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         [ = Relinaqex = ]
           [ Type                    : ] attack
 o o o     [ Description             : ] freezing pulse
  \|/      [ Significance            : ] great
 o-o-o     [ Activity Cost           : ] forty
  /|\      [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] one hundred twenty-five
 o o o     [ Control Skills          : ] five parts power generation,
                                         four parts cryomancy, four parts telesmatic weapon,
                                         three parts power direction,
                                         two parts power tuning,
                                     and one part power focusing
           [ Specialty Access        : ] cryoturgy and telesmatic weapon degree I access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 120 points among
                                         100% of rune lore skill,
                                         60% of cryoturgy skill,
                                     and 20% of arcane lore skill
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] cryoturgy skill of 165 or higher

When a Ringwielder bearing the rune the rune relinaqex brings its power to bear, a fierce, chilling pulse of ice and cold tears through the area before hir, readily encompassing several enemies, though at a risk of harming allies unintentionally. The energies released by this rune are so potent that, in some cases, the Ringwielder's opponents may even be rendered incapacitated by frostbite.

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