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The greater Kazar bound into the kazarak has great potential to manipulate various energies to incredible effects; however, the demon does not simply use the full of its abilities on command - it instead grants its host the ability to use the powers, not necessarily the skills to use them properly.

Five abilities determine a kazarak's ability to use the powers granted by the demon: willpower, krystallaturgy, evocation, power direction, and power tuning.

The energy control system designed by the Kazarin for use by the Kazar and by extension, the kazarak, is of krystallaturgic origin. As a result, knowledge of krystallaturgy is the most important for the use of kazarak powers.

The skill of evocation, the drawing of power from the environment and controlling that power, is required for a kazarak to properly store up the energy required to use its powers.

Finally, the skill of power directing is vitally important to a kazarak, so that it will be able to properly use the energies created and channeled via the greater Kazar's powers.

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