Resurrection Trauma

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Upon being restored to life your new body may suffer from one or more ill effects.

Common, and crippling to survivability if ignored, are extreme hunger and thirst. For those of standard diets, these are easily remedied by dunking your head in the nearest stream followed by a visit to the ubiquitous eateries.

Much more varied in the hindrances they inflict are various madnesses, usually temporary. While temporary madnesses rarely last long, the services of a psychiatrist or priest can be called upon to cure them sooner. In the case of particularly bothersome or long-lasting, or permanent, variations, their services are invaluable.

Most persistent are the group of effects each simply referred to as resurrection trauma, which can lower your effectiveness in several areas until their expiration, and which cannot be cured prematurely. The effects that can be penalized include each of your primary attributes (excluding size), your assimilativity, or your speed, with each being listed as a separate impediment. These handicaps will persist until enough time has passed, and like madness can vary in how long that might be.

Of final note: repeated death and rebirth within a short time can be especially traumatic, and lead to more severe trauma in intensity or duration.[citation needed]

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