Gifttraeger (Empathic Bond)

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This is a silvery-mottled-reddish-brown-scaled female gifttraeger with silvery eyes. This snake species is native to Exoma and well-known for being a dangerous niche predator: it has the capacity to kill its prey not only with powerful poisons, but with ordered energies to which many Exoman natives are vulnerable. She looks about half a dimin across and thirteen dimins long.

Gifttraegers have a carnivorous diet, can either breathe underwater or don't require air at all and while small, possess a powerful poison spit attack that damages with both ordered energy and venom. Gifttraeger fangs do ordered and possibly piercing damage.

Bonding Requirements

A gifttraeger was bonded to with twenty to thirty elder lore, nine arcane lore and twenty-seven legend lore.

Granted Boons


Bonus specialties and access are granted as follows.

Tier I

Tier II

Tier III

Tier IV

Tier V

Tier VI


At "fairly healthy" bond strength:

Other Boons

A gifttraeger will occasionally open/charge all chakras save for the prestige two at once.

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