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Swords of the Spiritflow

   This is a broadsword made of violet vanadium.  The quality of its craftsmanship
   is exquisite.  Sharply defined runes are etched along its blade.  You recognize it as
   a Sword of the Spiritflow, one of an obscure class of weapons created by Altrian
   Empire mages.  Records indicate that they were imbued with an unusually high-order
   elemental intelligence, capable of language use, whose purpose was to draw gradually
   on the user's spiritual energy, storing and converting it for various useful
   purposes.  Different kinds of spiritflow weapons had different functions, but were
   always activated by some form of physical contact, with different varieties of
   contact activating different effects.  It is permeated by a dim shimmering radiance. 
   You estimate its value at about one thousand nine hundred twenty gold.  
    It is in perfect condition.  
    It looks about ten and a half dimins long, half a dimin wide, and a tenth of a
    dimin tall.  It weighs about five and thirty-three hundredths dekans.

Only a broadsword has been observed so far. As/if other weapon types are found, they'll get added here.


Swords of the Spiritflow are given some special powers as written on the blade of the sword itself in Enochian.

   Power Weapon -- Verbal Elemental Intelligence -- Accumulate Wielder Energy --
   Multiple Deploy Vectors -- Physical Contact Form Keyed -- Rub Squeeze Tap -- Heal
   Infuse Discharge

The sword will provide a heal, an energy discharge attack, and an infusion (??). Will add more detail as I use the sword.

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