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To support Lost Souls with a donation, please visit

Lux Management Menu requests for future donations

Color Options

  1. The ability to choose glowing golden as a color option for physical features

Playable Races

  1. Rhax
  2. Vlekthids
  3. Gelatinous cubes (or shoggoth ability to mimic a cube shape, it would be amazing to see skeletons in the digestion process through the glistening green transparent body)
  4. Clockwork dragons
  5. Angel
  6. Dark Young
  7. Gogtzulu
  8. Kryptonian

Wild Talents

  1. Wild talent that allows you to project psionic lightning from your hands/claws (Perhaps requiring mindblaster and stormlord talents first before it can be unlocked?)

Gaze Attack Specials for your characters

  1. golden ray (order light)

Breath Attacks Specials for your characters

  1. Eskara breath attack
  2. Acid breath attack

Empathic Bonds extensions

  1. psionic entity that uses psionic lightning specials
  2. glowing crytalline entity that uses rays of crystallization specials
  3. choose physical colors of familiars


  1. Ability to choose Bezhuldaar eyebeams
  2. Glowing golden as a lightbringer color option
  3. Glowing golden as a true colors form option
  4. Glowing golden plate mail to fit nyloc body type
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