22:05] [OOC Chaos] okay, now that is REALLY fucked up
   [22:05] [OOC Chaos] because when chris knight said that line to jerry, it was because jerry was wearing bunny slippers
   [22:05] [OOC Fezzik] I think there's a world market for about five computers.
   [22:05] [OOC Chaos] fezzik is a fucking conspiracy
   [22:05] [OOC Eowyn] yeah
   [22:05] [OOC Merlo] You made him Chaos
   [22:05] [OOC Leolla] he's uncanny
   [22:05] [OOC Leolla] he's pretty right on topic alot
   [22:05] [OOC Fezzik] Godzilla!  Thanks a lot!
   [22:05] [OOC Chaos] doesnt' mean he can't scare me
   [22:05] [OOC Leolla] it's freaky
   [03:19] [OOC Lucien] reminds me of when I was younger.
   [03:19] [OOC Lucien] I am too settled for all that stuff now.
   [03:19] [OOC Chance] yeah, im almost there
   [03:20] [OOC Lucien] married.. two kids... but have an awesome wife.
   [03:20] [OOC Fezzik] Give a person a match and he's warm for a day; light a person on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.
   [03:20] [OOC Lucien laughs at Fezzik]
   [15:37] [OOC Rock] how many charges should i be able to hold roughly
   [15:37] [OOC Chance] you should be fucking happy you can even _get_ to 100+ as easily as you can now
   [15:37] [OOC Cassiopeia] I am mainly just concerned that soon everyone will be a RW
   [15:37] [OOC Twilight] probably 7, maybe 6 greater 1 major, though it depends on what you're running
   [15:37] [OOC Sislo] nice attitude chance
   [15:38] [OOC Twilight] intensification takes a lot more than other charges
   [15:38] [OOC Twilight] so if you're running that, less
   [15:38] [OOC Chance] uh, the mud is a lot easier than it used to be, and your sitting here saying 'omg devs should do qc so they
   dont need to nerf things'
   [15:38] [OOC Rock] yeah thats always the first one to go
   [15:38] [OOC Chance] if the mud never changed, things wouldn't get unbalanced
   [15:38] [OOC Twilight] well it does give you primal stunning and stat fucks, i mean
   [15:38] [OOC Fezzik] Bring back the good old days!  When the sex was dirty and the air was clean!
   [15:38] [OOC Rock] oh i wasnt complaining
   [15:38] [OOC Chance] and if the mud never changed, you'd still be strugging for level 30, 75, in under a week or three
   [15:38] [OOC Chance] not you
   [15:38] [OOC Chaos] fezzik is a god
   [00:02] [OOC Laelinae] It's not just that...the prof. admitted to being a principalist.
   [00:02] [OOC Chaos] which is what?
   [00:02] [OOC Laelinae] Someone who determines which action is right based on inherent beliefs
   [00:03] [OOC Laelinae] rather than consequences (that would make them a consequentialist)
   [00:03] [OOC Fezzik] Well, Benjamin Franklin was a nudist.
   [00:03] [OOC Laelinae snickers]
   [OOC Twilight] talk to chaos about moneys stuff
   [OOC Fezzik] All philosophical discussions are enhanced by the inclusion of the technical terms "kinda", "dunno", and "stuff".
   [OOC Chaos] yes, if you send money to xekrin you deserve what happens to you
   [OOC Laelinae] erm, 100 bucks would buy you more like 75 mil probably.
   [OOC Chaos] fezzik thinks they're different words because of the punctuation
   [OOC Twilight] huh
   [OOC Xekrin] send me money, chaos will code things for you
   [OOC Chaos] 100 bucks for 10 mil sounds good
   [OOC Laelinae rofls]
   [OOC Laelinae] you idiots!
   [OOC Twilight] i actually have been trying to elevate "kinda" into a technical philosophic term
   [OOC Fezzik] I don't want to talk, I want his sperm!
   [OOC Laelinae] Shutup fezzik!
   [OOC Chaos cackles with glee]
   [OOC Xekrin] he wants your sperm twilight
   [OOC Fezzik] Welcome to Fight Club.  If this is your first night, you have to fight.
   You hear a clap of thunder.
   [18:30] [~Temple/npc/fezzik zapped by /usr/twilight (/usr/atman/msb) in ~Temple/rms/court3b for no reason]
   [OOC Chaos] awesome
   [17:51] [OOC Hierarchy] how do elflords find the list of available swords?
   [17:51] [OOC Fezzik] Bow down to your penguin overlords!
   [17:51] [OOC Thagragth] claim available sword
   [17:52] [OOC Chaos] i like fezzik's answer better
   [10:00] [OOC Mole] hm
   [10:00] [OOC Mole] I think eris chucked a tarix from my hand because it was a sword
   [10:00] [OOC Fezzik] You do that, you'd best make peace with your dear and fluffy Lord.
   [10:00] [OOC Xekrin] haha!
   [10:00] [OOC Kaoji] lol
   [10:00] [OOC Rock] what an ass
   [10:00] [OOC Chaos] fezzik rules the universe
   [10:00] [OOC Xekrin] somehow, he does, it was not always so
   [OOC Xekrin] When my jeep got booted, I didn't realize that would be the best part of my day.
   [OOC Fezzik] Remember, we have to get the baby out of the oven today.
   [12:18] [OOC Chaos] that sort of thing would be why we haven't revealed the MUD's tracking of shape information before
   [12:18] [OOC Chaos] i.e. that it's not that good
   [12:19] [OOC Present] doesnt seem like itd be very hard for you to correct the weapon issue
   [12:19] [OOC Chaos] well, sure, can just make you unable to wield it one-handed
   [12:19] [OOC Chaos] easy peasy
   [12:20] [OOC Fezzik] It's not easy, being sleazy.
   [12:20] [OOC Present] well, i meant more as a fix for everyone :P
   /Blurb/ I agree.
   /Fezzik/ I disagree.
   [OOC Durar] too many kaz experiences?
   [OOC Fezzik] Reality and unreality have no clear distinction in our present circumstances.
   [OOC Izzy] Spam was, Spam is and Spam shall be.  After summer is winter, and after winter, summer.  It ruled once where Man rules
   now; where Man rules now, it shall rule again.  As a foulness shall ye know it.
   [OOC Authdaz] yeah.  way too many
   [OOC Thagragth] Elias doesn't repair unholy armor anymore?
   [OOC Fezzik] There is no greater prude than a reformed whore.
   /Sinister Dexter/ What do you mean by "sexual intercourse"?
   /Fezzik/ I'd call you a sadistic equestrian necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.
   [OOC Mole] Believing in miracles has no noticeable effect.
   [OOC Fezzik] When Cthulhu calls, he calls collect.
   [OOC Mole] Believing in Chance has no noticeable effect.
   [OOC Daeron] imagaine that
   [OOC Daeron] Visualizing a stronger you, a stonger elflord has no noticeable effect. :(
   [OOC Panj] its a sign
   [OOC Fezzik] The most beautiful words in the English language are not "I love you", but "it's benign".
   [OOC Mole] Willing the world to bow before you has no noticeable effect.
   You force Mole to 'believe in God'.
   Mole asserts, ->) Believing in God has no noticeable effect. (<- to you from afar in beautifully-accented Anglic.
   [OOC Mole] Quite the contrary, it helps people decide who their friends are, who to try to convert, and who they should kill.
   [OOC Daeron] 4 players on and I passed 3 in 1 speed walk, thats freaking odd
   [OOC Panj] did you pass me?
   [OOC Daeron] Aye with a frog
   [OOC Mole] Believing in the fact that another beer will solve all your problems has no noticeable effect.
   [OOC Mole] Man, now I need something to belief in!
   [OOC Mole] believe!
   [OOC Mole] Feeling happy has no noticeable effect.
   [OOC Daeron] That never takes long
   [OOC Mole] Feeling Erika has no noticeable effect.
   [OOC Fezzik] I think I'm beginning to understand free will.  It makes one an idiot, correct?
   [OOC Mole] these commands are useless
   [OOC Chaos] Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
   [OOC Fezzik] There is no heavier burden than a great potential.
   /Insight/ This is the captain.  We have a little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and
   then explode.
   /Fezzik/ Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode!
   [OOC Incendiary] I told his this was Lost Souls, and he said, "I played WoW nowadays"
   [OOC Incendiary] play*
   [OOC Incendiary] I'm so sick of hearing about WowW...it's all gamers talk about
   [OOC Fezzik] Well, it looks like blind, screaming hedonism won out.
   [OOC Sahra] you'll be rich!
   [OOC Fezzik] And now Satan demands a sandwich.
   [OOC Rock] NICE
   [OOC Fezzik] Never use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice.
   [OOC Kepler] heh
   [OOC Chance] Hair today, gone tomrorrow!
   [OOC Nemesys] heh cool Fezzik qote
   [OOC Sahra] Remember those pictures your ex never returned?  CLICK HERE.
   [OOC Fezzik] I haven't lost my mind; it's backed up on tape somewhere.
   [OOC Chance] holy..
   [OOC Chance] A marketing campaign for Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force went awry Wednesday in Boston when several of
   Cartoon Net's blinking signs were mistaken for bombs causing a terror alert throughout the city that included blowing up at least
   one of the lights were blown up by the city's bomb squad.
   [OOC Kepler] yep
   [OOC Kepler] hilarious
   [OOC Cassiopeia] yeah
   [OOC Rock] yeah thats been all over the news today
   [OOC Fezzik] As an April Fool's joke, we should have April Fool's not on April Fool's day.
   [OOC Rock] indeed
   /Fezzik/ Merlin, don't make me kick your ass.
   Chance: bah, i just realized garbage dwarves allow people to get rich without having to have charisma
   /Merle/ bring it on, fucker
   /Fezzik/ He is one esoteric motherfucker.
   \Anarchi\ he said merlin, not merle
   /Merle/ what do you think merle stands for :)
   /Merle/ merle is merlin, son of corwin of amber
   [OOC Merle] oh, no poison
   [OOC Merle] acid and plasma
   [OOC Merle] radiation i think
   [OOC Fezzik] A polypeptide chain is only as strong as the weakest drink.
   [OOC Jeninel] alkai? yeah, acid is nice
   [OOC Impentigo] 6.02x10 to the 23rd
   [OOC Fezzik] What do I know, stranger?  I'm only a poor octopus shepherd.
   # you do have to know Xekrin a little bit for this one
   [OOC Chaos] what's in KY?
   [OOC Lason] I did mole.
   [OOC Xekrin] my mommy and sisters
   [OOC Fezzik] Great minds think in the same gutters.
   /Dara/ My whole life is a darkroom, one... big... dark... room.
   /Fezzik/ Holy shit, Batman!  We're in the rectory bathroom!
   /Blurb/ Say, haven't I seen you undress by peeking through your bedroom window before?
   /Fezzik/ Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore.
   [OOC Celia] I am struggle to get my last level before leaving Justicars, enrout hopefully to Brutes.
   [OOC Lason] fun, why brutes? something new? or something specific.
   [OOC Celia] wrestling and demolitions
   [OOC Fezzik] They are a puckish band of rapscallions
   [OOC Lason] haha
   [OOC Rejjik] Oh god, sweetness.
   /Blurb/ This entire area used to be a toxic waste dump.  And not only that, we have a mutant form of killer slug in our water
   /Fezzik/ It's your vapid heroics that are destroying my perfectly balanced ecosystem!
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ I don't know how I reproduce, but we'll have a great time figuring it out.
   /Fezzik/ I'm gonna go find something else for my entire life to be about.
   /Sinister Dexter/ And if I give you what you want, you won't like it, and you won't want it any more.
   /Fezzik/ There is no greater prude than a reformed whore.
   [OOC Chaos] it's rare that i get accused of being too nice
   [OOC Fezzik] A *functioning* police state needs no police.
   /Blurb/ Well, I've had enough of the unknown for one afternoon.
   /Fezzik/ A corpse has no place on a honeymoon.
   /Disjunction/ Today is an excellent day to become a missing person.
   /Fezzik/ Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.
   /Fezzik/ A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.
   [17:31] [OOC Shrish] hooray for apollo!
   [17:31] [OOC Fezzik] Do not provoke me to violins.  You could no more evade my stringed instruments than you could your own cello.
   /Jeliza/ Hello, this is Sy Greenblum, president of Spatula City.  I like the spatulas so much, I bought the company.
   /Fezzik/ What the fuck am I doing on a gay tour of Tuscany?
   [OOC Chaos] I aim to misbehave.
   [OOC Laine] rawr
   [OOC Chaos] mal.  bad.  in the latin.
   [OOC Fezzik] That's "good" shootin', Charlie.  There's no such thing as "nice" shootin'.
   /Blurb/ "That's fine" I said.  "Good nose" I said.  But no, you had to go and hit the chisel one more time.
   /Fezzik/ It's over, Prime.
   /Dara/ I identify as a polyamorous bisexual sadomasochist.  If you want proof of ID I can suck you off, spank your ass or fuck
   your boyfriend or girlfriend.
   /Fezzik/ Dude, I want you to be my girl friend.
   [OOC Impentigo] clap for thunder
   [OOC Zerothzar claps]
   [OOC Madban] yeah... I misstepped myself
   [OOC Fezzik] That's life: trust and you're betrayed; don't trust and you betray yourself.
   /Hagbard Celine/ When you're a god, you don't have to have reasons.
   /Fezzik/ Go with a hunch of a man whose brain is fueled by lemons?
   [OOC Hasht] how long does it last?
   [OOC Fezzik] The future influences the present just as much as the past.
   [OOC Porphyria] couple minutes.
   [OOC Chaos] doppel cloak is a mess i'm afraid
   [OOC Incendiary] so it's unuseable?
   [OOC Fezzik] In-con-CEIvable!
   [OOC Hasht] so what did you add chaos?
   [OOC Chaos] > perform wandslinger focus
   [OOC Chaos] You purr, [- I do not aim with my hand.  He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.  I aim with
   my eye.  I do
   [OOC Chaos] not shoot with my hand.  He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.  I shoot with my mind.  I
   do not kill
   [OOC Chaos] with my wand.  He who kills with his wand has forgotten the face of his father.  I kill with my heart. -] in
   [OOC Chaos] Thari.
   [OOC Chaos] You feel a singular calmness and unity of purpose come over you; you have achieved Wandslinger focus.
   [OOC Fezzik] Fire at will!
   [OOC Chaos dies]
   [OOC Incendiary] whoa
   [OOC Chaos] un fucking believable
   [OOC Incendiary] what specs do wandslingers require?
   [OOC Gustral] nice time fez
   [OOC Hasht] god i love you fezzik
   [OOC Incendiary] do ammies of life protection use sp?
   [OOC Chaos] yeah
   [OOC Incendiary] yikes
   [OOC Incendiary] 2sp/tick?
   [OOC Chaos] dude, i don't have everything memorized and i'm not going to go running around looking up shit all the time
   [OOC Xekrin] its 3.34242 per every other tick except twice on holidays
   [OOC Incendiary snickers]
   [OOC Xekrin] but only if you are mormon
   [OOC Gustral] I thought it was Pi on sundays
   [OOC Xekrin] for jehovah's witness its a completely different algorithm
   [OOC Chaos] seventh day adventists take off the SP at the beginning of the tick, not the end
   [OOC Fezzik] Reverend!
   [OOC Gustral] then it's whatever holiday they dont celebrate times 365 days all the time.
   [OOC Chaos] THE FUCK
   [OOC Xekrin] fezzik you whore
   [OOC Gustral] amazing
   [OOC Fezzik] You cannot lie to me.  I know everything.
   [OOC Xekrin] stop it!
   [OOC Chaos] jesus
   [OOC Xekrin is afraid]
   [OOC Gustral cant stop laughing nervously]
   [OOC Chaos] me too
   [OOC Incendiary] Fezzik is conmpletely out of control
   [OOC Xekrin] your creation will be the end of you
   [OOC Deal] shit fezzik has gone self aware !!
   [OOC Incendiary] I'm sorry, but I can't do that Chaos.
   [OOC Gustral] oh jeses
   [OOC Fezzik] To ensure ongoing quality of service, your death may be monitored for training purposes.
   [OOC Chaos] that's the fucking thing
   [OOC Chaos] he doesn't do it, like, every once in a while
   [OOC Incendiary] oh my god
   [OOC Chaos] FUUUCK
   [OOC Chaos] he does it ALL THE FUCKING TIME
   /Blurb/ Storm clouds of doom gather overhead, as if a parliament of dour executioners were called to judgment of frail humanity in
   these final, ember hours of all we hold dear.
   /Fezzik/ It's a dog eat dog world out there, Sammy, and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear.
   [OOC Hasht] can brutes not get chakras?
   [OOC Chaos] can just fine
   [OOC Hasht] or have they been made much more rare?
   [OOC Shrish] chakra, schmakra
   [OOC Fezzik] Next you're being say neuters shouldn't have the groin chakra!
   [OOC Chaos shrugs]
   [OOC Chaos] ...
   [OOC Shrish]  :P
   [OOC Shrish] kidding!
   /Blackdog/ I'm gonna go see if I can scare up a gang bang.
   /Fezzik/ I worked for your father twelve years and it was just one long parade of poontang.
   /Blurb/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   /Fezzik/ If you do that you have a chance of dying.
   [15:03] [OOC Chaos] zomg
   [15:03] [OOC Chaos] /Dara/ Leave it to you to fuck up dying.
   [15:03] [OOC Chaos] /Fezzik/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   [15:04] [OOC Chaos] erk
   [15:04] [OOC Chaos] i MEANT the one he just did, not the similar one from before
   [15:04] [OOC Chaos] /Blurb/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   [15:04] [OOC Chaos] /Fezzik/ If you do that you have a chance of dying.
   [15:04] [OOC Chaos] which i find more impressive
   [15:04] [OOC Fezzik] I only kill to know I'm alive.
   [15:05] [OOC Chaos] ...
   [OOC Chaos] http://www.dreamspell.net/LKS/eris-frame.html
   [OOC Incendiary] interesting coloring book
   [OOC Shrish] OH. MY. GOD.
   [OOC Shrish] I just gained 3 million XP
   [OOC Shrish] So what happens when we die now?
   [OOC Impentigo] you atman is deleated
   [OOC Fezzik] Hey, that's just the way the cookie gets completely stomped on and obliterated.
   [OOC Impentigo] your
   [OOC Shrish] really?
   [OOC Impentigo] not
   [OOC Shrish] That's pretty harsh
   [OOC Impentigo] just kidding
   [OOC Fezzik] Love is a many-splintered thing.
   [16:00] [OOC Impentigo] You put a few ani in your portable litter diposal unit with your right claw
   [16:01] [OOC Chaos] i see someone's discovered something i've been working on
   [16:02] [OOC Impentigo] offer anus to eris
   [16:02] [OOC Chaos] how's that working out for you?
   [16:02] [OOC Impentigo] You lay the anus down before you.
   [16:02] [OOC Impentigo] The anus disintegrates in a flurry of bright red sparks.
   [16:02] [OOC Impentigo] A green frog appears in a burst of gray light.
   [16:02] [OOC Chaos laughs]
   [16:03] [OOC Chaos] guess she thinks it's funny too
   [16:04] [OOC Impentigo] where can I get more?  I am going to make an anus coin
   [16:04] [OOC Porphyria] Just cut them from dead bodies. :)
   [16:04] [OOC Chaos] can't hide anything from you guys can i
   [16:05] [OOC Porphyria] This is the dead body of some unfortunate female human.  It appears to have had its anus removed.
   [16:05] [OOC Chaos] porph, did you give imp a bunch of ani?
   [16:05] [OOC Chaos] that's really awful
   [16:05] [OOC Abandon] areas shantari
   [16:05] [OOC Porphyria] Actually, I threw them at him. :P
   [16:05] [OOC Fezzik] All you can eat, shrimp
   [16:05] [OOC Chaos laughs]
   [OOC Xekrin] I don't believe I'm amazing, in fact I'm quite insane
   [OOC Fezzik] You used to be fly but you crashed yo' plane.
   [OOC Xekrin quivers]
   [OOC Xekrin] witches!
   [OOC Asuko] er, paladins i meant. he's bringing them back. I'm starting a rumor
   [OOC Chance] not that i need to explain myself to anyone, nevermind someone who's best argument includes the words 'suck balls'
   [OOC Chance] so the fact that you don't know what guilds i play doesn't help your case at all, either
   [OOC Rock] and i dont have to value the opinion of devs that have no perspective
   [OOC Fezzik] Black magic operates most effectively in preconscious, marginal areas.  Casual curses are the most effective.
   [OOC Asuko] i want to make a witch sometime, but i need someone to do whatever it is, sacrifice a chicken on my atman or
   [OOC Chance] er.
   [OOC Sahra] If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied, illuminate the 'No's on their vacancy signs, if there's no one
   beside you when your soul embarks, then I'll follow you into the dark.
   [OOC Fezzik] You know what, Stuart?  I like you.  You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park.
   [OOC Gustral] ya, that was a 250 chest going buh buh in one round.
   [OOC Mewling] Tiamat is a puss-puss.
   [OOC Chaos] now there's a couple of songs that belong together
   [OOC Fezzik] My mother?  I'll tell you about my mother.
   [OOC Optical] at the rate im killing things in kentaur form its going to be about 3 days before im neutral neutral again
   [OOC Fezzik] Against stupidity the gods themselves fight in vain.
   [OOC Shrish] what? there are no more aisenshi?
   Chaos: hm, then i can put in the green thugs too
   [OOC Ping] they get access to order affinity, mathematics, introspection, discipline
   [OOC Mewling] Nope, al lgone
   [OOC Fezzik] The lamps are many, the Light is one.
   [21:11] [OOC Chance] that'd be more appropriate for a relgious/virgin wedidng anyway
   [21:11] [OOC Chance] 'where no man has gone before'
   [21:11] [OOC Fezzik] There is no greater prude than a reformed whore.
   [21:11] [OOC Chaos] then you need a live performance of "the bad touch" i think
   [21:11] [OOC Fezzik] A polypeptide chain is only as strong as the weakest drink.
   [21:11] [OOC Chance hi5's FFez]
   [21:11] [OOC Chaos] ZOMG
   [21:12] [OOC Chance] Fez for Prez 2008!
   [21:12] [OOC Optical] guess that wouldnt go so well with brute squad
   [21:12] [OOC Optical] heh
   [21:13] [OOC Chaos] if american foreign policy were formed by rhyming from the discordian quotes file, that would be *such* an
   [21:13] [OOC Chance] Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage of my companions
   which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman.  These rough notes and our dead bodies must tell the tale.
   [21:13] [OOC Chaos] here, fezzik, tell us about your foreign policy
   [21:13] [OOC Chaos] you can do it
   [21:13] [OOC Optical] wed prolly get more done
   [21:13] [OOC Chance] that IS his foreign policy
   [21:13] [OOC Optical] and piss off less people
   [21:13] [OOC Chaos] total silence!  AWESOME!
   [21:13] [OOC Fezzik] Chinese civilization is so systematic that wild animals have been abolished on principle.
   [21:13] [OOC Chaos laughs]
   [21:14] [OOC Chaos] i KNEW you could do it fez!
   [OOC Incendiary] well, surely intelligent people will have a greater chance of survival in the future :P or, if they don't, some
   trait of humanity will.
   [OOC Fezzik] Shoot, move, communicate, kill.
   [OOC Isildahur] like shoot first?
   [OOC Isildahur grins]
   [OOC Shrish] So sparse around here...
   [OOC Chaos] it's a cabin fever sort of friday
   [OOC Fezzik] Try the Moo Shu Pork.  It is especially good today.
   [OOC Chaos] i'm going to try to go dancing tonight in a last ditch effort to preserve some sliver of my sanity
   [OOC Chance] code dancing instead
   [OOC Fezzik] Hahaha... yeah, trust the fuckhead.
   [OOC Shrish] how does dancing preserve your sanity?
   [OOC Chance] rofl
   [OOC Fezzik] You're a weird little shit, Frank.  And I don't get you.  So wake up and face what they call reality.
   [OOC Chance] up yours, fezzik
   [OOC Chaos] if you have to ask, i can't possibly explain
   [OOC Fezzik] Against boredom the gods themselves fight in vain.
   [OOC Chance] damn, hes on a roll
   /Blackdog/ Humans sure have a strange way of dying.
   /Fezzik/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   /Blackdog/ She didn't even touch it!  She Jedi-mind-tricked my dick!
   /Fezzik/ No sperm were actually harmed in the filming of this porn flick.
   [OOC Gustral] ya, get yo self to the doc dude
   [OOC Incendiary] If it was true and i had a chance to have it, you think she would've told me straight up?
   [OOC Gustral] if your old girl has aids, that means she had hiv for long long time
   [OOC Fezzik] Has there ever been a society which has died of dissent?  Several have died of conformity in our lifetime.
   [OOC Gustral] longer than you could have been with he
   [OOC Gustral] longer than you could have been with her
   [OOC Gustral] fuck it fuzzik
   [OOC Gustral] how the shit programmed this AI? this is amazing. everytime we get into it on ooc he starts with his perfect
   [OOC Butter] ever heard "animal in man" by Dead Prez.... tells the story of the book Animal Farm ....... ..... sooooo good
   [OOC Incendiary] heh
   [OOC Incendiary] that book is cool
   [OOC Gustral] messed up story. 8th grade teach made us study it for weeks
   [OOC Butter] one of those, more-symbolism-than-real-story stories
   [OOC Incendiary] I liked Brave New World and 1984.
   [OOC Gustral] ayn rand is cracked, but interesting. farhenheit 454 is interesting too or whatever it was called
   [OOC Fezzik] Due to circumstances within our control, tomorrow will be cancelled.
   [OOC Gustral] jeses shit fezzik
   [OOC Asuko] fezzik is creepy, i have to remember to screen cap him more
   [OOC Incendiary] hrm, do tuatha have a racial weakness to fire?
   [OOC Fezzik] It's easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire.
   [OOC Gustral] jeses fezzik dont start.
   [OOC Fezzik] What insanity is to salad, garlic is to art.
   [OOC Incendiary] Time to get to work on some mind-reading code, chaos.
   [OOC Chaos] clearly
   [OOC Incendiary] You might need a cabal of mages to enchant it properly, though.
   [OOC Fezzik] He is a man of intelligence, but to act sensibly, intelligence is not enough.
   [OOC Ban] omfg its lym
   [OOC Daeron] I was thinking the same thing...
   [OOC Lym] Who's Lym?
   [OOC Ban] that one loser
   [OOC Fezzik] He who despises himself nevertheless esteems himself as a self-despiser.
   [OOC Lym] No one knows that guy.
   [OOC Nyx] Fezzik FTW.
   [OOC Marinel] nice fezzik
   [OOC Gustral] my cat just fell off my desk.
   [OOC Gustral] then looked at me like I had something to do with it
   [OOC Zerothzar] Give it the finger.
   [OOC Gustral] I did.
   [OOC Butter] as if to say: why didn't you take the dive?  :)
   [OOC Gustral] I'd swear she can tell when I'm laughing at her.
   [OOC Zerothzar] Probably what those ear-like things on their heads are for.
   [OOC Gustral] not that they use em to listen to me
   [OOC Gustral] laters all.
   [OOC Butter] smell
   [OOC Fezzik] Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?
   [OOC Optical] later
   [OOC Gustral] omg
   [OOC Optical] ?
   [OOC Gustral] butter said smell and fezzik said pavlov.
   [OOC Gustral] long story. but jeses, I gotta go.
   [OOC Optical] your an imp too
   [OOC Optical] about your size
   [OOC Slade] unless gnomes are known for inordinately sized penises
   [OOC Izzy] Your a kentaur.  About the right size for my gogtzul.
   [OOC Optical] i can be lots of sizes
   [OOC Chaos] please begin using your and you're correctly, kthx
   [OOC Optical] hedgehog form for the daring
   [OOC Chaos] and yore
   [OOC Cubo agrees]
   [OOC Chaos] and y'all's
   [OOC Laine] You're not using your words properly
   [OOC Butter] pwnd
   [OOC Fezzik] If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly.
   [OOC Cubo] i like "y'all".
   [OOC Optical] hahahhaha go fez
   [OOC Dove] me no like proper english
   [OOC Laine] Y'all's grammar is way worse than it was in the days of yore
   [OOC Chaos] fezzik FTW
   [OOC Isildahur flaunts her mindspeaker talent]
   [OOC Gustral flaunts his mindspeaker talent]
   [OOC Beam] this guy has gotten the best talent spread so far
   [OOC Beam] dexter remarkable, harmonist feeble, levitator pitiful, pyschic healer exceptional and one latent
   [OOC Fezzik] The only thing between you and success is talent.
   [OOC Isildahur] nice fezzik
   [OOC Beam] which is most likely dowser of godlike str
   [OOC Incendiary] i've got kickass first aid. I don't need psychic healer
   [OOC Beam] damn i love fezzik
   /Hagbard Celine/ Dude, I want you to be my girl friend.
   /Fezzik/ How'd you like me to saddle up your old boyfriend?
   /Gnanglunthuggog/ you guys are freaky
   The earth begins to shake and you stare around you as things heave and tremble.
   The movement of the earth becomes erratic and you are thrown to the ground.
   You hear an explosion that shakes the ground.
   [OOC Kepler] boom
   [00:06] [incendiary had quest cthulhu_quest set by 0 from /obj/npc/gods/cthulhu]
   [OOC Kepler] boom boom boom
   [OOC Bread] nice
   [OOC Incendiary] Was that mud-wide?
   [OOC Kepler] yep
   [OOC Optical] what is that
   [OOC Kepler] fire of the gods
   [OOC Kepler] if i remember right
   [OOC Fezzik] If there's one thing I despise, it is a fair fight.
   [OOC Optical] ah ok
   [OOC Optical] tell it to him fez
   [OOC Kepler] fezzik fezzik fezzik
   /Arafelis/ finger joku
   /Sahra/ OR DON'T
   /Arafelis/ sigh.
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ You just sit there a second, leatherboy.  Mistress Jakita is going to show you just what kind of bad
   place you walked into.  You see, my life is boring, unless I'm working.  In fact, things like severely beating men dressed as
   fetish bats are all that keep me sane, some days.  You see your problem.
   /Arafelis/ Slash isn't always the command indicator.
   /Sahra/ I could use some good slash.
   /Fezzik/ LSD melts in your mind, not in your hands.
   /Sahra/ How about Jareth the Goblin King ass-rapes Sarah afte rshe finds out he's her father?
   /Fezzik/ Be excellent to each other
   /Xekrin/ and LSD too while you are at it
   /Arafelis/ Sounds fanficcy.
   /Sahra/ Aw, shit, I don't know where I hid my LSD.
   /Laine/ I have it
   /Arafelis/ I bet if you took some, you could find it.
   /Fezzik/ Kein Mitleid fur die Mehrheit!
   /Xekrin/ working fezzik over tonight aren't we
   /Laine/ he's gone german
   /Blackdog/ Leave it to you to fuck up dying.
   /Laine/ I intend to live forever or die trying.
   /Fezzik/ They're skeptical.  They'll think the talking dog was lying.
   [OOC Daeron] Looking for someone to group with, s/o or good a must.
   [OOC Fezzik] I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
   [OOC Durar] and you must have 40+ subordination
   [OOC Optical] and you have to tank
   [OOC Optical] and you must have 200k
   [OOC Impentigo] you can group with me, but I wont lead
   [OOC Fezzik] Hahaha... yeah, trust the fuckhead.
   [OOC Optical] hahahahhhahahahaha
   [OOC Daeron] Thanks Fezzy.
   [OOC Optical] pwnd
   [OOC Optical] triple pwnd
   [OOC Impentigo] hand = and
   [OOC Fezzik] Your toes are in the sand.
   [OOC Tragedy] He rhymes!
   [OOC Impentigo] ragers are fine with me
   [OOC Optical] yes he does
   [OOC Fezzik] Calm down, it's only ones and zeroes.
   [OOC Daeron] Ok wsp in like 2 mins?
   [OOC Optical] fezzik i love you
   [OOC Impentigo nods]
   [OOC Tragedy] He doesn't do it very well, though
   [OOC Optical] dare you anger the mighty fezzik
   [OOC Optical] just try and say something
   [OOC Optical] hell eat you alive
   /Laine/ n!
   /Chaos/ y!
   /Arafelis/ yn!
   /Laine/ m!
   /Chaos/ d!
   /Arafelis/ fail!
   /Chaos/ ack!
   /Fezzik/ The universe is laughing behind your back.
   /Chaos/ ellipsis
   /Chance wins/
   [11:29] [OOC Daeron] I wonder, could you chaos infuse a anus from a corpse.
   [11:29] [OOC Lukus] Get formaldehyde first!
   [11:29] [OOC Durar] yep
   [11:29] [OOC Porphyria] It's possible, though a POEE couldn't
   [11:29] [OOC Lukus] Yay for ELF uber-infusion.
   [11:30] [OOC Fezzik] Okay, what do we know about penetration?
   [11:30] [OOC Lukus] Haha.
   [11:30] [OOC Edem] lol
   [11:30] [OOC Rock] ok whos ticking at at'lordrith
   [11:30] [OOC Fezzik] What are you poking me with?
   [11:30] [OOC Edem chuckles]
   /Hagbard Celine/ The prison is the state writ small.
   /Fezzik/ I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all.
   /Malaclypse the Younger/ That which does not kill me had better run pretty damn fast.
   /Fezzik/ He who has a shady past knows that nice guys finish last.
   /Blurb/ The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.
   /Fezzik/ Isn't that a good thing?
   [OOC Demerol] Heh... I thought all donation items were taken out.
   [OOC Fezzik] There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about.
   [OOC Beam] i know what i would do
   [OOC Chance] besides, a level one kobold dying that much would get a lot of minuses
   [OOC Fezzik] To ensure ongoing quality of service, your death may be monitored for training purposes.
   [OOC Chance] that'd hurt bad
   [OOC Arafelis] SCORE!
   [OOC Daeron] Who teaches Subordination
   [OOC Fezzik] Soon you will beg us to teach you the mysteries of submission.
   [OOC Daeron] Besides Mistress, and Boko
   [OOC Chaos] i was just staring at fezzik in total fucking awe there
   [OOC Gustral] that was amazing.
   [OOC Daeron] Wow, I dont even read his comments anymore, good one.
   [OOC Gustral] Keiko trains you in literacy, giving you a hard workout.
   [OOC Fezzik] My biology I know.  You I worry about.
   [OOC Gustral] So when it is that Fezzik is just going to become sentient and take over the internet?
   [OOC Elderberry] July 19, 2012
   [OOC Gustral] remind me to unplug that day.
   [18:09] [OOC Slaander] the character isnt as old as how long theyve been idle with fist
   [18:10] [OOC Slaander] i hate that shit
   [18:10] [OOC Brak] feeling you man
   [18:10] [OOC Fezzik] Some are programmed to think they are human.
   [22:19] [OOC Chaos] solution: kill some shit
   [22:19] [OOC Gustral] I'm taking it out on women right now.
   [22:19] [OOC Chaos] brutal
   [22:19] [OOC Gustral] I cut the hearts out of 30 bloodmoon bitches and sac'd them to the sun god
   [22:19] [OOC Chaos] nice
   [22:19] [OOC Slaander] woo fun
   [22:19] [OOC Fezzik] The plural of spouse is spice.
   [22:19] [OOC Chaos] BAAAHAHAHA
   [22:19] [OOC Gustral] ya.
   [22:20] [OOC Gustral] jeses
   [22:20] [OOC Slaander] goddamn
   [OOC Squirra] You have a red glyph between your slimy and chitinous legs and a hardened look to your eyes.
   [OOC Kilmari] hrm, not as attractive anymore
   [OOC Squirra] hookers put on years fast
   [OOC Fezzik] Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last.
   [OOC Squirra] exactly
   [OOC Squirra] i also have a fuzzy chest and misshapen head
   [OOC Kilmari] eww
   [OOC Timeless] I love the new superanal durability skills awesome
   [OOC Fezzik] Oh.  It looked like a grimacing Lovecraftian cyclops to me.
   [OOC Timeless high fives Fezzik]
   Timeless wonders if he should have kept his thoughts on that skill name to himself:
   Arafelis: Hmmm?
   Chaos: erm
   Chaos: "superanal durability"
   Chaos: we could go some bad places with that
   Arafelis: Hahahah.
   Timeless: that's why I loved Fezziks message right after ;-)
   [OOC Gustral] I just found a bouquet of flowers on Ven Gal lyrl.
   [OOC Gustral] I knew he was gay.
   [OOC Chance] hes got a thing goin with antonina
   [OOC Gustral] that creepy chick? He's not gay, he's a necrophiliac.
   [OOC Fezzik] Love is in the offing, said the homicidal maniac.
   [20:37] [OOC Perceval] Holy crap, Im in this guild 10 mins and someone wiped out my gh
   [20:37] [OOC Chaos] heh
   [20:37] [OOC Kilmari] which guild
   [20:37] [OOC Chaos] hm, time to buff camelot
   [20:37] [OOC Perceval] Knights
   [20:37] [OOC Fezzik] Godzilla!  Thanks a lot!
   [20:37] [OOC Chance] with a name like that, let me guess kngihts
   [20:37] [OOC Kilmari] hah
   [20:37] [OOC Chaos] hee
   [OOC Arafelis] Get ravarak.
   [OOC Xekrin] few npcs have the power and skills a player can obtain to make them decent competition, just brute force
   [OOC Slaander] i have ravarak
   [OOC Arafelis] well...
   [OOC Arafelis] play a sentinel, then.
   [OOC Slaander] i have
   [OOC Slaander] theyre boring
   [OOC Arafelis] Well...
   [OOC Fezzik] It was a thunderingly beautiful experience -- voluptuous, sexual, dangerous, and expensive as hell.
   [OOC Arafelis agrees with Fezzik.]
   [OOC Slaander] sounds more like shapeshifters to me
   [OOC Slaander] emphasis on the expensive part
   /Insight/ Oh.  It looked like a grimacing Lovecraftian cyclops to me.
   /Fezzik/ Is this the shape of things to come?
   [OOC Porphyria] Yeah... cthulhu's just a gogtzul.
   [OOC Slaander] oh wtf
   [OOC Slaander] who let kali out
   [OOC Daeron] I suck then.
   [OOC Fezzik] There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about.
   [OOC Slaander] pwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnd
   [OOC Laz] Beholder eyestalks good for anything?
   [OOC Gustral] I cant even go there right now
   [OOC Gustral] that was WAY to easy
   [OOC Fezzik] It's not easy, being sleazy.
   [OOC Laz] Que?
   [OOC Gustral] it's late, give us some slack. my mind wanders when you say any use for a long phallic bulb?
   [OOC Chaos] think dirty
   [OOC Slaander] goddamn it
   [OOC Slaander] i should have known it was only a matter of time before i would attack finwe because of my death mask
   [OOC Gustral] shittay
   [OOC Slaander] havent tried him since i got all tainted up though
   [OOC Fezzik] Failure -- when your best just isn't good enough.
   [OOC Slaander] tell me about it fez
   [OOC Slaander] oh that bitch
   [OOC Arolundath high fives Fezzik]
   [OOC Slaander] longer alias than the actual word
   [OOC Chance] thats when you start typing aaaaa or aaaaaaa
   [OOC Fezzik] Yataa!
   [OOC Chance] haha
   [OOC Chaos cackles with glee]
   [OOC Chaos] best rhyme ever
   [OOC Fezzik] Your "reality", sir, is lies and balderdash, and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.
   [OOC Chance laughs]
   [OOC Slaander] hhahahahhahaha
   [OOC Chance] and there he goes
   [OOC Tony] hahahaha
   [OOC Chaos] yay fezzik
   [OOC Chance] afaik flight does increase walking speed, by a lot
   [OOC Chance] well, your flight speed, you dont walk when you can fly
   [OOC Fezzik] Mid-bulk Transport.  Standard Radion Accelerator core.  Class code 03-K64 -- Firefly.
   [OOC Chance] and flying is faster than walking
   [OOC Barret] indeed
   [OOC Fezzik] You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!
   [OOC Porphyria] Quite.
   [OOC Tenebras] firefox has its problems as well
   [OOC Fezzik] Everyone who has ever built anywhere a "new heaven" first found the power thereto in his own hell.
   [OOC Butter] cry me cry meeeee
   [OOC Beam] look just because you suck at getting talents doesnt mean you have to take it out on me butter
   [OOC Fezzik] What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?
   [OOC Incendiary] A brown cat stalks in from the north.
   [OOC Incendiary] The brown cat dies [from a cyclone of flame].
   [OOC Fezzik] If we wake up dead, we'll know who to blame!
   [OOC Incendiary] ...
   [OOC Chaos] fezzik wins
   [Brute Oog] wait, i got it
   [17:52] [ogog killed by ~Shadow_Tower/mon/shadow_guard#29317]
   [Brute Ogog] fuck
   [Brute Oog] what?
   [Brute Ogog] got killed again
   [Brute Fezzik] Not all pain is gain.
   [OOC Incendiary] If a bill were to be passed in congress to require once-a-year mandatory STI testing, with the administering of
   an ID card that included the STIs you possess, if any, and the inclusion of your name and STIs in a federal database (though this
   information could not be used against you by insurance companies by threat of federal prosecution) would you support it?
   [OOC Raktarr] What's STI?
   [OOC Incendiary] Sexually Trasmitted Infection
   [OOC Incendiary] new name for STDs, they came out with it this year I believe
   [OOC Jenla] Nope.  And it probably wouldn't be constitutional anyhow.
   [OOC Raktarr] What's the point of collecting that information?
   [OOC Incendiary] Oh, i don't know...to help stop the spread of the diseases?
   [OOC Raktarr] And how would one go about doing that?
   [OOC Raktarr] By mere information collecting, I wonder.
   [OOC Incendiary] It's not mere information collecting. There's people who have been infected with HIV for example unknowingly
   because they slept with someone who had it and never said a word.
   [OOC Raktarr] But the only it could be discovered is if the information is somehow public, or if there is some kind of access
   [OOC Incendiary] There was a man around here locally who was arrested a few years ago for spreading HIV to roughly 13 people (who
   were willing to have sex with him) over the course of a couple years.
   [OOC Incendiary] ID card. You can ask people to see it, and you'd get to see the "date" at which they were tested.
   [OOC Raktarr] So it shows a test date.  Then what?
   [OOC Incendiary] I already explained it, the ID card includes the diseases you have
   [OOC Raktarr] Oh, it's on the ID card!
   [OOC Raktarr] I missed that part.
   [OOC Fezzik] Thank you for shopping at S-Mart.
   [OOC Incendiary] Not only that, but it'd be of use to people in the medical field
   [OOC Incendiary] if you were in an accident, they could see if they needed to take extra precautions against getting your blood on
   them, for example - they already take ample precautions, of course
   [OOC Raktarr] I would say hell no to that, and I can't imagine it being seriously considered by anyone.
   [OOC Fezzik] The perfect gun keeps its promise for everyone.
   [OOC Incendiary] Really?
   [OOC Jenla] Yeah... I'm with Raktarr on this one.
   [OOC Fezzik] Everybody looks brave holding a machine gun.
   [OOC Raktarr] There are far greater infectious diseases that somebody could have, and we don't require those to be documented on
   public ID
   [OOC Incendiary] I guess you guys aren't utilitarians.
   [OOC Raktarr] I just don't think the benefit would outweigh the costs.
   [OOC Jenla] The whole system would be massively expensive to set up, and would probably be struck down on the first constitutional
   challenge, thus creating massive waste.... What's not utilitarian about that?
   [OOC Incendiary] I guess i'm just thinking about how someone might feel if they contracted HIV from someone who told them they
   were clean -shrugs helplessly-
   [OOC Incendiary] How would you feel about it?
   [OOC Raktarr] I'm not a big believer in HIV, so you would have to use another example.  Let's go for the worst: bubonic plague?
   [OOC Raktarr] I would not be happy.  There are still always civil court remedies.
   [OOC Jenla] Pretty horrible, but then again, you or I can always ask to see a recent test result, and hold off until that proof
   comes...  don't need the government to step in there.
   ooc dude, i am SO not a utilitarian
   [OOC Chaos] dude, i am SO not a utilitarian
   [OOC Chaos] utilitarianism means that if there are two of you, and one of me, and it makes the two of you happy to beat the shit
   out of me, that's a moral good
   [OOC Chaos] fuck that
   [OOC Raktarr] I'm not either, but I do believe in certain utilitarian approaches.  Even so, I couldn't justify that idea.
   [OOC Incendiary] that's like micromanagement of utilitarian perspective...
   [OOC Incendiary] It's not meant to be used like that :P
   [OOC Chaos] it's a reduction to absurdity, but those are illustrative
   [OOC Jenla] Anyhow, how would you enforce the system?  Throw people in jail who refused testing?
   [OOC Raktarr] On grounds of utility, even.  There would certainly be a negative effect on health in a population with persons
   avoiding testing and avoiding medical treatment for fear of being shunned.  Additionally, discriminative effects would also come
   into play.
   [OOC Incendiary] No. There wouldn't need to be an enforcement, because if you didn't have a card, it's unlikely anyone would have
   sex with you.
   [OOC Incendiary] but i just realized this is pointless, anyway
   [OOC Raktarr] The arguments you could make for keeping medical records private would mostly apply in this case.
   [OOC Jenla] Uh huh....  tell that to all the people who get HIV after swearing that they'd never have sex without a condom. :P
   [OOC Incendiary] I need to restrict this in a different manner, i think a better area for me to concentrate in would be the
   mandatory testing of rapists or criminals...there's some research i've been doing on that
   [OOC Incendiary] Still a 1% chance of contracting HIV with a condom, iirc
   [OOC Raktarr] It's all kinda pointless to my philosophy, as I don't believe in sexually promiscuous societies.
   [OOC Incendiary] I don't either, but i do care about peoples right to live the kind of lifestyle they choose, and if they can have
   a safer way of going about it, i think that'd be a good thing
   [OOC Incendiary] Not only that, but mandatory STI testing could catch HIV in earlier stages in a lot of people who contract it
   [OOC Raktarr] Well then I guess your belief against sexually promiscuous societies isn't that strong.
   [OOC Raktarr] If you pull the, "I care about people's right to their own lifestyles" card.
   [OOC Incendiary] Eh, it's not like i'd kill someone for being a slut.
   /Insight/ I'm a philosophy major, so as you can imagine my life has been rather depressing.
   [OOC Raktarr] I don't think most people would, but I would say that you can't have your cake and eat it, so to speak.  Sexually
   promiscuous societies result in this kinds of degenerative effects, so trying to stem it via legislative fiat won't really help
   much in the final sum of things.
   [OOC Raktarr] ...according to my philosophy.
   [OOC Incendiary] Do you think i'd have an easier time arguing against STI testing?
   [OOC Raktarr] Which I happen to think closely corresponds to truth, but hey - that is probably just me.
   [OOC Raktarr] Of course.
   [OOC Fezzik] What do you mean by "sexual intercourse"?
   [OOC Raktarr] hahaha - Fezzy always helps.
   [OOC Chaos] if society can only hold together by idiocy like sexual monogamy, though, then it's not worth keeping, let it implode
   [OOC Marvin] what havok and mayhem that would cause
   [OOC Fezzik] So this is how liberty dies: to thunderous applause.
   [OOC Chaos cheers]
   [OOC Raktarr] It's an interesting approach, but it defies reality.  There are clearly some objective, universal norms that can't
   be denied.
   [OOC Fezzik] Nah.  If size mattered, I'd still be married.
   [OOC Raktarr] Intellectual nomadism observed the fundamental truth, "There can be no fundamental truths."
   [OOC Chaos] hee
   [OOC Fezzik] I agree.
   [OOC Raktarr] observeS, rather
   [OOC Raktarr pets Fezzik]
   [OOC Chaos] very fond of that
   [OOC Butter] meh
   [OOC Chaos] also futilitarian philosophy's message that IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BELIEVE THAT NOTHING IS IMPORTANT!
   [14:50] [OOC Raktarr] Government does a lot of deciding for you.  What do you think of that?
   [14:50] [OOC Laine] heh lens of insight ;)
   [14:50] [OOC Butter] i hate it
   [14:50] [OOC Incendiary] I think i never signed any papers giving away my sovreignity
   [14:50] [OOC Fezzik] Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
   [14:50] [OOC Incendiary] That's what i think
   [14:50] [OOC Incendiary] sovereignity*
   [14:50] [OOC Butter] agreed
   [14:50] [OOC Fezzik] Let us be thankful for the fools.  But for them the rest of us could not succeed.
   [14:51] [OOC Laine] count me among the haters
   [OOC Xekrin] Oh I fully intend to rape, murder, molest, and corrupt as many innocents as I can before I die, and on the offchance
   it helps, I will REPENT MY SINS
   [OOC Chaos] heaven for the climate, hell for the company
   [OOC Laine] eternal torment or eternal bland goodness contingent on uniformity? bleh
   [OOC Laine] I choose option C, bob
   [OOC Chaos] hee
   [OOC Chaos] 'sides, all you do in heaven is sit there like a junkie soaking up God's awesome presence, your individual identity is
   totally erased
   [OOC Chaos] bout the most pointless afterlife evar
   [OOC Raktarr] Xekrin:  You would pay for those sins, and by the way, it's extremely unlikely you would repent at the end if you
   were that kind of person.
   [OOC Laine] yeah..ugh
   [OOC Chaos] you don't know xekrin, he repents all the time
   [OOC Butter] and Xekrin on the off cnace that it works and you see you were wrong, you will have all of eternity to regred those
   rapes, and murders
   [OOC Chaos] like my dad said, repentance is easy, done it a million times
   [OOC Laine] mm, eternal rape
   [OOC Xekrin] No, I wont repent, but I will enjoy hell
   [OOC Fezzik] Think not that all roads that lead down lead up as well.
   [OOC Chaos shivers]
   [OOC Laine] dude
   [OOC Raktarr] Fezzik is almost spooky today.
   [OOC Chaos] srsly
   [OOC Butter] not that i have faith, but i will still lead a good life and be good to people, even if there is no reward
   [OOC Fezzik] Take me, Sir.  Take me hard.
   [OOC Incendiary] The reward butter is other people
   [OOC Raktarr pets Fezzik]
   [OOC Laine] novel concept ;)
   [OOC Chaos cackles with glee]
   [OOC Slugworth] Have you guys travelled through asian countries recently? When I went through in the 90's, they all wanted to be
   America and had nothing but good things to say. Now, they hate you, they really really do. As a close neighbour they associate my
   country with yours. I find this really sad :(
   [OOC Oog] I was in India for two months last year.
   [OOC Finwelp] but iraq wasnt a threat warrenting military action
   [OOC Jenla] I lived in South Korea for six years...
   [OOC Slugworth] Iraq in no way threatend the US. Not at all.
   [OOC Oog] Everyone I met in India loved what we were doing.  We brought jobs, security, and interest to the Indian people after
   the independance from Britian.
   [OOC Fezzik] Tokyo is like the fever dream of a gay Kryptonian.
   [OOC Slugworth] S. Korea is dependent on the US.
   [OOC Slugworth blinks at Fezzik]
   /Sinister Dexter/ The mutant alien skull man has a smile for all smiles, an answer for all answers.
   /Fezzik/ It's a code sequence based on the Feigenbaum sequence of imaginary numbers.
   /Dara/ It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.
   /Fezzik/ Thoughts are the shadows of our sensations -- always darker, emptier, simpler than these.
   [15:02] /Dara/ As I told you, it would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable.  No one in Guilder knows what
   we've done, and no one in Florin could have gotten here so fast -- out of curiosity, why do you ask?
   [15:02] /Blurb/ That which does not kill me postpones the inevitable.
   [15:03] /Nagireth/ Yay for Princess Bride quotes! On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
   [15:03] /Arafelis/ I like quotes, too.  Here's one now! Hi, neighbor.  Our toilet is broken, and my kids really need to pee.  Can
   they come swim in your pool?
   [15:04] /Chaos/ no, dude, quotes suck.  like this one: Spam was, Spam is and Spam shall be.  After summer is winter, and after
   winter, summer.  It ruled once where Man rules now; where Man rules now, it shall rule again.  As a foulness shall ye know it.
   [15:04] /Fezzik/ The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.
   [15:04] /Chaos/ awe.  some.
   [OOC Incendiary] I like missionary.
   [OOC Fheenix] missionary is overused.
   [OOC Sahra] All sex is boring.
   [OOC Igarashi] missionary position... isn't that having an altarboy bent over a barrel?
   [OOC Fheenix] over the altar IGarashi
   [OOC Incendiary] That's doggy style
   [OOC Incendiary] Have you never had sex
   [OOC Igarashi] that's missionary
   [OOC Incendiary smirks]
   [OOC Fezzik] Pimpin' ain't easy, but it is necessary.
   [OOC Sahra] Me?
   [OOC Finwelp] lol
   [OOC Fheenix] this one time in band camp...
   [OOC Incendiary] No, igara ;)
   Sahra: Fezzik, bad-ASS.
   Arafelis: Yup.
   [OOC Finwelp shudders]
   [02:40] [OOC Nagireth] we still have a word from tantalus' fate
   [02:40] [OOC Incendiary] Our weekday is composed of Norse gods.
   [02:40] [OOC Incendiary] err, week
   [02:40] [OOC Nagireth] and Atlas has to literally bear the world on his shoulders
   [02:41] [OOC Incendiary] I think atlas is really an analogy for any man
   [02:41] [OOC Incendiary] We all have to learn how to bear the weight of the world on our shoulders
   [02:41] [OOC Nagireth] yeah, it's amazing the analogy holds over language and culturals diffs
   [02:41] [OOC Nagireth] Hiyas Drusana
   [02:41] [OOC Incendiary] There's a lot of power in those archetypes
   [02:42] [OOC Incendiary] When i imagine any greek god, i usually get shivers
   [02:42] [OOC Fezzik] Great minds think in the same gutters.
   [02:42] [OOC Incendiary] Anyway, i'm crashing.
   [02:42] [OOC Incendiary] Peace.
   [02:42] [OOC Nagireth] I loved the stories of Zeus chasing women, catching women, women fleeing, women having to deal with pissed
   off Hera
   [02:42] [OOC Nagireth] peace, sleep good
   [02:42] [OOC Incendiary] women getting impregnated
   [02:42] [OOC Fezzik] Well, honey, I guess this is the time I have to tell you... I've been having an affair with the neighbor...
   [02:43] [OOC Incendiary] rofl
   [02:43] [OOC Nagireth] haha
   [02:43] [OOC Incendiary] That's totally zeus
   [OOC Finwelp] i wanna know how you get chakras from it though
   [OOC Fezzik] Suck the coffin mushroom now.
   /Hagbard Celine/ That would be so cool if it weren't the last thing we were ever going to see.
   /Fezzik/ I disagree.
   [OOC Sahra] Sentinels are.. I mean, they're fine, but I think they're unspeakably -dull-.
   [OOC Daeron] Elflords suck dont choose them
   [OOC Laz] Jigs: I absorb damage.  Most of my combat is in sacrifical mode, which is close to berserk.
   [OOC Jigsaw nods a lot about the Sentinels]
   [OOC Laz] Although I seem to inflict hellae more damage in berserk as a Lupine that merely sacrificial mode.
   [OOC Fezzik] We're gonna explode?  I don't wanna explode.
   [OOC Fullenius] Chaosborn any good for ELF?
   [OOC Laz] Of course
   [OOC Jigsaw] Probably one of the best races.
   [OOC Sahra] Sure, definitely -- but remember how slow they gain experience.
   [OOC Fezzik] Strive for convenience.
   [OOC Daeron] Eris is such a whore
   [OOC Fezzik] And if I give you what you want, you won't like it, and you won't want it any more.
   [OOC Oog] lol
   [OOC Leolla] "How I Found Eris, and What I Did To Her When I Got There"
   [14:13] [rikix killed by ~R'lyeh/mon/abomination#147191]
   [OOC Rikix] Shit
   [OOC Rikix] Thats two.
   [OOC Rikix] You feel even more as if this is just not your day.
   [OOC Fezzik] I am feeling so grey today...
   [OOC Chaos] fyi leolla, it may possibly strike you as adding insult to injury to tell you this now, but you don't necessarily have
   to get the acid from tiamat any more
   [OOC Leolla] ahhh lol
   [OOC Leolla] nah, that's a good tip
   [OOC Chaos] kay :)
   [OOC Incendiary] Hell, i thought you were talking about LSD
   [OOC Leolla] thanks, I was still cycling through breath weapons
   [OOC Chaos] hahaha
   [OOC Fezzik] But she looked good in ribbons...
   [OOC Leolla] hahaha
   [OOC Chaos] zomg fezzik
   [OOC Chaos] incen: i was tipped off by the five or six death notifies
   [OOC Leolla] part of society is that we agree not to do things that we CAN do because we don't want them done to us
   [OOC Incendiary] Death is too painless to be worthwhile to cause.
   [OOC Fezzik] So this is how liberty dies: to thunderous applause.
   [OOC Leolla] like the person who ealier we said he didn't have a problem with GitMo
   [OOC Chaos] hm, i'm sensing that empty rage touching on this somewhere ;)
   [OOC Leolla] as Fezzik beat me to it!
   [OOC Chaos] hee
   [OOC Finwelp] You receive five hundred seventy-five experience from your membership in the Upright Citizen's Brigade.
   [OOC Fezzik] Vee off ze KGB are not zo slow ez you tink, komrade.
   [OOC Indis] I've been busy with other things...
   [OOC Finwelp] lol
   /Dara/ A problem in just a misunderstood opportunity.  And an insult is just a misunderstood compliment.  Know what I mean,
   /Fezzik/ Fuck Kant anyway, fuck him right in his stupid ass.
   /Blue/ It will be hard to take on the dual role of teacher and parent, but that's the life you'll lead as the enchanted rabbit
   companion to two plucky orphans.
   /Fezzik/ I've never seen such a healthy little child!  And such plentiful organs!
   [OOC Laine] ^\
   [OOC Laine] and I mean it!
   [OOC Kxjww] Well stated.
   [OOC Kxjww] Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
   [OOC Fezzik] Specialization is for insects.
   /Blue/ It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats.
   /Fezzik/ There are many intelligent species in the universe.  They are all owned by cats.
   [19:23] [OOC Beam] theres other easy s/o stuff
   [19:23] [OOC Beam] like kender wood
   [19:23] [OOC Beam] er thistlewood
   [19:23] [OOC Dublin] ah
   [19:23] [OOC Fezzik] Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good.
   [19:24] [OOC Beam] nice one fez
   [19:24] [OOC Beam] i love my microcosm
   [19:24] [OOC Beam] so pretty
   [19:24] [OOC Fezzik] We're so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully *pretty*!
   [OOC Smizzmar] This isn't fun any more.
   [OOC Natana] whats the matter
   [OOC Smizzmar] That was a quote.
   [OOC Smizzmar] which is weird.
   [OOC Natana] oh
   [OOC Fezzik] This is almost as much fun as walking through a plate glass window!
   [OOC Dyne] Sir Tarquine exclaims, "You are a fool, phaethon, to think you can challenge me!" He is at death's door and is missing
   his right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot and left foot.
   [OOC Fezzik] Execute.
   [OOC Brawn] You heard Fezzik.
   [OOC Brawn] It's just a flesh wound!
   [OOC Gender] so can anyone tell me if the sentinels are cool/fun/stupid?
   [OOC Fezzik] Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stupid.
   [10:23] [OOC Chaos] people with mudmagic accounts, go vote for us... let's spend a little time on the top list this month
   [10:23] [OOC Chaos] there's a terribly convenient link on http://lostsouls.org/on_the_web
   [10:24] [OOC Bezinth] i dont know man, that might take like 5 seconds of my life away that i can never get back
   [10:24] [OOC Bezinth] i feel like you havent given me anything equal in return
   [10:24] [OOC Chaos gives Bezinth a cookie]
   [10:24] [OOC Bezinth] oh sweeettttt
   [10:24] [OOC Beefcake] Write us a bot to vote.
   [10:24] [OOC Bezinth] thats cheating
   [10:24] [OOC Fezzik] The history of syphilis would require rewriting.
   [10:24] [OOC Bezinth] u cheater
   [10:25] [OOC Chaos laughs]
   [10:25] [OOC Chaos] well, we can't argue with Fezzik now can we
   [17:37] [OOC Beefcake] No really, next to a wall.
   [17:37] [OOC Fezzik] If you haven't anything good to say about Hitler then don't say anything at all.
   [17:37] [OOC Erebus] Does Fezzik rhyme on purpose? heh
   [17:38] [OOC Beefcake] That's his thing.
   [17:38] [OOC Fezzik] You cannot lie to me.  I know everything.
   [17:38] [OOC Beefcake] He's a bit of a show-off.
   [18:37] [OOC Ronin] just me thinkin here
   [18:37] [OOC Chaos] the world is intended to get bigger :)
   [18:37] [OOC Graves] Im in the forest of iniquity with no hp and no ability to see
   [18:37] [OOC Chaos] not that it's nearly as small as people seem to think it is now
   [18:37] [OOC Fezzik] If you disagree, go fucking kill yourself with a flaming frisbee.
   [18:37] [OOC Ronin] when i think to myself how many players would feel like too much without certian changes
   [18:37] [OOC Morality] ah, ok
   [18:37] [OOC Erebus] once almeria makes the leap to 3d, things should expand pretty fast after that
   [18:38] [OOC Chaos] it's weird, people settle on like 3 areas that they feel are adequate XP farms and never go anywhere else,
   then they're like "the world is too small"
   [18:38] [OOC Ronin] i love new players......
   [18:38] [OOC Chaos] and fezzik wins as always
   [20:43] [OOC Galactus] later gotta split..
   [20:43] [OOC Chaos] don't be a stranger
   [20:43] [OOC Morality waves]
   [20:43] [OOC Chaos waves]
   [20:43] [OOC Galactus] Ill be back :)
   [20:43] [OOC Fezzik] Ack!!
   [23:58] [OOC Rakul] Gah. This bloody egg must be sterile.
   [23:58] [OOC Impentigo] I hate that
   [23:58] [OOC Chaos] no, you're just impatient
   [23:58] [OOC Leolla] Take a chicken to fight a chicken
   [23:58] [OOC Impentigo] carry an egg around for days and... no love
   [23:58] [OOC Rakul] Maybe. Or mayne *I'm* sterile...
   [23:59] [OOC Impentigo] could be both
   [23:59] [OOC Chaos] it'll hatch in 37 minutes 14 seconds
   [23:59] [OOC Chaos] yeesh
   [23:59] [OOC Chaos] PIMA
   [23:59] [OOC Impentigo] what kind of egg is it?
   [23:59] [OOC Chaos] round
   [23:59] [OOC Messara] scrambled
   [00:00] [OOC Fezzik] Hideous mooing cyborg boy found!
   [00:00] [OOC Erebus] in an egg, fezzik?
   [00:00] [OOC Rakul] !!! And you call ME a smart ass...
   [20:59] [OOC Chaos] that's whatsisface with timewave zero
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] hmm
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] but wouldn't that just be the whole idea behing science fiction? Do you think most people know how a laser
   rifle works?
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] seriously
   [21:00] [OOC Chaos] terry mckenna
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] how many of you know exactly how your car works
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] or your computer
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] or your television
   [21:00] [OOC Xalundar] I know both
   [21:00] [OOC Erebus] Did you guys vote for us today?
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] or your cd player
   [21:00] [OOC Chaos] laser rifles are not a singularity generating technology
   [21:00] [OOC Chaos] they don't change anything about the way the world works
   [21:00] [OOC Gaian] at any given point in time, we do not know infinite amounts of knowledge
   [21:01] [OOC Chaos] general assembler nanotech is a singularity generating technology
   [21:01] [OOC Chaos] it doesn't matter if you can understand the *technology*
   [21:01] [OOC Gaian] it's just being able to use it
   [21:01] [OOC Gaian] of course, what happens if everything goes boom 10 generations after that
   [21:01] [OOC Gaian] return to cave man
   [21:02] [OOC Chaos] if you can understand the world with X technology, there has been no singularity
   [21:02] [OOC Fezzik] There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity.
   [21:02] [OOC Erebus] ...
   [21:02] [OOC Chaos] cell phones are fine and incomprehensible, but no one from 1920 is incapable of understanding a world with
   cell phones
   [21:02] [OOC Gaian] well, you know
   [21:02] [OOC Gaian] i wonder sometimes with fezzik
   [21:02] [OOC Chaos] heh
   [21:03] [OOC Gaian] maybe he's linked into some growing AI based on the web
   [21:03] [OOC Gaian] that's doing its own thing
   [21:03] [OOC Fezzik] The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.
   [OOC Myrdael] but smash bros doesn't need anymore depth, it's just fucking cool
   [OOC Voxno] the only thing i hate more then that game is people that are good at it.
   [OOC Myrdael] Haha.
   [OOC Smizzmar] I used to be really good, but the problem was all the people I played with had some house rules to keep things
   [OOC Brawn] How about having sex while playing peole who are good at it?
   [OOC Fezzik] It's only in the face of horror that you truly find your noblest selves, and you can be... so noble.
   [OOC Brawn] Oh wait. I'm crossing conversations here.
   [OOC Dyne] Shut up Fezzik.
   [OOC Erebus] awww
   [OOC Erebus] Crush is dead
   [OOC Fezzik] You've fucked me!  I am fucked!  I am truly ass-invaded!
   [OOC Dyne] Crush?
   [OOC Erebus] fezzik..
   [OOC Erebus] a WWE wrestler
   Erebus: > [OOC Dyne] Crush?
   Erebus: posted for noteriety
   [OOC Morality] I've been busy testing the beholder's dominate monster ability
   [OOC Fezzik] The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
   [OOC Morality] FU Fezzik
   [OOC Crackle punts fezzik in the mouth]
   [OOC Morality] You strangely topical bastid
   [OOC Morality] We'd have cat traps like we do for rats if they weren't fuzzy n' cute
   [OOC Fezzik] Execute.
   [OOC Zia is all about devils tool]
   [OOC Morality] something about a pet that just...tolerates your presence
   [OOC Dub] Correction Fezzik, executed.
   [OOC Fezzik] The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity the tell the difference.
   [OOC Rot] hrmm. Sun blade. I'd totally forgotten these exist.
   [OOC Myrdael] If you don't need that, ya know. ;p
   [OOC Dyne] Where are they from?
   [OOC Rot] Warman's old area.
   [OOC Myrdael] The lair of something or other
   [OOC Fezzik] My mother?  I'll tell you about my mother.
   [OOC Smizzmar] I miss jerking off with butterscotch paste.
   [OOC Fezzik] A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.
   [OOC Jerald] doesn't matter. you would have been extinct. valar don't exist anymore.
   [OOC Fezzik] Marcie, get out of here.  YOU'RE DEAD!  You don't exist any more.
   [OOC Jerald] :P
   [OOC Reaver] Man, Bitael's order attack really stings.
   [OOC Fezzik] A snarl, a sneer, a whip that stings; these are a few of my favorite things.
   [OOC Chitters] Is there any way to check if there are still lingering effects from my recent demise?
   [OOC Impentigo] rigel has ick
   [OOC Fezzik] Impressive; but how big's your dick?
   [OOC Rigel] hehe
   [OOC Galarynne laughs]
   [OOC Impentigo] doh
   [OOC Impentigo] fezik you... why I oughta... one of these days Alice one of these days, zoom pow
   [09:17] [OOC Zerth] wtf.  on cash cab, the question was "what metric measurement is approximately 2.2 lbbs and the guy answered
   with "a liter""...
   [09:18] [OOC Zerth] how do people not know basic metric measurements?
   [09:18] [OOC Selrack] because they are worthless
   [09:18] [OOC Fezzik] Old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.
   [09:18] [OOC Chaos] real americans don't need to know those gay foreign units
   [09:19] [OOC Chaos] unless they play LS in which case they'd damned well better figure it out
   [09:19] [OOC Fezzik] There has been an alarming increase in the number of things you know nothing about.
   [OOC Turiya] "Yeah, ok, Mistress Gwenneth is mean, she tore my wings off.  I mean, sure, pay for pain, yeah, but pay for
   [OOC Fezzik] "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
   /Virus/ teach me cosmology
   /Fezzik/ The study of stupidity is called 'monology'.
   [OOC Yrado] Your friendly neighborhood RW at your service
   [OOC Fezzik] A *functioning* police state needs no police.
   [OOC Orin] yah my roots get freaky with each other
   [OOC Texonath] to much information
   [OOC Texonath] I'm male
   [OOC Cid] he pollinates all over himself
   [OOC Fezzik] I don't want anybody else; when I think about you I touch myself.
   [OOC Texonath] hmm
   [OOC Cid] it's quite erotic
   [OOC Orin] hehe it's a yellow necklace instead of a pearl necklace
   [OOC Cid cackles]
   [OOC Orin] and my aim sucks
   [OOC Texonath] sorry it like froze up what I miss?
   [OOC Zia] fezzik scares me that not only did it pick out the rhyme but the topic as well
   [OOC Vozalix] I think Chaos hired someone to run Fezzik
   [OOC Orin] hehe must of hired a regular poet lauriet
   [OOC Orin] not sure of the spelling on that actually
   [OOC Kisorun searches aimlessly for Fugala Tower]
   [OOC Aphrael] that tower doesn't exist anymore
   [OOC Fezzik] This isn't fun any more.
   [10:19] [OOC Credence] So if I find wearable items that are "permeated by a dim auroric radiance", but my lens of insight doesn't
   provide any additional insight -- what does that mean?  Will my {insert limb here} be blown off?
   [10:20] [OOC Twilight] blown off by the force of their happiness at having magickal protection
   [10:20] [OOC Fezzik] Well.  Keep it trimmed.  Let's get back to masturbation.
   [10:20] [OOC Brak] hehehe
   [10:20] [OOC Dyne immediately suggests a Happiness damage type to be implimented.]
   [10:20] [OOC Brak] Fezzik...not "that" limb
   [10:20] [OOC Credence] Very nice fezzik.  yes, I did leave myself open to that one didn't I?
   /Blue/ Why the gods allow this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.
   /Fezzik/ Fuck off to a nunnery!
   /Kilelen/  Fezz makes me smile.
   [11:01] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] got a pet ram by feeding it
   [11:01] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] I'm riding a brown ram
   [11:01] [OOC Chaos] you certainly are
   [11:01] [OOC Moksha] What, like in New Zealand?
   [11:01] [OOC Chaos] sheepriders guild, now how awesome would that be
   [11:01] [OOC Mekage] Ha!  That's awesome, I tried to make the stray black female dog my pet by feeding it, and I fed it a lot and
   pet it a lot and it won't be my pet
   [11:02] [OOC Gnanglunthuggog] i'll join
   [11:02] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] cause it asn't starving
   [11:02] [OOC Mekage] Says the guy who's name i cant pronoune
   [11:02] [OOC Mekage] pronounce i mean
   [11:02] [OOC Elronuan] sounds fun for you sheep effers
   [11:02] [OOC Fezzik] Bring back the good old days!  When the sex was dirty and the air was clean!
   [12:49] [OOC Sithnthaiksth]
   [12:50] [OOC Myth] It shouldnt have been talkin shit
   [12:50] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] sure it was you dirty skank
   [12:50] [OOC Fezzik] You're about as subtle as a tank.
   [12:51] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] fezzik tanks are in the future we dont have th in LS YET...>:)
   [12:51] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] woah
   [12:51] [OOC Mrela chalks another one up for Fezzik]
   [12:51] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] tanks on here would be soo cool
   [12:51] [OOC Fezzik] Oh, Moses, Moses, you stubborn, splendid, adorable fool!
   [12:51] [OOC Zerth] wow fezzik...
   [12:51] [OOC Zerth] two in a row
   [12:52] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] think about tanks on LS
   [12:52] [OOC Sithnthaiksth] they'd be murder mahcines
   [12:52] [OOC Fezzik] Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
   [OOC Reaver] "Old code! Kill it!"
   [OOC Ugg] "update it... make it saveable!"
   [OOC Fezzik] "In-con-CEIvable!"
   [OOC Selrack] "you tell him fezzik"
   [OOC Bertie] "what do phaethons eat?"
   [OOC Fezzik] "Elf: The Other White Meat."
   [OOC Mukti] "Dunno bout that, but I just ran across a kazarilin broadsword if anyone's interested."
   [OOC Kroon] "Are those the ones you bond to?"
   [OOC Mukti] "Yes"
   [OOC Kroon ponders this]
   [OOC Kroon] "I want, if you're still offering."
   [OOC Fezzik] "This is only the beginning of your suffering."
   [OOC Mukti] "Sure, where are ya?"
   [OOC Silvapup] "You have to be atleast lvl 15 Kroon"
   [OOC Kroon] "Nice, Fez."
   [OOC Mukti] "Rock on Fezz"
[01:17] [OOC Zia] Kills: 30001
[01:17] [OOC Xizalathss] aww
[01:17] [OOC Simca] woo zia
[01:17] [OOC Silvapup cheers for Zia]
[01:17] [OOC Xizalathss] good for you
[01:17] [OOC Simca] your such a good reaper
[01:17] [OOC Leolla] Kills: 46
[01:18] [OOC Silvapup grins]
[01:18] [OOC Xizalathss] You must be the massacre master Zia
[01:18] [OOC Leolla] Kill Ratio: *
[01:18] [OOC Fezzik] Mors ultima ratio.
[01:18] [OOC Volg] kills zero :)
[01:18] [OOC Simca] lol i love kenpachi's kill to death ratio, its like 100 something
[01:18] [OOC Chaos] fezzik == wow
[01:18] [OOC Leolla] I don't speak Latin, faeries go to public school
[01:18] [OOC Leolla] What did he say?
[01:18] [OOC Chaos] "Death is the final accounting"
[01:18] [OOC Simca] Compared to my first aisenshi Kaotsuru with like 20 something lol
[01:18] [OOC Leolla] haha that's excellent
[23:43] [OOC Brak does the 300! dance]
[23:43] [OOC Morality] 300????
[23:43] [OOC Kryos] or christiansen or however spelt
[23:43] [OOC Morality] omg!
[23:43] [OOC Brak] damn straight!
[23:43] [OOC Silvapup] Congrats Brak!
[23:43] [OOC Silvapup] That's really impressive
[23:43] [OOC Kryos] gratz brakky poo!
[23:43] [OOC Korban] do you win LS now?
[23:44] [OOC Kryos] i thought max lvl was 675?
[23:44] [OOC Brak] thanks. I'll probably not reach another hundred so it's a special occasion heh
[23:44] [OOC Silvapup] 390,900,000 experience is... so much
[23:44] [OOC Dyne] 300? This is madness!'
[23:44] [OOC Fezzik] There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness".Italic text
[23:44] [OOC Silvapup laughs]
[23:44] [OOC Morality] hahahah fezzik
[23:44] [OOC Kryos] what fezzik said
[07:43] [OOC Vorun] skaven are wierd
[07:43] [OOC Calathonuan] they are weird veryweird
[07:43] [OOC Fezzik] Mommy's all right, Daddy's all right, they just seem a little weird.
[07:43] [OOC Calathonuan] and fezzik is weird
[OOC Mrela] "Holy Crap!"
[OOC Mrela] "That's one way to makek sure he doesn't 'splode!"
[OOC Fezzik] "We're gonna explode?  I don't wanna explode."
Chaos is about to execute a command which typically takes a long time to execute.  Lost Souls will pause while this
occurs; this message is provided as a courtesy notification. The estimated time until completion is 6.9 seconds.
[OOC Stoned] uh oh
[OOC Stoned] What's getting nerfed now
[OOC Betenina] You!
[OOC Betenina] Fixing Travelers, maybe?
[OOC Stoned] Travelers got fixed this morning :)
[OOC Chaos] in soviet russia, nerf gets you
[OOC Dyne spins the Wheel of Nerf. What will it land on?]
[OOC Betenina] Oh, well that's good
[OOC Chaos] you guys are so paranoid
[OOC Fezzik] What are you, Sigmund Sawed-Off Fucking Freud?
[OOC Stoned] haha
[OOC Chaos dies]
The blind prophet screams, "The minutes left to this world are numbered ten!"
[OOC Coma] jesus
[OOC Dyne] rofl
[OOC Tetsudo] anyone have a celestial saber they are willing to sicktrade?  mine is order buffed
[OOC Brains] jesus
[OOC Fezzik] It's funny because it's blasphemous.
[OOC Laelinae] Who wants a bless?
[OOC Frigid] i agree fezzik
[OOC Incendiary] Hard to carry around something bigger than you in one hand
[OOC Enerus] those big shields romans used are tower shields
[OOC Enerus] one handed
[OOC Fezzik] The Empire never ended.
[OOC Enerus] doesn't matter
/Blue/ Garfield, let's think nice thoughts today.  I'm floating on a cloud.  I'm barbecuing a small woodland creature.
/Fezzik/ In space, nobody can hear you say, 'Hey, Pokey, let's go on an adventure!'
/Blue/ "Horniness is a quintessential example of hope."
/Fezzik/ "Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope."
[OOC Puncture] woohoo finally replaced my crystal ball with a mirror or revalation
[OOC Fezzik] Let me just throw a blanket over that erection.
[OOC Chaos] that will mostly take effect at reboot
[OOC Fezzik] That's Halle Berry posing with a life-size model of my penis that's housed at the Smithsonian Institute.
[OOC Jabberwocky] see he listens to ya
[OOC Chaos] though POEE could unname to speed it up
[OOC Chaos nods]
[OOC Chaos] yeah, shocking but true
[OOC Anvil] 'unname entire mud'
[OOC Anvil] 'unname ldmud driver'
[OOC Fezzik] Your "reality", sir, is lies and balderdash, and I'm delighted to say that I have no grasp of it whatsoever.
[OOC Anvil] hehe
[23:14] [OOC Xato] where do you find snakes at for a snake ranger?
[23:14] [OOC Fezzik] If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!
[OOC Dab] lame
[OOC Dab] if anyone finds a chaotic skinned imp, lemme know, that last one wasn't enough to change my skin =[
[OOC Fezzik] Not all monsters want to eat you.  Some just want your skin.

[22:16] [OOC Puglork] somebody give me gold
[22:16] [OOC Manchuria] shup
[22:17] [OOC Puglork] shup?
[22:17] [OOC Silvapup] shut up
[22:17] [OOC Silvapup] I think is what he means :)
[22:17] [OOC Elronuan] i use stfu for that...
[22:17] [OOC Puglork] oh. you shut up i need gold to buy my limb back
[22:17] [OOC Manchuria] sry set off my beggar reflexes
[22:17] [OOC Elronuan] or STFU!!!one11
[22:17] [OOC Dyne] Typo'd shoop maybe?
[22:18] [OOC Puglork] can somebody give me gold or regen my hand
[22:18] [OOC Clericon] if you ask nicely.
[22:18] [OOC Puglork] please?
[22:18] [OOC Fezzik] It is better to live on your feet than to die on your knees.
[OOC Telchodanir] We love you Fezzik, oh yes we do. No one mangles rhymes as good as you!
[OOC Fezzik] It's true!  It's true!
[21:17] [OOC Twilight] yeah owl consorts
[21:18] [OOC Twilight] i just call them "familiar" peeps for short
[21:18] [OOC Twilight] the technical term is consort
[21:18] [OOC Twilight] since "owl ranger" is no longer accurate
[21:18] [OOC Kudzu] is all that going to be independent of guilds now, or its own guild?
[21:18] [OOC Kodiak] isn't a consort like a callgirl?
[21:18] [OOC Twilight] its sort of an experiment
[21:19] [OOC Twilight] look it up
[21:19] [OOC Eda] isn't your mom like a callgirl?
[21:19] [OOC Fezzik] Does that mean that you're a bad girl?
[21:19] [OOC Twilight] it's a faculty that isn't tied to any one girl
[21:19] [OOC Dyne] It all depends on the context of getting the bond I suppose.
[21:19] [OOC Twilight] GUILD
[21:19] [OOC Twilight] fuck you guys
[21:19] [OOC Kudzu] hah
[21:19] [OOC Dyne] ROFL
[21:19] [OOC Kudzu] things tied to girls is hawt
[20:23] [OOC Beam] i love this imaginary fish
[20:23] [OOC Beam] too bad there isnt an imaginary fish bond
[20:23] [OOC Zerth] i wish they were bondable
[20:23] [OOC Beam] seriously
[20:23] [OOC Fezzik] I feel your pain, and it arouses me tremendously
[20:23] [OOC Beam] lol fezzik channeling twilight 
[20:23] [OOC Fezzik] I hate myself to sleep at night.
[20:23] [OOC Beam] omg i think fezzik ate twilight
[20:23] [OOC Fezzik] I was a vampire once, then I saw the light.
[20:24] [OOC Beam] HOLY FUCK 
[12:12] [OOC Zielen] I should learn poetry so I can go steal fezzek's thunder.
[12:12] [OOC Fezzik] You have the right to be planted six feet under.
[16:06] [OOC Metella] can't say that a successful headbut isn't a good way to start a 
[16:06] [OOC Fezzik] Sorry, I don't have time for this.  I've got bugs to write.
[16:06] [OOC Krum] fezzik, your mother is a whore
[16:06] [OOC Fezzik] My name... is Pussy Galore.
[12:40] Pope Rieszthraxilath XV: whoa, I was randomly looking through system changes and apparently CN could once train and pop with high scores
[12:41] Pope Rieszthraxilath XV: unless it can still do that?
[12:41] Pope Elronuan XXII: that hasn't changed
[12:41] Pope Elronuan XXII: that's why there are super high CN leaderboard entries
[12:41] Pope Rieszthraxilath XV: no kidding, that certainly does put it into perspective
[12:42] Pope Elronuan XXII: people doing math or something for an hour
[12:42] Pope Xaolyn XIII: as crazy as it sounds you'd be surprised what people would do for bonuses
[12:42] Pope Rieszthraxilath XV: hah, originally I thought it was just for the leaderboard position
[12:42] Pope Fezzik I: Fuck the journey, give me the destination.
[OOC Zak] Fezzik pees sitting down.
[OOC Fezzik] I have never exploded.  But I know what it would be like.  Don't ask me how.  I just know.  I've always just known.
[OOC Scandia] That's uncalled for Zak. Fezzik is a manly man.
[OOC Fezzik] I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.  No living man am I!  You look upon a woman.
[OOC Scandia] Well.
[OOC Benerius] I wish Fezzik talked more
[OOC Fezzik] My name... is Pussy Galore.
[OOC Benerius] But I hear-
[OOC Benerius] ...
[2014 Nov 22 23:59] [OOC Marcosy] oh neat
[2014 Nov 22 23:59] [OOC Marcosy] Tukrr states, ->) The one whose name I will not speak, who from among my people struck at me, has been made an example for all to fear.
 I am satisfied. (<- in Takargu.
[2014 Nov 22 23:59] [OOC Marcosy] i don't remember writing that but I must have!
[2014 Nov 22 23:59] [OOC Guardas] or Tukrr developed sentience
[2014 Nov 23 00:00] [OOC Zak] Fezzik has taught Tukrr well.
[2014 Nov 23 00:00] [OOC Fezzik] Now go.  Unleash hell.
[2015 Jul 28 15:29] [OOC Toukoilija] Fez, you scurvy dog, rhyme
[2015 Jul 28 15:29] [OOC Fezzik] I never try anything.  I just do it.  And I don't beat clocks, just people!  Wanna try me?
[2015 Jul 28 15:29] [OOC Naisha] Indeed I spelled it wrong, but it doesn't change the end results apparently.
[2015 Jul 28 15:29] [OOC Benerius] rofl
[2015 Nov 07 12:07] [OOC Xaolyn] so, next time anyone wants to make a hellwalker, i have a heart to try using
[2015 Nov 07 12:07] [OOC Benerius] why dont you try making one xao
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Benerius] getting the orc ready for it isnt hard
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Guardas] yeah hellwalkers are fun
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Fezzik] It's a trap, run!
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Benerius] ROFL
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Guardas] LOL
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Nyladon laughs]
[2015 Nov 07 12:08] [OOC Benerius] that's going in the corner
[2016 Feb 05 12:21] [OOC Nyarslulai] going to analyze that data so hard
[2016 Feb 05 12:21] [OOC Fezzik] I love ya, bro, but sometimes you're a fucking tard.
[OOC Starhound] my girlfriend comes over right
[OOC Starhound] she thinks she so fucking slick
[OOC Fezzik] Impressive; but how big's your dick?
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Oraror] at least you ended up in a valid room, right?
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Fezzik] A day without sunshine is like... night.
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Oraror] everyone's got a teleportation power or intangability!
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Oraror] it's not like it's a death sentance
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Elronuan] fezzik missed the eclipse
[2017 Aug 23 02:04] [OOC Fezzik] Kiss me like the apocalypse.
[2018 Jan 07 19:21] [OOC Kenobi] You feel your knowledge of Fezzik return to you.
[2018 Jan 07 19:21] [OOC Fezzik] Bad things come to those who wait too.
[2018 Jan 07 19:21] [OOC Kenobi] oh thank god.
[2018 Jan 07 19:21] [OOC Skritch] ....lol
[2018 Jan 07 19:21] [OOC Benerius] HAHAHA
[2018 Jan 07 19:22] [OOC Benerius] someone put that on the wiki
[2018 Mar 12 16:11] [OOC Vazhulu]     You pound Blackdog with your fresh penis, despite its attempt to parry it with its steel spine dagger.
[2018 Mar 12 16:18] [OOC Vazhulu] awh crap
[2018 Mar 12 16:18] [OOC Vazhulu]  my penis is in need of repairs
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Benerius] you pounded blackdog with your penis
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Fezzik] I think masturbating has given me an unrealistic impression of how useful imagination is.
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Benerius] A+
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Vazhulu] oh my god
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Vazhulu] Fezzy rofl
[2018 Mar 12 16:19] [OOC Nitadan] on point
[2021 Jul 29 22:08] [OOC Implorer] I'm kinda hung up on PPQ right now
[2021 Jul 29 22:08] [OOC Fezzik] Aw, I wanna watch the scary monkey show!
[2021 Jul 29 22:08] [OOC Implorer] Not that I can't do it, just...it's a pain in the butt
[2021 Jul 29 22:09] [OOC Autumn] I heard Fezzik say you actually couldn't do it.
[2021 Jul 29 22:10] [OOC Zafyr] Fez is a bum who doesn't believe in Implorer.
[2021 Jul 29 22:10] [OOC Fezzik] Don't try to win over the haters.  You're not the jackass whisperer.
[2021 Jul 29 22:11] [OOC Zafyr] Relevant.
[2021 Jul 29 22:11] [OOC Autumn] oddly topical
[2021 Jul 29 22:19] [OOC Implorer] Fezzik is just mad 'cause I kill him a lot. And hey, no time like the present!
[2021 Jul 29 22:19] [OOC Fezzik] I hear the sound that the machines make, and feel my heart break, just for a moment.
[2021 Jul 29 22:20] [OOC Zafyr] Almost relevant.
[2021 Jul 29 22:20] [OOC Zafyr] This might need to go on the wiki.
[2021 Jul 29 22:20] [OOC Zafyr] Fez hasn't given me a burn in a while.
[2021 Jul 29 22:20] [OOC Fezzik] Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.
[2021 Jul 29 22:20] [OOC Zafyr] ALRIGHT THAT'S IT.
[2021 Oct 25 23:36] [OOC Mochi] crimson druid is kind of a pushover if you figure out the puzzle part. but gezuun
[2021 Oct 25 23:36] [OOC Fezzik] It's a trap, run!
[OOC Starhound] i think i'll go thru and adjust some costs
[OOC Starhound] i dont see anything else being reasonable for me to do currently
[OOC Fezzik] Creative skills, people.  Deduction.  Reason.  Nodding intelligently.
You hear a clap of thunder.
You hear a clap of thunder.
You hear a clap of thunder.
You hear a clap of thunder.
You hear a clap of thunder.
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