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-Head back to Impious and mention the new password (apparently 'rosebud' has been compromised).+Head back to Impious ((s)he is behind the closed/locked door E and S of the Square. Knock on it (I think that's what I did)) and mention the new password (apparently 'rosebud' has been compromised).
Impious nods to you solemnly. Impious nods to you solemnly.

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Standard Information

The chaos imp city of Imptropolis has fallen under the control of a despotic imp who rules the others with an iron fist. Defeat him and free the old President!

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Five
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Four
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Six
   This quest was created by Chaos.


Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The current leader of Imptropolis is the despotic Imperious, and he apparently needs to be brought down.

When stolling through the streets of Imptropolis, make sure you aren't wielding any weapons, since the local law enforcement is a bunch of pricks and will lock you up.

Asking around about the various imps you come across will yield different results, depending on who you talk to. If you ask Impious about Impertinent, this is what you get.

 Impious sez, *Impertinent is the leader of the Underground, huge dark-red-mottled black spider-
 creature.  If not for him, there might be no hope of deposing Imperious.  He has the enchanted 
 sword Impslayer, which in the right hands may be the key to bringing Imperious down.* in
 squeakingly-accented Anglic.

Okay, so start asking around about Impertinent.

Asking Improbable about it gives you this result:

 Improbable quietly remarks, /-= So you're looking for Impertinent, are you?  Well, now.  Go
 visit Impious and tell him the secret word, 'This'.  Bring back to me what he gives you and
 we'll see what we can do. =-/ to you in Anglic.
 Improbable peers at you intensely.

Head back to Impious ((s)he is behind the closed/locked door E and S of the Square. Knock on it (I think that's what I did)) and mention the new password (apparently 'rosebud' has been compromised).

 Impious nods to you solemnly.
 Impious sez, *Going to meet Impertinent, are you?  Well, you'll need this.* in
 squeakingly-accented Anglic.
 Impious produces a scrap of paper and a quill pen.
 Impious scribbles a note of some kind on the paper.
 Impious hands the note to you.
 Impious sez, *Go now, Biotch.  Impertinent awaits.* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.

 Give said note to Improbable.
 You give a paper note to Improbable with your right foreclaw.
 Improbable crackles, -|Well, now.|- in Anglic.
 Improbable scrutizines the paper note intently.
 Improbable squeaks, @ It's from Impious, all right.  Well, prepare yourself... @ in Anglic.
 Improbable waves hir hands in an intricate pattern.
 The world goes dark.
 You feel a strange disorientation...
 You cannot see anything.
 The world comes back into focus.
 Impertinent asserts, *Hello.  If you've made it here, that means you're with the resistance.
 Good.  And there's only one reason for you to come here; you need Impslayer to defeat the
 fascist regime of Imperious.  Fine.  As you probably know, I've managed to acquire it.
 I can't show my face in public, so someone else has to get into the palace.  All I want in
 exchange is for you to promise to take Imperious down and free the old President, whatever it
 takes.  If you'll do that, just say that you'll agree.* to you in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
 Impertinent purports, *Excellent.  Use it in good faith.  Down with Imperious!* in
 squeakingly-accented Anglic.

Agree, and he gives you Impslayer - wielding the sword isn't needed, but make sure it's in your inventory. Head after Imperious. Make sure to attack Imperious first, and Implode will implode himself due to Impslayer's protective powers. But you have to make the battle last long enough for Implode not to harm you; if you kill Imperious too fast, Impslayer will disappear and then Implode will attack you and kill you!

Once Imperious is defeated, you get this:

 You barely connect and slash Imperious's right leg with your left foreclaw, despite his attempt
 to dodge.
 Impslayer bursts apart in a shower of sparks.
 Impslayer is torn from your grasp.
 Imperious dies.
 Imperious leaves behind a crown, a red pibrit, and a large ruby.  

Break the ruby.

 You smash the large ruby, which bursts into a cloud of smoke.
 President Impossible emerges from the cloud of smoke.
 President Impossible looks around dazedly.
 President Impossible states, *My rescuer!  My eternal thanks, huge dark-red-mottled black
 spider-creature, and those of the people of Imptropolis!  With Imperious gone, we will be able
 to return to our old, carefree way of life.* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
 President Impossible smiles at you warmly.
 President Impossible states, *Please accept this token of our esteem.* in squeakingly-accented
 President Impossible gives you the black pibrit.
 President Impossible looks thoughtful.
 President Impossible states, *Well, it's going to be hard work restoring Imptropolis to its
 former glory, and I had best get to it.* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
 President Impossible declares, *I'll transport you away from the city, huge dark-red-mottled
 black spider-creature; the forces left behind by Imperious will be pursuing you if you remain.
 Fare thee well!* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.
 President Impossible waves to you.
End of spoiler information.
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