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[ Rage ]

The gleam of fangs beneath lips pulled back in fury; the snarl torn from one's throat as one leaps to the attack; the howl when one's opponent lies bleeding upon the earth; this is Rage.

Rage is the Measure of warriors and berserkers, bringing terrible strength and speed to the Lupine who possesses it. Rage dulls the body to pain and inures it to damage, all the while charging the blood with a fury that demands more blood to sate it. Rage drains energy from the spirit and channels it into the body, giving those of great Rage tremendous endurance and incredibly rapid healing while the spirit remains unexhausted.

Rage also dulls the mind, taking one from the realm of the intellect to which the garou have by such difficulty come back into the animal sphere. Commonly one strong in Rage falls into berserk abandon in combat, losing practically all reason until his blood cools once more. When enemies threaten Gaia, by all means Rage against them, but be ever aware of the price exacted.

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