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Kentaur Isle, where the Kentauroi roam free. You can get there by taking the boat in Devonshire or Mycenae. There is a Kentaur Village, Othrys, where Chiron the Elder, Ripheus, Eurytion and Ronela reside. There is also a dangerous raging river, which has swallowed many an adventurer on foot. Beware!

Kentaur Isle



Kentaur Isle is located east of Aegeas and can be reached by going to (40, -10~10, 0) (global 121, -71~-51, 0) and then going east (where -10~10 is any number between negative ten and ten inclusive).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions

  • Teryx go to (-5, -7, 5) or (-2, -7, 5) then go iu
  • Sounion go to (-10, 8, 0) then go w
  • Lagoon (-9,8,0) go down, search underwater cavern, kill eel, enter opening/hole to get to Tiamat's Lair
  • Waterfall (-8, 7, 0)
  • Boat Dock (-1, 9, 0) in Kentaur Isle
  • Cozy Tavern


  • Area alignment:
  • The boat dock is frequented by Vincentio the boat master
End of spoiler information.


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