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The ability to envelop yourself in a shroud of passed souls.


To do this, will the souls of the dead to protect me. To end the effects of this charm, will the souls of the dead to cease protecting me.


The souls shroud grants several powerful passive abilities to the consort as long as it is active. While active, it will slowly drain the consort's entropic energy.

The first passive of the soul shroud is the ability to perform an automatic mortal finisher:

The soul shroud encircling you churns darkly as the fiery female hellhound's soul is drawn deep into it.

In addition to instantly killing an opponent, abosrbing souls also empowers some of the soul shrouds other abilities.

During combat, the soul shroud may randomly activate one of its passive abilities:

- Providing a temporary speed buff to the consort:

You feel a burst of energy from your soul shroud infuse your limbs.

- Upon wearing off:

You feel yourself slow down.

- If applied when already active:

You feel a burst of energy from your soul shroud reinforce the power infusing your limbs.

- Performing a discharge attack on an enemy:

A gout of soulfire surges from your soul shroud toward the n'keh-shub and burns its left foretentacle and trunk, despite its attempt to dodge, though it is largely unaffected by the attack.

- At low soul counts, the attack will be a tongue, while at higher soul counts it will be a gout or swirl. - Possible elemental types include entropy, hellfire, soulfire, and hellmist.

If the consort is mortally wounded during combat, the soul shroud will fully heal them, consuming a number (all?) of its souls in the process:

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