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Psionic matrices are crystalline devices that can be bonded to in order to enhance one's ability to utilize psionic abilities. They cannot be repaired through normal methods, though the fixer talent can do so.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



Bond Matrix

Infuse Matrix

  • Command: concentrate on psychically infusing my matrix
  • Effect: Empower your psychic matrix to enhance your psionic abilities
  • Facility:

Sever Bond


Matrices are differentiated by color (determining a skill they enhance), intensity (determining the degree of enhancement and the amount of energy storage), and demeanor.

It is believed that the colors may also indicate a skill they inhibit, but more evidence needs gathered.



  • Enhances: Psycholysis (confirmation needed)
  • Inhibits: ?








Inhibition Research

  • Yellow may inhibit Metacreativity
    • Bonded with an intense yellow (sentient and hateful) as a firestarter and could not use immolation, right ever severing the bond, I could use it. - Faerylle kail Karyre
  • It may be that only certain demeanors of matrices inhibit skills
    • Bonded with a vibrant green (sentient and neutral), and none of my psionic skills seem to be reduced.


Matrices occur in the following intensities, in ascending order of quality:

  • dull
  • no adjective
  • bright
  • vibrant
  • intense

Research by Nemesys indicates that each level indicates approximately 300 spirit worth of increased energy storage, though the amount may depend on the Matrix Interface skill.

There is anecdotal evidence that some matrices may be improved to better intensities via the use of the fixer talent; if you can confirm this, including the messaging here would be valuable.


Matrix demeanors are significantly under-documented; please help expand this section.

Sentient and Friendly

  • Bonding message:
  • Behaviors:
    • Thanks the user when being charged
    • Assists in combat

Sentient and Neutral

  • Bonding message: 'I acknowledge the establishment of the bond. I am referred to as Vrilri. I will serve.'
    • Behaviors: ?

Sentient and Hateful

  • Bonding message:
  • Behaviors:
    • Attempts to escape
    • Harms the user intermittently

Help Files


  Anyone with a psychic wild talent can channel psychic energy into a psionic
matrix to which they have bonded; see 'help matrix bond' for more information
on psionic matrices.  To charge your matrix, concentrate on psychically
infusing it; a measure of psychic energy will pass from you into the device.
To increase the level of infusion, repeat the process.

  Your proficiency at the infusion process is governed by your intelligence,
your willpower, and your metacreativity skill.

Matrix Bonding

  Occasionally seen throughout the lands are items of unknown origin called
psionic matrices.  While no more than attractive crystals to most eyes, in the
hands of a psychic they become potent tools.
  When bonded to a psychically capable user, any psionic matrix will perform
the basic function of amplifying and channeling psychic effects.  While you
are bonded to your matrix and have it on your person, all psychic effects you
perform will be focused through the device.  Most matrices have one or two
types of psychic activity to which they provide a considerable amplifying
effect, while having minor effects on other activities.  Most matrices also
have various side effects -- types of psychic power which they hinder rather
than assist.  It is significant to note that the use of a psionic matrix is
primarily an enhancer of the raw power of psychic effects; more than one user
of these devices has found his previously-reliable abilities suddenly out of
control due simply to the increase in the amount of power he was handling.
  A separate but equally important function of the psionic matrix is in the
channeling and containment of psychic energy.  As an intermediary in the
performance of psionic effects, the matrix can employ energy stored within it
to this end, preserving the user's own reserves.  In fact, all effects
performed with the assistance of a psionic matrix require the energy used to
flow through the matrix; if the device does not contain sufficient power, it
will draw on your personal energies.  See 'help matrix charging' for specific
information on charging psionic matrices with energy.
  It is rumored that some matrices have attributes and functions beyond these
core capabilities.  Little is known for certain on this topic.
  Unfortunately, the various duties of a psionic matrix appear to take a toll
upon its internal structures, and while those experienced in working with them
can reduce the wear and tear their activities inflict, still the devices wear
down gradually.  A well-used matrix can simply disintegrate, its structural
integrity exhausted, but a disturbingly common occurrence is for a matrix to
violently explode as its stored energies overcome its capacity for containment.
A matrix's power to enhance psionic abilities degrades with the device's
structure, and the only noticeable saving grace to this phenomenon is that the
strength of negative side effects degrades as well.
  To bond with a psionic matrix, concentrate on psychically bonding to it.
To remove the bond once established, concentrate on severing the psychic bond
with your matrix, but beware; the loss of a bond is a traumatic event and can
leave one unable to establish another bond for some time.
  Your efficaciousness in establishing or severing a matrix bond is determined
by your perception, your intelligence, and your skills in the disciplines of
telepathy, redaction, and matrix interface.
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