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Standard Information

The experimental enchantments of the rogue chaos mage Blue present a growing threat to Hanoma and possibly the Prime itself. Taiji has made it known that he is willing to aid any party who seeks Blue's defeat.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Three
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Ten
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Ten
   This quest was created by Twilight.

Spoilers ahead, this is me trying to do the quest

You say, [- kill blue -]
Taiji states, ->) Yes, Blue... His magickal acumen has matured over the past decade and he is no longer a trivial
problem.  He has already had a moderating influence on the spiritual life here, and he may soon disrupt even the
physical integrity of the island, perhaps even the Thalassian Ocean, which itself is linked to our island in many
ways.  Unfortunately he is nigh-invincible within that cave of his.  He draws power from the very enchantments that
sap us of ours. (<- in Kyotsugo.
Taiji states, ->) An item of equal power and great susceptibility to enchantment is needed to combat his chaos-laced
Uru.  I know of only one such substance, and one instance of it that is accessible.  Bring me my old blade,
Peacemaker, and I will see if I can extract what we need. (<- in Kyotsugo.
You give Peacemaker to Taiji with your left hand.
Taiji gasps.
Taiji states, ->) This brings back memories.  Alas, old friend, your matter is needed in a different form now. in
kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.
Spirals of light arc between Peacemaker's blade and Taiji's eyes, light that quickly grows to a blinding intensity
that engulfs the entire room.
When the light fades a the piece of sky blue silima is in Taiji's palm.
Taiji states, ->) This is the most precious substance in the universe.  My brethren would surely slay me if they
saw me giving it away.  But it may yet be powerful enough to save us. in kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.
Taiji gives a piece of sky blue silima to you with his left hand.
Taiji states, ->) Listen closely.  While I imbued it with our intent, it is still not primed to defeat Blue's
enchantments.  In order to ready it, it must be integrated with ordered energies such that it will be able to draw
from the strength of Hanoma itself.  This is outside of my power to accomplish, so you must find a way. in
kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.
Taiji states, ->) Once you have done this, prepare yourself for the confrontation with Blue.  He will not be easy
to defeat even with this.  The silima will, when its energies are released, severely disrupt the runic pathways
from which he derives much of his power.  Thus it is probably best to wait until his enchantments are at their
strongest, and then scratch the gem.  A scratch is all it will take; it is a fragile thing.  Because it is working
partly by feedback from Blue's own power, it will only work where his runic wards are in place, so make sure he
does not escape. in kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.
Taiji states, ->) The gem will only affect Blue and enchantments on his person.  It will not affect the golemim he
has manifested for himself.  However there may be another way to deal with them.  One of the Korrynta is said to
feed off the energies of warpstone.  The Korrynta are energy vacuums when it comes to their fuel types, and may be
powerful enough to destroy the golemim instantly. in kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.
Taiji states, ->) Godspeed. in kyotsugo (<- in Kyotsugo.

Additional Information

Transformation: Blue has a very long-duration self-buff that he uses when he is mortally wounded, or possibly at random, or throughout a fight. This acts as a full heal and body-regeneration (all limbs replaced if he was missing them.) It also buffs his stats and skills a considerable amount, grants him very high defenses, gives him an insane dodge rating, increased speed, and resistance or immunity to nearly all forms of attack.

Blue is currently transformed if his description contains:

He is covered in a huge, constantly shifting layer of insect-like, blue metallic armour plates.

My suggested method of killing blue is as follows:

  • If he is not transformed, you have two options:
    • I: Get the quest item and use it AFTER he transforms - which typically means mortally wounding his first form. The transformation will be on cooldown, so you should have some time to kill him.
    • II: Use an anti-magic field to begin the battle. This will prevent him from transforming.
  • If he IS transformed, you must:
    • I: Wait for the transformation to fade, and follow the above methods.
    • II: Get the quest item, use it, and then immediately following that use a form of anti-magic field (because he will most likely be able to transform again.)
  • While in his normal state, he is damaged fully by fire and likely other forms of attack.
  • His warpstone golems are fully damaged by force. They are mostly resistant to physical damage, and unaffected by most types of magic.


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