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> Show OOC Information

   OOC Incarnos-Only Informational Display
   Usage: show OOC information on <thing>
Used to request any useful out-of-character information associated with an in-game object, such as an item, character, or
room.  You can use the syntax 'show OOC information on area' to receive information on your environment.  Some items will provide
information on command syntax usable with them; characters will normally display their limb names, and individuals such as
traders and instructors who respond to vocal commands will generally have this listed in their OOC information.  You will also
receive information on the creator and maintainer of the object, creative credits the creator wishes to assign, and the last time
the object was updated.


Set Personal OOC Information
OOC Incarnos-Only Character Setting
Usage: set personal OOC information to <text>
Sets your personal OOC information.  Your personal OOC information is text that will appear in 'show OOC information on
<name>' (a.k.a. 'info <name>') displays requested on you.  It should be used for information that you wish to be passively
available to other players, but which is not strictly appropriate to 'set description' or 'set personal lore'.
Your personal OOC information may be as long as you like, and may include color controls (see 'help color'), but please be
See Also: show personal OOC information, clear personal OOC information, set description, set personal lore
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