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=Bonding requirements- I don't even want to try to "officially" record what the bonding requirements are since this bond was recently rewritten - with a recent character, I basically specialized up all the mental resistance skills I had access to/could find training for to very high levels (Tenacity 106, Discipline 180ish, Courage 120), as well as "sea-related" skills such has Seamanship (started with 40, Hanoman culture) Navigation (specialized and trained via Coven trainers), Fishing, Swimming (Coven, Attuned), and Underwater Fieldcraft (Attuned). Even with these skills I still needed to obtain buffs from outside, ironically from another osprey player. I think it's technically possible for a Verynvelyr character to bond an osprey, but without access to Tenacity or Discipline, and much more limited training, it would be much harder than for Coven characters. Probably only Wandslinger or Spearmaiden members would even have a chance, and then only haveer a huge amount of training. Certainly not a "beginner" bond!--Kaballah 09:33, 23 March 2012 (EDT)

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