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raw ruby -> gray wool tunic

raw emerald -> iron-studded cuir bouilli cap

raw white sapphire -> red adamantite claymore

raw emerald -> blackberry

raw white sapphire -> cotton shirt

raw sapphire + raw diamond -> square pine shield + brown minor potion of invigoration

You put a bunch of raw emeralds, a few raw black sapphires, a couple of raw yellow diamonds, a bunch of raw sapphires, a few raw rubies, a raw brown diamond, a raw star sapphire, a raw star ruby, a raw yellow sapphire, and a raw diamond in the black iron cauldron with a beam of force from your talisman of manipulation.


A cup of coffee, a pair of white wooden sandals, a black-glass-inset steel plate helm of darksight, an oaken staff, a pair of leather bracers, a small leather quiver, a steel bracer of mettle, a pair of leather gloves, an iron-banded oaken quarterstaff, a square oaken shield, a drinking horn of golden mead, a leather vest, a full suit of steel plate armour, a long iron crossbow bolt, a wool tunic, a red linen robe, a steel plate hauberk, a shock rod, a silver knife, a diaphanous glittering silvery osmyr robe, a vellum scroll of recall, a steel morning star, an iron longsword, a huge steel plate skullcap, and an enormous calcite ring

Sukie 17:53, 25 October 2017 (EDT)

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