Shield Shell (Empathic Bonds)

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Shield Shell Charm

   Aptitude Formula            : 40% of steadiness skill plus 40% of tissue hardening skill plus 20% of enchantment skill plus 50% of willpower plus 50% of constitution
   Aptitude Minimum            : 0
   Aptitude Maximum            : 500
   Energy Costs                : one hundred seventy-five points of spiritual energy
   Charm Evocation Process     : concentrate on being enveloped by <target>

This enchantment imparts a supernatural absorbing capacity upon an otherwise ordinary shield. The shield will then protect its owner against all manner of attacks, gradually being consumed by the enchantment. The shield will be most effective against ordinary attacks, least effective against attacks that indirectly target one's biological integrity (such as disease and poison), and moderately effective against other sorts of magickal and elemental attacks.

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