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I'm a developer known as Smizzmar. I also have a couple of players, whose names I will omit! Though, pretty much everyone knows who I play anymore, it's no secret. Anyhow, I'm still relatively new to the developing thing.


  • Sionell(the Treasure Under the Mountains) rewrite.
  • Various annoyances and broken things.
  • Wiki contributions


  • An Homage to Almeria's Culture - Many races populate the cities, towns, and tribes of Almeria, all adding their personal spice to a proverbal cultural stew. Melia, a curiously careless Kender, seeks to record the miraculous creations of some of Lost Souls' strangest of creatures on her newly invented 'Hoparian Phonetical Supersonic Earvalve Box 2020'! Of course, she requires a strapping adventurer to assist her in her discovery... and she really isn't the -best- of innovators...
  • Guild updates, even though they are a little out of my league.

-Erebus and I are working very hard on changes to Nizari. Especially Erebus. That guy can do some crazy shit.

  • Xik'vi-tal - An seemingly abandoned Ygellethite temple buried deep within the Underdark.
  • Kzulei le Friai - the Wretched Mound.


I really do not mind helping people out or answering questions, so feel free to send me a tell.

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