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[OOC Puncture] OK, here's the game: whenever someone OOC posts "<a name> go!" everyone calls out skills that <name> would train if they were a trainer in LS..:) got it?

[OOC Puncture] George W Bush go!

[OOC Zia] brewing

[OOC Puncture] subordination :)

[OOC Caedere] demolition

[OOC Puncture] tumbling

[OOC Sammeth] fastalk

[OOC Puncture] evade

[OOC Puncture] ok, Sammeth, you pick

[OOC Sammeth] hannibal lecter

[OOC Puncture] anatomy

[OOC Sammeth] mortuary

[OOC Puncture] torture

[OOC Sammeth] cooking

[OOC Puncture] discipline

[OOC Puncture] law

[OOC Puncture] polotics

[OOC Sammeth] intelligence analysis

[OOC Puncture] find weakness

[OOC Zia] killer instinct

[OOC Puncture] this is great ^_^

[OOC Zia] britney spears :-)

[OOC Puncture] dancing

[OOC Sammeth] carousing

[OOC Puncture] jumping?

[OOC Sammeth] hrm... erotic arts?

[OOC Puncture] poetry?

[OOC Puncture shakes head]

[OOC Sammeth] singing - or not?

[OOC Puncture] showmanship?

[OOC Sammeth] disguise

[OOC Sammeth] garbology

[OOC Caedere] Jenna Jameson, go!

[OOC Caedere] riding

[OOC Sammeth] stamina

[OOC Sammeth] deff etoric arts

[OOC Puncture] pain tolerance

[OOC Sammeth] breath control

[OOC Caedere] true. massive exertion. load bearing with ron jeremy. what? :<

[OOC Puncture] massive blow :)

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