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To support Lost Souls with a donation, please visit []. To support Lost Souls with a donation, please visit [].
-==Lux Management Menu requests for future donations== 
-Color Options 
-# The ability to choose glowing golden as a color option for physical features 
-Playable Races 
-# Rhax 
-# Vlekthids  
-# Gelatinous cubes (or shoggoth ability to mimic a cube shape, it would be amazing to see skeletons in the digestion process through the glistening green transparent body) 
-# Clockwork dragons 
-# Angel 
-# Dark Young 
-# Gogtzulu 
-# Kryptonian  
-Wild Talents 
-# Wild talent that allows you to project psionic lightning from your hands/claws (Perhaps requiring mindblaster and stormlord talents first before it can be unlocked?) 
-Gaze Attack Specials for your characters 
-# golden ray (order light) 
-Breath Attacks Specials for your characters 
-# Eskara breath attack 
-# Acid breath attack 
-Empathic Bonds extensions 
-# psionic entity that uses psionic lightning specials 
-# glowing crytalline entity that uses rays of crystallization specials 
-# choose physical colors of familiars 
-# Ability to choose Bezhuldaar eyebeams 
-# Glowing golden as a lightbringer color option 
-# Glowing golden as a true colors form option 
-# Glowing golden plate mail to fit nyloc body type 

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To support Lost Souls with a donation, please visit

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