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Map of Narn
Map of Narn

Standard Information

Remedios the Ancient fears for the health of the tree which harbors her soul. Discover her needs and fill them so that she might breathe life once more into her elderly partner in love. The fate of all Narn depends on you. Rumor has it that the only way into Narn is through an animal escort, to be found in the cold forests of the Northlands.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Nine
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Zero
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Five
   This quest was created by Gareth.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Go to Sanctuary, look for the blind manservant (in, 4w, n, e). Don't go past the room with the manservant or you will auto die and lose all your stuff. When you find the manservant, 'say enas'. He will take you safely to Enas Yorl's room. Make sure you have 2000 thousand gold on you. Then 'say enas, teleport me to narn' and you will be in Narn.

"Search here" in every room until you have several of batons, drums, pipes, lyres, a sheet of parchment, a quill.

Each race, except the "animals", takes a certain instrument and then teaches you how to play.

  • Dana = pick
  • Sprites = batons
  • Nyads = mallets
  • fauns = reeds
  • nymphs = lyres
   Completed quest with skills at:
   /- Musical Skills -----------------------------------------------------------\
   |  Musical Composition                                    Unpracticed [  22 ] |
   |  Percussion Instruments                                  Very Inept [   9 ] |
   |  Singing                                                Unpracticed [  22 ] |
   |  Stringed Instruments                                   Unpracticed [  22 ] |
   |  Wind Instruments                                       Unpracticed [  22 ] |

Search around the area for a room where a flowery scent is wafting and then dip quill in ink, then search for a room where the only exit is northeast and search there for the harpsichord (should be sw;se;sw from Remedios). "Compose with harpsichord" and if you have enough musical skill you'll create a new parchment which you give to Remedios.

To leave the zone, find the southeasternmost point and 'sit on boulder'.

End of spoiler information.
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