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The World of Lost Souls


Step-by-Step Instructions

All you need is a Gmail account to add your location to the map. (Gmail accounts are free to all)

Step 1: Follow the link above

Step 2: Log-in to Google

Step 3: Select the "Edit" button

Step 4: Zoom-in to find your location

Step 5: Right-click on your location, and select "Add a Placemark"

Step 6: Add your atman name to the marker and update the description if you choose. *

Step 7: Select the "Done" button

*Please only edit your own icon and description

Text-only Locations


Kenobi: Phoenix, AZ


Sahra: San Francisco, California

Telurel: San Luis Obispo, California


Cartographer: Denver, Colorado


Golden: Twin Falls, Idaho


Arc: Las Vegas, Nevada


Protas: Denton, Texas

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