Hiro vs Self

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   Hiro concentrates.
   Hiro looks surprised and dismayed.
   Hiro's right foreleg and right forepaw explode.
   Hiro's left foreleg and left forepaw explode.
   Hiro's right hindleg and right hindpaw explode.
   Hiro's left hindleg and left hindpaw explode.
   Hiro's tail explodes.
   Hiro's eyes go out of focus.
   Suddenly Hiro seems less friendly and likable than she did a moment ago.
   Hiro ceases to float in the air.
   Hiro dies.

[2017 Nov 01 18:36] [OOC Telurel] my cat just fucking killed itself [2017 Nov 01 18:36] [OOC Telurel] that was so random lmao [2017 Nov 01 18:36] [OOC Vealener] lmao nice cat [2017 Nov 01 18:36] [OOC Marcosy] that's really weird because they have lots of hp and stuff usually [2017 Nov 01 18:37] [OOC Marcosy] what are some other things you fight that you would consider challenging at about that level [2017 Nov 01 18:37] [OOC Vealener] not enough defenses? i dunno. i mean i like it as is=p [2017 Nov 01 18:37] [OOC Telurel] "Hiro concentrates" "Hiro looks suprised and dismayed" and then it blew up. I guess it's psychic faculties went into shock, what a bad psychic cat lmao [2017 Nov 01 18:37] [OOC Spellblazed] that's my kind of psicat [2017 Nov 01 18:38] [OOC Spellblazed] too..much...powerr [2017 Nov 01 18:38] [OOC Marcosy] POWER...OVERWHELMING...! [2017 Nov 01 18:38] [OOC Artja] What level are they anyways [2017 Nov 01 18:38] [OOC Marcosy] 99 usually [2017 Nov 01 18:39] [OOC Marcosy] like that last one had 15k hp [2017 Nov 01 18:39] [OOC Benerius] omg that made me laugh out loud [2017 Nov 01 18:39] [OOC Marcosy] i'm astonished you consider that to be 'something that dies More: (93%) [return to continue] fast' [2017 Nov 01 18:39] [OOC Artja] Vealener, youve got over 100 levels on them [2017 Nov 01 18:39] [OOC Benerius] your cat just fucking exploded

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