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Location: Spiderwood (1,1,-9)


    This is a titanic spider apparently composed of some shimmering substance,
sometimes seeming only half-real, sometimes giving a terrifying impression of
being infinitely more real than its surroundings.  You recognize it as the
manifest form of Nachthla, one of the unspeakably ancient lloigor.  Its habit
of assuming the form of a tremendous spider is well-known, though its reasons
for doing so are not.  It is likewise known for surrounding itself with
arachnoid beings in the lairs it sometimes inhabits; some obscure accounts
hold that Nachthla is the ultimate progenitor of all spiderkind, and looks
through all of their myriad eyes, studying the world for inscrutable and
horrifying purposes.  It appears to be composed of an intense, vibrant
shimmering radiance.  It is permeated by an intense, vibrant sparkling light.
    It looks about six hundred eighty-five dimins long, six hundred
eighty-five dimins wide, and two hundred thirty dimins tall.


    Its limbs are named right foreleg, left foreleg, head, right mid-foreleg,
left mid-foreleg, thorax, right mid-hindleg, left mid-hindleg, opisthosoma,
right hindleg, and left hindleg. Nachthla was created by Chaos; the source 
code was last updated Tue Apr 18 17:40:36 2017.  The lloigor race was created 
by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Sep 27 19:38:43 2016.
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