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-=Puzzle (Aligned Form)=+#REDIRECT [[Puzzle_(Aligned_Form)]]
-A certain knack and practice with spatial puzzles has afforded you knowledge of this form, which allows you to transform objects by a series of smooth operations known as a diffeomorphism. One takes as one's challenge how to get an object from a current state into an alternate one; the diffeomorphism is a general method of solving such puzzles. Specifically, this form actualizes an alternate arrangement of an armour within itself, the alternate arrangement of which is more suited for a person of a certain size and shape than its current arrangement. In other words, it resizes armour, in an extremely flexible and arbitrary manner.+
- +
-Deft control over matter is not easy, and there is a high spiritual cost associated with this form, and an even higher cost in order energy -- one that goes up with the value of the item being resized, but which can be kept down somewhat by a high facility with this form. Moreover, an [[portable_hole|extradimensional storage container]] is required as a seed. Said container must be empty, and it is consumed by the reshaping process. Once executed, the change in size is permanent.+
-==Knowledge Requirement==+
-complete Solve the Catelius Minor, complete Solve the Catelius Major and complete Solve the Catelius Maximus+
-==Facility Formula==+
-15% of [[intelligence]] plus 10% of [[ego]] plus 20% of [[mathematics]] skill plus 15% of [[sculpture]] skill plus 15% of [[armour lore]] skill plus 15% of [[lexiturgy]] skill plus 7.5% of [[enchantment]] skill plus 7.5% of [[hylophrasty]] skill+
-==Facility Range==+
-204 to 450+
-==Energy Costs==+
-200 spiritual+
-==Process to Actualize==+
-think about a diffeomorphism between <armour> in its current shape and in a shape that would fit <target>+
- +
-[[Category: The Aligned]]+
-[[Category: Aligned Forms]]+

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