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Any Incarnos can affect the world in an almost infinite number of ways, using the almost infinite number of commands within Lost Souls. This is a explanation of how to use the basic ones to interact with the world, and will suffice for most situations.



The most basic and most useful interaction is to look at the world. The command `look` will give the description of the location your Incarnos is in. This is shown by default when you enter a new location, but you can use `set brief descriptions` to not display this. Look can also be given arguments. Any object noted seperately in the location description can be looked at, which will give information about what it is made of, it's size, whether or not your Incarnos could use the item if it is armour or a weapon and will give clues about other properties it may have. To identify an item, even just to determine the materials that it is made of that your Incarnos does not know requires either a trader or a "lens of insight". Lens are available from magic traders. To use one, `look at (item) through lens`.

Creatures can also be looked at, which will give the same type of information as looking at an item, but will also show health and and equipped items.

An expansion to the `look` command is the `info` command. Look gives in character knowledge, info gives out of character knowledge, mostly useful for developers. It also shows any verbal commands that a sentient creature will respond to, such as request to join guilds or requests for training.


Each location will show at the top of it's description in blue writing the possible exits from that location. Some of these exits may be possible but blocked, by a locked door for example. Other exits may be possible but may lead to dangerous environments, such as underwater. Commands to move are given in compass directions, `up`, `down`, `in` and `out`. In and out are special commands, and usually refer to entering or leaving a town. These are abbreviated into `n`, `s`, `e`, `w`, `ne`, `se`, sw`, `se`, for the compass directions, `u` and `d` for vertical, and `i` and `o` for in and out. Compass directions, vertical directions and entering directions can be combined if needed, to commands like `neu` (north-east up).


It is highly recommended that you map as you explore. To start, take a blank sheet of paper, and put a dot or square in the middle of it representing where you are. Then draw lines outward representing any possible exits. As you move keep adding to the map. Do not be surprised if it does not all fit, or if things do not line up after walking around a block. Remember that distances inside a building are smaller then distances outside. The command `show local exploration` will show the percentage of the area that you have explored, giving a clue to the total size of the area. This generally counts the inside of buildings as well. `determine location` will tell you the name of the area you are in, and if you have a compass and are on the world map it will give you an idea about where you are in an X, Y, Z co-ordinate system.


Any item that is not a creature and is not part of the location can be picked up with the `get` command. Make sure that somebody does not own it first. A useful addition is the `get all` command, which will pick up everything that is not nailed down. Arguments can be added, such as `get all swords` but categories such as `get all weapons` will not work. The amount that an Incarnos can carry is determined by it's strength and it's load bearing skill. Gold is not considered to have a weight, and the ability to carry gold is determined by the finances skill.


Communication in Lost Souls is very detailed, including languages, accents, written and spoken forms and multiple channels of conversation


Talking to another creature in the same location is done using the `say` command. Type say, then start the sentence with a capital letter. Use proper punctuation to end the sentence.

To change the language that the sentence is spoken in, add `in` and the name of the language after the punctuation. Most creatures will only know 1 or 2 languages well enough to speak and understand so you must use one of these languages to speak to them. If a sentence comes out wrong because you are not skilled enough in the language, you can always try again.

The way the sentence is said can be changed by using a different starting command. Both `whisper` and `shout` work.


Signs, menus, plaques and billboards are everywhere in the world of Lost Souls. These can be read by looking at them. Your Incarnos's ability to read is represented by their literacy skill, and they must also know the language the text is written in to understand it. If your Incarnos does not understand all of the text, they can read it again and compare the attempts to understand more of the writing.


Membership in organisations within Lost Souls will grant access to specific channels, methods of contacting other members across the entire world. These work very similar to talking, except the correct command to use the channel is the channel name. Some channels are outside the game world, such as neophyte and ooc, and these do not use languages.

Between the channels and general conversation is the `tell` command. This command sends an out of character message to a single incarnos. It uses the in game language and accent support.



After your Incanos has acquired gold and items, you will want to sell items for gold, and spend gold on better items more suited to the Incarnos. This is done at shops. Most shops are identified by their name, and generally have very obvious stock. Only a few shops, general stores, will buy item from an Incarnos. The inventory of these shops will depend on what people have recently sold to them. If a shop has a sign or a menu displayed, that will have the inventory written on it, and will have to be read to get the full list. Other shops respond to the `list` command to give a list of current inventory and prices.

The `buy` and `sell` commands buy and sell items respectively. If you cannot read the inventory list of the shop, you can still attempt to buy items you expect to be stocked there, and if the shop has them you can buy them. You can use `sell all` in the same way as `get all`, but if you try to sell to many items at once the shop owner will refuse.

The prices listed for the store are not the prices you will pay for the goods. The prices are adjusted by your Incarnos's haggling skill and ego. Expect to pay 1.2 to 1.5 times the listed price for everything. Some stores do not use gold as a currency. Rather, items are traded between your inventory and the shop inventory using the `trade (your item) for (shop item)` command.

The Traders page has much more information about the services offered by traders in Lost Souls.

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