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    The Lloigor Race
    Rarity: Special
    Plural: Lloigor
    Anatomy: Amorphous
    Sexes: Neuter
    Harm Skills:
        Elder Lore   25%
        Physics      25%
        Theology     25%
        Arcane Lore  13%
        Metaphysics  13%
    The entities called lloigor are a collection of ancient energy beings of tremendous power and
great malice.  They are few, and each one is a named individual.  They are capable of such feats of
power that many corrupt persons revere them as gods.  Most lloigor can assume any physical form
they like, though many have preferred forms that they have used for so long that they hardly take
any other.  Their powers, attributes, and spheres of influences vary from individual to individual.
    Development Information: The lloigor race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Tue Sep 27 19:38:43 2016.
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