Rhug Shi (Empathic Bond)

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===Low=== ===Low===
==Charms== ==Charms==
 +===Standard Charms===
 +*[[Urge (Empathic Bonds)|Urge]]
 +*[[Call (Empathic Bonds)|Call Familiar]]
 +*[[Send (Empathic Bonds)|Send Familar]]
 +*[[Kinsee (Empathic Bonds)|Kinsee]]
 +*[[Conjoin (Empathic Bonds)|Conjoin]]
==Additional Bonuses and Powers== ==Additional Bonuses and Powers==
===Traits granted=== ===Traits granted===

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Familiar Description


Example Bond Message

You imagine forming an empathic bond with rhug shi
  You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the orange-striped-black-furred
 rhug shi, and you feel a distinct echo from within it.
   You experience feelings of hunger, flight, dominion, lore, and sorcery.
   You experience visions of apocalyptic black skies.

Known Abilities

Attribute Modifications

Specialty Access






Standard Charms

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

Combat Bonuses

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